Cake Shots PH: Cupcakes Infused with Booze!

May 07, 2015
Cake Shots PH is a home based food business that specializes in alcohol-laced cupcakes. I cannot count how many cupcake businesses I have come across with here in Manila but I must say that Cake Shots is one of those that piqued my interest from the get go. Not just because  I am appreciative of alcoholic beverages (specifically cocktail drinks) but also because it is such a breath of fresh air to encounter something unique within the boundary of something familiar.

Cake Shots PH Premium Alcohol Laced Cupcakes
I think I may have mentioned before here on the blog that I am not really big on cupcakes. I guess it has something to do with the fact that we have bunch of people in the family that could bake pretty mean cupcakes that I've already exhausted enough happiness from it to last me a lifetime.

Also, I cannot count how many variants have I tried within the span of time that I am blogging up to now, but I have only written quite a few - because I'm very picky when it comes to it. I have few favorites, yes -- those which I have written here. Needless to say, Cake Shots PH is the newest addition to the list.

Cake Shots PH Cupcake Vita's Pudding
Vita's Pudding (Php450/Box of 6, Php850/Box of 12)

I have not met Patricia of Cake Shots PH in person but through series of email, text messages, and info sheet from the box of cupcake, I learned that Cake Shots was launched just April of this year. As with many inspiring things in this life, hers comes from her beloved grandmother who could whip up incredible Rum Raisin Pudding - a staple in their household every Christmas season.

Cake Shots PH Cupcake Coconut Daquiri
Coconut Daquiri (Php450/Box of 6, Php850/Box of 12)

Without formal training, Patricia took a leap of faith March of this year when she started experimenting with alcohol laced cupcake until she comes up with 5 variants and another one devoid of alcohol she calls "virgin". These creations received nod of approval and thumbs up from her friends and now she is enthusiastic to showcase her products to the public by opening an online cupcake store.

Such gutsy move to venture into business I find particularly admirable. I have nothing but high respect for those who are gutsy and courageous enough to take a leap of faith waving a flag that says carpe freakin' diem!

Cake Shots PH Cupcake Spiked Chocolate
Spiked Chocolate (Php450/Box of 6, Php850/Box of 12)

Currently there are 9 cupcake variants available at Cake Shots PH. Six of which falls under the "Shots" tag which are essentially those cupcakes laced with alcohol. The other three falls under the "Virgin Shots" those which don't have alcohol incorporated to the ingredients but are said to be still delectable nonetheless.

Cake Shots PH Cupcake Cosmopolitan
Cosmopolitan (Php480/Box of 6, Php900/Box of 12)

I was able to try five "Shots" cupcakes and while I didn't get the usual "tipsy" feeling I would normally get during happy hour, I did enjoy every piece of it. The Coconut Daquiri is a delightful combination of coconut, lemon, and Bacardi. I love the lemon rum custard inside and the Bacardi butter cream on top was just amazing. 

The Vita's Pudding is a rum raisin pudding made all the more lovely with a brandy caramel sauce. This particular cupcake is inspired by Patricia's grandmother's well loved pudding but given a different light by adding the sauce which I must say is really really good.

Cake Shots PH Cupcake Irish Creme Red Velvet
Irish Creme Red Velvet (Php450/Box of 6, Php850/Box of 12)

The Spiked Chocolate is essentially a concoction of chocolate and Irish Cream Coffee with marshmallow frosting. This is perfect for those who loves chocolate with a punch.  The Cosmopolitan on the other hand is a combination of cranberries, vodka, and triple sec. If you love the cocktail drink, you cannot go wrong with this cupcake. The Irish Creme Red Velvet is a red velvet cupcake spiked with Irish Cream Liquor - my favorite because it's simple and complex at the same time. 

The Carrot Delight was the only non-alcoholic cupcake that was included in the box. Although it lacks the exciting flavor of alcohol, I find it pleasurable to eat all the same. 

Cake Shots PH Cupcake Carrot's Delight
Carrot's Delight (Php450/Box of 6, Php850/Box of 12)

Cake Shot's cupcakes I must say is really something. Given that there are probably hundreds or more cupcake businesses in Manila these days, Cake Shot's main selling point is its uniqueness. I am an occasional drinker with a background in Mixology so I didn't find it hard enough to love this creation. But my sister who is not a big fan of alcohol also enjoy her share of the cupcakes so it is safe to say that Cake Shot's can also be enjoyed by those who don't drink.

Cake Shots PH
Contact No.: 0906-326-9209
Facebook: /cakeshotsph
Instagram: @cakeshotsph

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