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Sambo Kojin SM Megamall: Eat-All-You-Can Smokeless Grill Buffet

Tuesday, June 16, 2015
Sambo Kojin at SM Megamall is one of the newest restaurants to join the band of foodie places in the area that offers eat-all-you-can feast. Known as the sister company of the famous buffet restaurant in Manila Dads Ultimate Buffet, Sambo Kojin offers unlimited Japanese Yakiniku and Korean Barbecue alongside other Japanese and Korean Dishes

Their newest branch in SM Megamall is said to be their biggest branch yet.

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Although it was my first time to visit Sambo Kojin at SM Megamall, the concept isn't really foreign to me as I have experience dining at their EDSA and Eastwood branch. Other Sambo Kojin branches are located at West Avenue and SM Southmall

Sambo Kojin SM Megamall features a wide and contemporary design that can house several groups partaking of the buffet. Every table is equipped with smokeless yakiniku grill where diners an cook their choice of meats, seafood, and veggies from the buffet spread.

Sambo Kojin Megamall Interior

Also readily available on the table are various sauces perfect as accompaniment for the food and grilled goodies. Special sauces includes Teriyaki Sauce, Ponzu Sauce, Sambo Kojin Sauce, and Takumi Sauce among others. When guests are already seated, unlimited servings of banchan will be given as well.

Sambo Kojin Buffet Sauce and Banchan

Grill feast at Sambo Kojin is one for the books and personally, although I have few favorite buffet restaurants that I frequent, Sambo Kojin always has a special place in my heart. If you're a big meat eater like myself, you would know why.

Sambo Kojin Buffet Feast
Wide Variety of Sushi and Sashimi Choices

Variety of sushi, sashimi, and rolls have always been part of the majority of buffet restaurants we have here in Manila. Being a concept with main focus on Japanese and Korean dishes, it is only expected that these little bites of gratifying dish will be part of the spread.

Sushi Chefs at Sambo Kojin Megamall
Sushi Feast at Sambo Kojin
There are countless variety of sushi rolls on the buffet spread and everything is carefully prepared by the very able chefs of Sambo Kojin. If you are familiar with the impressive selections of sushi, sashimi, and rolls at Dad's Ultimate Buffet, you can also expect that at Sambo Kojin.

Sashimi Feast at Sambo Kojin
Delectable Korean Cuisine and Japanese Specialties

By merging two culture to showcase wide variety of dishes, Sambo Kojin prided itself with its authentic Korean cuisine and Japanese specialties. This is a great feat of the restaurant since if diners were too hungry to wait for their grilled food, they could already feast on ready made dishes on the buffet spread.

Korean Cuisine at Sambo Kojin SM Megamall Buffet

Dishes at Sambo Kojin SM Megamall Buffet
I honestly cannot count how may the dishes were when we visited, but I manage to take down notes of my favorite dishes I have tried (aside of course from the Japanese Yakiniku and Korean Barbecue).

One of my favorites among the Korean dishes was the Galbi Jim or Beef Stew. I am a sucker for tender beef in tomato sauce, hence, this one was a sure winner for me. a tad spicy but it only to the point I can tolerate. 

Beef Stew at at Sambo Kojin SM Megamall Buffet
Other Korean dishes I have tried and liked were the Chap Chae (Korean Glass Noodles with Vegetables) and Maeun Dalg Jim (Spicy Fried Chicken). Japanese speciaties which I have tried on the other hand were the Yakiudon (Japanese Noodle with Vegetable) and the Aradaki (Simmered Salmon). 

Different Cuisine Selections at Sambo Kojin SM Megamall Buffet

There is also a section that features different kinds of tempura which is perfect for tempura-loving foodies. Choices include Ebi Tempura, Nasu Tempura, Kisu Tempura, and Kani Tempura.
Tempura Selections at Sambo Kojin SM Megamall Buffet

Right beside the tempura section is the one that features different flavors of Korean Fried Chicken, and the other section features different kinds of Katsu. Katsu choices include Shake Katsu, Menchi Katsu, Rosu Katsu, Tori Katsu, Tori Menchi Katsu, and Sakana Katsu.

Katsu Dishes at Sambo Kojin SM Megamall Buffet
I was not able to try everything but I was happy with the choices that filled my plate. The Shake Katsu or the Salmon Katsu for instance satisfied my cravings for good fried salmon. If you know how this dish was priced at some known katsu restaurant, this alone would made you realize that the amount you are paying at Sambo Kojin is really really worth it.

Salmon Katsu at Sambo Kojin SM Megamall Buffet
Just like the salmon, Rosu Katsu is also exorbitantly priced at other restaurants, but at Sambo Kojin, you can have an unlimited amount of it and enjoy other dishes as well. The quality is not really that far, if I may add.

Rosu Katsu at Sambo Kojin SM Megamall Buffet
I also feasted on some good ol' Korean Fried Chicken. I am crazy with the original variant but the spicy ones aren't that bad either. 

Korean Fried Chicken at Sambo Kojin SM Megamall Buffet
There were also different kinds of dumplings for everyone to enjoy. I particulary like the gyoza which has a whole shrimp inside with its tail peeking the gyoza wrapper.

Gyoza at Sambo Kojin SM Megamall Buffet
Udon Suki and Sukiyaki as well as different Hot Pot selections are all available for diners to enjoy. You just have to choose at the counter, then the chefs and food attendants will gladly assist you and even deliver your choice of bowl on your table.

Sukiyaki Bowls at Sambo Kojin SM Megamall Buffet
There is Yakitori section as well for those who does not want to grill their own food. But feel free to check out the selections and have some over your table to enjoy grilling them your own.

Yakitori at Sambo Kojin SM Megamall Buffet
Bulgogi Rice Bowl was also one of the selections I enjoyed immensely. I rarely eat rice during buffet to give way to different variants and food choices I want to enjoy. Yet, when at Sambo Kojin,  I always make an exemption for this rice bowl.

Rice Bowl at Sambo Kojin SM Megamall Buffet
If you are crazy about Takoyaki, and is always burning a whole in your pocket when indulging on those Takoyaki kiosks usually found inside malls, you will find delight in Sambo Kojin's Takoyaki station. Unlimited Takoyaki, baby. You can have as much as you want.

Takoyaki at Sambo Kojin SM Megamall Buffet
Premium U.S. Beef, Other Meats, and Seafood

Now for my favorite part. If you are crazy about meat (read: Yedy) and finds pleasure in grilling them, Sambo Kojin is definitely a place for you. I tell you, aside from the delightful Korean and Japanese Dishes, the main reason why I keep on coming back to Sambo Kojin is their meat selections.

Needless to say, my favorite station is the one manned by these friendly chefs shown on photo below; the meat station.

Chefs at Sambo Kojin SM Megamall Buffet
Sambo Kojin prided itself with great selections of U.S. Beef, Pork, Chicken, Seafood, and Vegetables. All meat are sliced thinly making them easy to grill and eat.

US Beef Selections at Sambo Kojin SM Megamall Buffet
There are also different yakitori or goodies on stick selections for a yakitori feast at the comfort of your own table. Signature dish of Sambo Kojin includes Foil Yaki items like Prawns in Garlic which are neatly tucked in a foil. 

Pork and Chicken Selection at Sambo Kojin SM Megamall Buffet
All the selections are well seasoned and prepared to suit diners palates. If you fancy something (reasonable, of course) which are not included on the serving trays, you can always ask and the chefs will always gladly accommodate it based on the availability of the items. 

Seafood and Meat at Sambo Kojin SM Megamall Buffet
I have tried variety of these selection but I got some favorites which earned a repeat appearance on my plate and on the yakiniku grill. This includes the plain marbled beef, marbled beef in teriyaki sauce, marbled beef in miso garlic butter, and marbled beef with pepper and salt.

Marbled Beef at Sambo Kojin SM Megamall Buffet
Flavored US Beef at Sambo Kojin SM Megamall Buffet
The tender beef in red spicy sauce was also a delight as well as the tender beef in teriyaki sauce. For the skewered ones I prefer the salmon and the pork belly variant.

Tender Beef at Sambo Kojin SM Megamall Buffet
Skewers at Sambo Kojin SM Megamall Buffet
Desserts were also impressive in terms of quantity and variety of selections. The taste and flavors are okay. I guess I still have not find the very item which will make me really happy. I however consider their beer and matcha ice cream impressive.

Dessert at Sambo Kojin SM Megamall Buffet
Cakes at Sambo Kojin SM Megamall Buffet
As mentioned, Sambo Kojjin is one of those buffet restaurants that keeps me coming back for more. I love the meat selections for the smokeless grill and the cooked items on the buffet spread are also impressive. Although I am not fan of their desserts, there's always impressive ice cream flavors available which I can indulge in.

Feast at Sambo Kojin SM Megamall Buffet
Sambo Kojin SM Megamall Rates, Promos, and Discounts


Monday to Friday LUNCH - Php649
Monday to Friday DINNER - Php749
Saturday, Sunday, & Holidays Lunch and Dinner Php749

4 ft. to 4'6" - Php330
3 ft. and below 4 ft. - Php280
Below 3 ft. - Free

Senior Citizen:
70 years old and above - 50% off the Adult Price


Beat The Clock
Pay only Php545 for lunch and Php649 for dinner when you finish your feast before 12:15PM for lunch and 7PM for dinner.

Frequent Diner Card
The cardholder will be entitled to one (1) Free Welcome Back buffet upon presentation of card with ten (10) validated dine-ins on his next visit.

Senior Citizen
Aged 60 to 69 gets 20% discount. aged 70 and above gets 50% discount.

One Free Buffet for Group of 6 Diners
A group of six diners (with 5 full paying adult guests) gets one free buffet upon presentation of promo card or flyer.

Free Birthday Buffet
Actual birthday - should be accompanied with 1 full paying adult
3 Days Before and After Birthday - should be accompanied by 2 full paying adults

Sambo Kojin SM Megamall Buffet
Sambo Kojin SM Megamall
Level 3 Atrium
SM Megamall
Contact Nos.: (02) 696-1291 to 93
Facebook: /SamboKojin
Instagram: @SamboKojin

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