The Round Table in Kapitolyo Pasig: An Affordable Eat-All-You-Can Tasting Session

June 04, 2015
The Round Table is one of the newest restaurants in Kapitolyo Pasig City that specializes in serving what they called an Eat-All-You-Can Tasting Session. If you love affordable buffet restaurants and have penchant for trying out variety of high quality dishes, I must say The Round Table can be a place for you. With the current promo price of Php199 and a regular price of Php295 per person, what else could we ask for?

With the burgeoning foodie scene in Kapitolyo, The Round Table aims to offer something different and fresh by offering daily themed buffet - something no business in the area has offered before as far as I know.

The Round Table Kapitolyo Pasig Affordable Eat-All-You-Can Buffet tasting Session
Trailing a bit down the memory lane, The Round Table started as Q Bistro located at Malayan Plaza in Ortigas back in June of 2006 which band of creative minds in the kitchen headed by Chef Mia K. Capay, a product of Professional Culinary Institute in California now known as the French Culinary Institute

Also a bona fide member of the American Culinary Federation, Chef Mia - who I must say got a winning personality - continues to create astounding dishes that are also carry over to their catering company, Q Provisions

The Round Table in Kapitolyo Pasig City
If the Round Table takes pride in serving daily themed menu, Q Provisions Catering boasts of their ability to cater same day catering services. The powerful tandem of these two forces ensures that they can handle their clients' personal events, corporate meetings, functions, and celebrations during special occasions with an ease and assurance that everyone will be satisfied and happy.

Affordable Buffet at The Round Table Kapitolyo
The Round Table's daily themed menu spans from Mongolian, to Southern American, Italian, Filipino dishes, and specialty Roast Carving. Also, starting June 5, The Round Table will also open its door to serve Breakfast Buffet.

One Saturday, we were invited to experience a tasting session at The Round Table and sample some of their signature dishes including their breakfast offerings. The choices of food prepared to us that day reflects the variety of food one can expect when partaking of the buffet at The Round Table.

The Round Table Kapitolyo Buffet Set up
The place I must say is decent enough to accommodate roughly 30 person, by my estimate. Hence, I suggest you give them a call to reserve and check out their theme for the day. Their set up is perfect for intimate gatherings with friends and loved ones as it is devoid of the busy and sometimes rowdy set up of big buffet restaurants. 

Honestly, I was a little apprehensive at first, given the unbelievably affordable price for the buffet. I was thinking they might be serving mediocre food. Yet, I was proven wrong upon tasting the dishes served to us by The Round Table staff.

The Round Table Kapitolyo Roast Beef
The Roast Beef for example was downright impressive. We were told it's been marinated and roasted in a good amount of time - enough for every morsel of meat to yield into perfect tender submission. I honestly had one too many of the roast beef but it was worth every calorie. Dare I say it is one of the best roast beef dishes I have ever tried by far. 

Crositin at The Round Table Kapitolyo
We also sampled The Round Table's Crostini which was a perfect prelude to the feast. The Spiced Aglio Olio Pasta on the other hand was a perfect interpretation of how well The Round Table treat Italian dishes on their buffet spread.

Aglio Olio at The Round Table Kapitolyo Pasig
The Pork Ragout with its flavorful sauce in bright orange hue made me crave for heaping bowl of steamed rice. The tenderness of the pork was a clear indication of the time spent perfecting this dish which was successfully executed. 

Pork Ragout at The Round Table Kapitolyo Pasig
Another signature dish we feasted on was the notably creative Adobo Sa Mangga. To say that it was a revelation would be an understatement. I have tried incorporating Mango in a Binagoongan Pork dish before but never in Adobo. And this creative spin on the classic really works well.

Adobo sa Mangga at The Round Table Buffet Kapitolyo Pasig
The Potato Balls or Croquettas is just a simple dish but Chef Mia's creation proposed that even the most simple dish can rock one's world. I cannot count how many of these balls have I devoured, all I know is that by the time I am writing this, I am still craving for it. The potato balls can be good on its own but the garlic sauce it comes with lends a depth in flavor which I love.

Potato Balls at The Round Table Buffet Kapitolyo Pasig
People watching their calorie intake can still find feasting at The Round Table enjoyable since Chef Mia's creative flair and talent in dishing out flavorful treats isn't just boxed in meaty dishes. Take for instance this Rustic Fish with Olives and Capers which flavor was light and complex at the same time. 

Rustic Fish at The Round Table Buffet Kapitolyo Pasig
I rarely feast on salads when having buffet (Hardcore meat eater that I am) but with salad as good as the Q Salad, it was hard for me to just pass off. The walnuts and the mandarin lends interesting flavor and texture to it, while the Asian dressing bind the flavors together.

Q Salad at The Round Table Buffet Kapitolyo Pasig
Since they will be introducing their breakfast buffet, we sampled some of the amazing breakfast items which will be included in their buffet spread. The Pork Hamonado with distinct flavor of sweet pineapple was nothing short of amazing. The tenderness and flavor was just superb I wouldn't mind devouring it every breakfast.

Pork Hamonado at The Round Table Buffet Kapitolyo Pasig
The Homemade Tocino on the other hand was equally impressive. Since it was homemade, one may not fear of consuming too much preservative. I always favored tocino over tapa, I'm glad this was the one served during our visit. 

Tocino at The Round Table Buffet Kapitolyo Pasig
We also had pipping hot Arroz Caldo complete with condiments and toppings on a separate serving bowls. The set up gives complete freedom to the diners to create their own topping concoctions that suits well to their liking. Honestly, the crisp dilis and salted egg on Arroz Caldo was another revelation for me.

Arroz Caldo at The Round Table Buffet Kapitolyo Pasig
For dessert we had this seemingly simple Carrot Cake sitting in the middle of the buffet spread. I almost passed off trying this one out since I was already full but having deciding on having just a small piece of it was a good call since it was good.

Carrot Cake at The Round Table Buffet Kapitolyo Pasig
Honestly, I was pleasantly surprised that given the price of the buffet, everything I have tried was impressive. The selection may not be as wide as some of my favorite buffets out there, but everything was good and of high quality - for me, that is important.

Eat All You Can / Buffet / Tasting Session at The Round Table Buffet Kapitolyo Pasig
I wouldn't be surprised if people will start lining up at The Round Table in Kapitolyo the coming days. Their food are all well thought of and impeccably executed, the price will not burn a hole in one's pocket, and the service was thoughtful and accommodating.

There are a lot of restaurants flooding Kapitolyo in Pasig these days, and I must say that The Round Table is one of those you should visit soon. 

The Round Table Buffet Restaurant in Kapitolyo Pasig
The Round Table
An Eat-All-You-Can Tasting Session
56 C & D East Capitol Drive
Kapitolyo, Pasig City
Contact Nos.: (02) 7061668
+63 9228948509
+63 9773452746
Facebook: /RoundTablePH
Instagram: @theroundtableph

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  1. Surprising food quality for the price you pay. I should check this place out soon.

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