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Project Pie PH Eats A Date Valentines Promo For Only Php 695

February 02, 2016
This Valentine's Season 2016, Project Pie Philippines will be rolling out their Eats A Date promo from the 6th of this month up to the 29th. This promo which is priced at Php695 only is a perfect treat for your significant other, friends, and loved ones.

Project Pie PH is known for their built-your-own artisan pizza. From the time they opened to this day, Project Pie PH already boasts of 12 branches and still counting. This promo will be rolled out in all of their branches.

Project Pie Philippines Build-Your-Own-Pizza Eats A Date Valentines 2016 Blog Review Menu Price Branches Contact No Website Facebook Twitter Instagram Promo Artisanal Pizza YedyLicious Manila Food Blog
I visited Project Pie SM Megamall branch recently for a preview of their Valentines Promo and to check out some of their offerings.

Snow Crab Tendon at Tenya Philippines

December 14, 2015
As if many are not yet in love with Tenya Philippines' delicious tendon and tempura, they have recently added a new dish on the menu, the Snow Crab Tendon that makes many hearts flutter. And as if the snow crab wasn't enough, they throw in a premium grade scallop into the mix to make it all the more - how do I put it without sounding I am so into this fangirling? - heartthrob-like of a dish! I failed, I know, I am such a fan!

So yes, Snow Crab Tendon is the new dish at Tenya, albeit it will only be available for a limited time. And don't be misled by the name which highlighted only the snow crab because there's also the scallop as a supporting lead.

Tenya Philippines Snow Crab Tendon New Menu, Tenya Philippines Blog Review Branches Contact No Facebook Twitter Instagram, Tenya SM Megamall Market Market Bonifacio Stopover SM Southmall
I have always been a fan of Tenya and I honestly cannot count how many of the people I know have I forcefully encouraged to try it. Forcefully may not be a nice word to use but that's according to those people who have placed their trust on my judgement and ended up thanking me afterwards since they all love Tenya since then. 

Rosanjin Japanese Restaurant

October 13, 2015
I went to Rosanjin Japanese Restaurant located at the Mega Fashion Hall of SM Megamall recently to check out their Kaminabe and Tobanyaki offerings. While it was my first time to dine at Rosanjin, it was not really my first encounter with Tobanyaki and Kaminabe as I was previously introduced to these way of cooking and serving food by a Japanese friend.

Tobanyaki and Kaminabe is both an Art and Science in itself. Art in a sense that it involves aesthetic presentation and process. It is also considered as Science by the virtue of the foundation the process is executed. No, you do not call a paper holding liquid over fire and don't get burn just pure Art. Obviously, there is Science behind that.

Rosanjin Japanese Restaurant at Mega Fashion Hall in SM Megamall, Tobanyaki and Kaminabe Dishes
Located near Osaka Ohsho, Alqueria, and Linguini Fini, Rosanjin Japanese Restaurant's menu holds an impressive number of Japanese dishes. From sushi to ramen to rice toppings - the whole nine yards. But that day of my visit, I was a woman on a mission - to try the Tobanyaki and Kaminabe dishes.

The Halal Guys PH Manila Experience: The Food & The Food Enthusiasts Who Love Them @TheHalalGuysPH

October 09, 2015
The Halal Guys PH is set to open in Manila on October 13, 2015 at the Food Hall of Mega Fashion Hall SM Megamall. Media and some Manila bloggers were given a sneak preview yesterday of what to expect once The Halal Guys open its door to the anticipating public. 

I was one of those who kept an eye on them since the rumor started spreading that this iconic America-Halal street food franchise will hit Manila shore. And based on my experience, it's worth the wait. 

The Halal Guys PH Opens in Manila, Halal Guys Mega Food Hall SM Mega Mall

I haven't met anyone who have tried the Halal Guy's offerings and doesn't love them. Its stature that started from its humble beginnings in New York to what it is now is a pretty clear indication how this brand has earned the love of many food enthusiasts. 

Build Your Own Brownie Sundae at BONO Artisanal Gelato

October 08, 2015
Build Your Own Brownie Sundae is the new apple of my eye at BONO Gelato's menu. I have always been a fan of BONO from the get go since theirs are the best gelato I have ever tasted here in Manila. Now that they have released this new creation, it made me love them all the more.

I am a sucker for brownies and sundae isn't a bad idea either. The fact that it can be customized to my liking is the proverbial icing on the cake.

Build Your Own Brownie Sundae at BONO Artisanal Gelato
So this afternoon at Mega Fashion Hall in SM Megamall, I joined my friends The Mommist, Dude 4 Food, and Hefty Foodie in checking out BONO to try the Build Your Own Brownie Sundae

Sambo Kojin SM Megamall: Eat-All-You-Can Smokeless Grill Buffet

June 16, 2015
Sambo Kojin at SM Megamall is one of the newest restaurants to join the band of foodie places in the area that offers eat-all-you-can feast. Known as the sister company of the famous buffet restaurant in Manila Dads Ultimate Buffet, Sambo Kojin offers unlimited Japanese Yakiniku and Korean Barbecue alongside other Japanese and Korean Dishes

Their newest branch in SM Megamall is said to be their biggest branch yet.

Sambo Kojin SM Megamall Buffet Blog Review Rates Discounts Promos
Although it was my first time to visit Sambo Kojin at SM Megamall, the concept isn't really foreign to me as I have experience dining at their EDSA and Eastwood branch. Other Sambo Kojin branches are located at West Avenue and SM Southmall

Tempura Tendon Tenya Philippines

June 01, 2015
Tempura Tendon Tenya located at SM Megamall is known as the most successful tendon restaurant chain in Japan. It recently opened its first store in the Philippines and aims to provide high quality and affordable tendon and tempura.

Tendon by definition is a shortened term for Tempura Donburi, a rice bowl topped with the goodness of tempura. Since majority of Filipinos loved the Japanese dish Tempura, combining it with rice in one filling bowl is undoubtedly a surefire hit.

TENYA MEGAMALL REVIEW, Tempura Tendon Tenya SM Megamall Blog Review
History dictates that Tempura Tendon Tenya that hailed from Japan started way back 1982 when founder Mr Yoshio Iwashita opened its first outlet in the Yaesu underground Mall at Tokyo Station. Several years after its conception, Tempura Tendon Tenya now operates with numbers of branches in Japan, Thailand, Indonesia, and now, the Philippines.

What's New at The Super Bowl of China

April 22, 2015
Yesterday we visited the Super Bowl of China located at the Atrium of SM Megamall. Together with some of Manila Food Bloggers and some friends at media, we checked out what's new at the Super Bowl. I was under the impression that there will be new Chinese cuisine on the menu they will be launching, little did I know, there will be plenty of new things unfolding.

Super Bowl of China has been known for its affordable and quality Chinese dishes. Way back, Super Bowl was one of those Chinese restaurants that my family and I would often go to. As the restaurant scene in Manila boom, my affinity for Super Bowl took a back seat for a while because there are plenty new more restaurants to try.

Super Bowl of China SM Megamall Sm Mall of Asia Festival Mall Alabang Robinsosn Place Manila Chinese Restaurant, Super Bowl of China Blog Review Menu Contact Delivery Branches Website Facebook Twitter Instagram
Then suddenly, I was reminded that this old time favorite Chinese restaurant is still well worth a visit. As a proof that Super Bow of China is still on top of it game, they recently made a revamp to its SM Megamall branch. From the store interior to the food attendants uniform up to several items on the menu, change for the better is the name of the game. This change will soon roll out to all Super Bowl of China branches in the Philippines such as at SM Mall of Asia, Festival Mall in Alabang, the the soon to open branch at Robinsons Place Manila.

Chelsea Kitchen at SM Megamall

November 27, 2014
My visit to Chelsea Kitchen located at SM Mega Fashion Hall in SM Megamall happened amidst the time when attending to pressing matter at hand hinders me from throwing affirmative response to dining engagements. I guess luck was on my side the time a friend, Ramil of asked me to join them for an intimate lunch at Chelsea Megamall.

The luncheon schedule indicated was the exact time I was free to do blog related things. That rarely happen these days, truth be told.  So I guess I was destined to dine at Chelsea Kitchen for the first time to finally experience the creations of the talented chef Kalel Chan. Meeting new people and catching up with some blogger friends – the proverbial icing on top.

Chelsea Kitchen at Mega Fashion Hall in SM Megamall, Raintree Restaurants, Chelsea Grand Cafe, Chelsea Kitchen Megamall Menu, Blog, Address, Contact No., Operating Hours, Facebook, Website, Instagram, Twitter, Restaurants in SM Mega Fashion Hall

Under Raintree Group of Restaurants, Chelsea Kitchen at Megamall is the laid back version of Chelsea Grand Café in Serendra. It occupies the space at the ground floor, EDSA side entrance of the bustling SM Mega Fashion Hall.

Bacon and Cheese Gyoza & Peanut Butter and Banana Gyoza at Osaka Ohsho

November 02, 2014
The news came with such a casual aplomb. "Osaka Ohsho released new gyoza flavors. Bacon and Cheese Gyoza & Peanut Butter and Banana Gyoza. Are you free on Monday? We'll do lunch." My friend Richard of Tales From The Tummy, the same guy who lured me into falling so hard for the  King of Gyoza has a penchant for giving me little heart attacks.

Unflinching, he dropped the words bacon and cheese all in one phrase and he expected just a yes or no from me. Of course, a girl gotta have her oh-em-gee moments, so I gave him that. Then, I said yes to the invite with some of my favorite people.

Osaka Ohsho PH New Gyoza: Bacon and Cheese Gyoza / Peanut Butter and Banana Dessert Gyoza. Osaka Osho SM Megamall New Menu, Address, Contact No, Facebook Page.

I didn't make it to our lunch. 

Linguini Fini Manila at SM Mega Fashion Hall

September 26, 2014
Linguini Fini, Manila is an Italian restaurant that hails from Hong Kong known for its farm-to-table and nose-to-tail concept. It is one of the newest additions to the ever growing restaurants at SM Mega Fashion Hall in SM Megamall. Serving artisanal food made from scratch using sustainable locally sourced ingredients, Linguini Fini Manila made quite of a noise since its opening early this month especially among Manila Food Bloggers.

Lingiuini Fini was brought here in the Philippines by the Moment Group (‘Cue, Manam, Burger Bar, 8 Cuts, and Phat Pho) in partnership with Todd Darling and Robert Spina of Homegrown Foods. To secure the success of its opening here n our country, Linguini Fini Hong Kong's Executive Chef Vincent "Vinny" Lauria flew in to personally run the kitchen at this early stage of Linguini Fini here in the Philippines.

Linguini Fini Manila at Mega Fashion Hall SM Megamall. Linguini Fini Philippines, Linguini Fini PH, Linguini Fini Review, Blog, Menu
I was dead set on trying out Linguini Fini upon hearing that they do serve fresh pasta from scratch. I am at a point in my life where making my own pasta from scratch is a normal occurrence at home and I have come to appreciate the innate goodness of it. Living in the countryside made me appreciate the beauty of farm-to-table concept.

Eri Curry in SM Megamall

August 21, 2014
Eri Curry is a new restaurant that opened recently at Atrium of SM Megamall which specializes in Japanese curry. There are plenty of Japanese restaurants in Manila but only few carries, if not specializes in this particular dish. This fact makes Eri Curry a welcome addition to Manila restaurant landscape.

History dictates that curry originated in India. They are the culture who popularized this dish using the impressive spices that they are known for. Japan however was introduced to curry during the time when British colonized India. Since its introduction, Japan adapted curry and made their own variation that suits their palates hence, the Japanese curry was born.

Eri Curry SM Megamall, Eri Curry Japanese Curry Restaurant SM Megamall, Eri Curry Menu, Prices, Contact No., Address, Facebook, Instagram, Operating Hours
Eri Curry, SM Megamall
Japanese adaptation of Indian curry includes reinvention of the sauce by adding fruit stock that lends sweeter taste to it in contrast to the usual spicy and spunky flair of Indian curry. Eri Curry's chef Erica, the mind behind the menu and the face behind the logo, stayed for good many years in the Land of The Rising Sun where she learned to loved Japanese curry. Equipped with her love for the said dish and the passion to create good food, she developed Japanese curry recipe fit for Filipinos, in which is now being used at Eri Curry.

Chili's Philippines: Chili's Your Way to Food Feast Because More Life Happens Here!

July 24, 2014
My recent visit at Chili's Bar and Restaurant SM Megamall branch to check out new items on their menu reminded me that the last time I wrote about them here on my food blog was way back 2009. That was five years ago (pardon the small photos and the writing style, if you're going to check out that post) and I could not believe that despite several visits within that span of time, I am only writing about them again just now. I guess, I have a lot of catching up to do.

Recently, Chili's launched its new tagline, "More Life Happens Here" which I deem apt since I myself, is one of those who could testify that indeed, more life happens at Chili's. Since it opened its door here in the Philippines way back 1996, I cannot count how many times have I dined at Chili's, specifically at their branches at Tomas Morato and Greenhills. Whether its a celebration of some sort or just plain meeting up with friends, Chili's is definitely one of those restaurants that my loved ones, friends, and I frequent to.

Chili's Restaurant and Bar SM Megamall, Chilis_PH, Chili's Philipines, Chili's New Menu, Branches, Contact No, Operating Hours, Chili's Food Blog

While it would be funny to admit that their unlimited Tostada Chips and Salsa have something to do with our frequent visits, the truth is, more than the free refils of these addicting treats, it is Chili's overall appeal that endears it to us. From the good food that they serve to the cool ambiance they have and to the warm and friendly service they give, Chili's is definitely proved all through these years that they deserve all the thumbs up they get.

Osaka Ohsho Megamall: The King of Gyoza Now Serving The World's No.1 Gyoza in the Philippines

March 23, 2014
Osaka Ohsho located at SM Megamall Mega Fashion Hall in Mandaluyong City is one of the newest international franchise restaurants that landed Manila which offers what they dub as "The World’s No. 1 Gyoza." Most of the food bloggers in Manila which I follow have already written their opinion about Osaka Ohsho, even Kris Aquino raved about the goodness of Osaka Ohsho on her T.V. program. I deem that most of them believed that indeed, Osaka Ohsho is the King of Gyoza

Osaka Ohsho The King of Gyoza, Now Serving The World's No.1 Gyoza in The Philippines
Osaka Ohsho’s humble beginnings can be traced back in Japan during the year 1969. Fast forward to 2014, Osaka Ohsho boasts of 300+ stores worldwide including the one here in the Philippines, all thanks to the same group that brought Wee Nam Kee here in our country. Its signature gyoza is the main highlight of Osaka Ohsho’s menu, the very same reason of its popularity.

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