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Madison Commons Food Park, Kapitolyo

July 09, 2017
Food parks in Metro Manila are sprouting left and right these days and the recent one I have visited was Madison Commons Food Park located in Kapitolyo Pasig City near Pioneer. Pasig City, specifically Kapitolyo area is known as one of the food-lovers destinations here in Manila as it boasts of wide variety of restaurants that offers wide range of cuisine. Madison Commons Food Park is a welcome addition as it fits perfectly well with the gastronomical vibe of the area.

This is the first food park that I am blogging about but I have to admit that I am one of those who appreciate the existence of these food parks everywhere as it is a good way to try out different food in one go.

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I have visited few food parks and Madison Commons in Kapitolyo is one of those which food vendors and selections I found satisfying.  There are few things which were a turn-off like the irritating flies everywhere, but the good food and some friendly vendors make up for it.

Main Street Restaurant in Kapitolyo

July 20, 2016
Main Street is one of the popular restaurants at McKinley in Taguig that opened a new branch in Kapitolyo, Pasig City. A brainchild of Adam Tan who has an impressive culinary experience in Canada, Main Street offers Canadian grubs and then some at a very reasonable price.

I rarely visit McKinley area so when my cousin Hefty Foodie and good friend Pepe Samson informed me that Main Street has now a branch in Kapitolyo, I gladly accept the invite to join them.

Main Street Kapitolyo, Pasig City. Main Street Restaurant New Branch in Kapitolyo Blog Review New Menu, Main Street McKinley, Kapitolyo Food Trip Main Street Website Facebook Instagram Twitter YedyLicious Manila Food Blog
For sure this one is a good news for those who have not tried Main Street yet due to their proximity to the branch in Taguig as well as those who have become a longtime fan who resides in Eastern and Northern part of the Metro. After all, aren't good restaurants supposed to have branches everywhere? I firmly believe in that, and I am rooting for Main Street. 

Wishbone, Kapitolyo: Salted Egg Chicken Wings and More!

December 21, 2015
I visited Wishbone recently since some of my friends, both bloggers and non-bloggers alike tagged it as one of the best restaurants that opened in Kapitolyo Pasig City this year. They do serve variety of dishes but their main selling point is their flavored chicken wings. I cannot say no to chicken wings, so to Wishbone, off I went.

You know that feeling when you are secretly rooting for a business to do really well? And then suddenly, you found out that aside from its expansion, another new concept spring forth from that business which makes everything all the more awesome? That's how I feel while visiting Wishbone.

Wishbone in Kapitolyo Pasig City, Home of Delicious Salted Egg Chicken Wings and More! Wishbone Blog Review Maps Menu Contact No Address Facebook Instagram Twitter

Wishbone is a new concept by the same cool people behind the popular Pomodoro and partner Rakesh Bhogwani. From its humble beginning, Pomodoro expanded its location and is still on top of its game in serving legit pizza and pasta. Now, it has its sister restaurant, Wishbone.

The Cookie Bar Manila, Kapitolyo Pasig: Cookie Shots and More

September 28, 2015
Our visit at the Cookie Bar Manila in Kapitolyo, Pasig City happened after the feast we had at Lee Hak Korean Buffet. I am not really aware of this pastry shop until my friend Gio mentioned about their Cookie Shots. I was not aware that we already have cookie shots in Manila. So off we went.

Cookie Shots, popularized by Dominique Ansel is basically a chocolate chip cookie in a cup form filled with milk.

Cookie Shots at Cookie Bar Manila in Kapitolyo Pasig City
I was still full from the buffet feast we had so honestly, I couldn't care less about having a dessert. But Gio was very adamant in trying out the cookie shots so despite the degree of satiety I was dealing with, I just let them drag me into their mission - to locate the Cookie Bar.

Karen's Kitchen, Kapitolyo Pasig City

September 15, 2015
Karen's Kitchen located in Kapitolyo Pasig City is a restaurant you would go for when great tasting dishes, impeccable line of desserts, and charming ambiance are what you are looking for. There are plenty of restaurants in Kapitolyo, but Karen's Kitchen with its eye-catching yellow and red colors is not something you should miss for oh so may reasons.

One of them is if you have a penchant for a very charming lady for a chef whose pleasant aura mirrors in every food she prepares. Take my word for it, Karen's Kitchen is your place.

Karen's Kitchen Kapitolyo Petron Dasma Blog Review
First time I have met Karen Young was during Dessert Comes Firsts 6th year Anniversary. Months after that we have become fellow attendees of Power of Pen Writing Workshop. We exchanged emails in the past when she invited me to Karen's Kitchen branch at Petron Dasma. Unfortunately, I have to reply with regrets since that was the time when I was busy packing a decade of my life in Manila to move back to my hometown.

Pomodoro Pizza, Kapitolyo: The Php50 Pasta Promo

August 18, 2015
I have written about Pomodoro Pizza in Kapitolyo, Pasig before and if you have read the blog post, you would know how much I took a great liking for this humble little Italian restaurant. Their take on Italian food is something you wouldn't really expect from an assuming restaurant by the street. But Pomodoro Pizza is doing a great job in serving impressive dishes you would most likely encounter in legit and big time restaurants in the Metro.

So, couple of weeks ago, I was back at the foodie streets of Kapitolyo to check out ahead of time the upcoming promo that Pomodoro Pizza will be dishing out come the 26th of this month. It's the Php50 Pasta Promo.

Pomodoro Pizza Kapitolyo Pasig City, Pasta Promo
Basically, the Php50 Pasta Promo is Pomodoro Pizza's way of giving back to the diners for supporting them all the way. As you may all know, they have been in the business for quite a while now and they are doing pretty good these days, all thanks to the support of pizza-loving people who happen to visit and re-visit Pomodoro to get their pizza and pasta fix.

I AM KIM Korean Restaurant, Estancia Mall at Capitol Commons Pasig City

July 20, 2015
Playful, bold, and genius - if I could sum up I AM KIM at Estancia Mall in Capitol Commons Pasig City in three words, that would be it. Specializing in Korean Stone Bowl Rice or popularly known as Bibimbap, I Am Kim is a brainchild of who in my opinion is one of the best chefs in Manila, Chef Him Uy de Baron of Nomama Ramen fame.

While the recent discontinuation of the ramen place threw a sense of despondency up in the air inhaled by Nomama Ramen aficionados, myself included - Chef Him's flair for translating his genius into palatable creations remains unabated. Case in point, I AM KIM

I Am Kim Korean Restaurant Estancia Mall Capitol Commons Pasig City
If it isn't your first brush with Chef Him's creations, the same enticing charm can be well expected with his offerings at I Am Kim. As for me, we will go back to the firsts three words of this write up - playful, bold, and genius. Now let me prove my point. 

The Round Table in Kapitolyo Pasig: An Affordable Eat-All-You-Can Tasting Session

June 04, 2015
The Round Table is one of the newest restaurants in Kapitolyo Pasig City that specializes in serving what they called an Eat-All-You-Can Tasting Session. If you love affordable buffet restaurants and have penchant for trying out variety of high quality dishes, I must say The Round Table can be a place for you. With the current promo price of Php199 and a regular price of Php295 per person, what else could we ask for?

With the burgeoning foodie scene in Kapitolyo, The Round Table aims to offer something different and fresh by offering daily themed buffet - something no business in the area has offered before as far as I know.

The Round Table Kapitolyo Pasig Affordable Eat-All-You-Can Buffet tasting Session
Trailing a bit down the memory lane, The Round Table started as Q Bistro located at Malayan Plaza in Ortigas back in June of 2006 which band of creative minds in the kitchen headed by Chef Mia K. Capay, a product of Professional Culinary Institute in California now known as the French Culinary Institute

Pomodoro Pizza in Kapitolyo, Pasig City

November 14, 2014
A guy, barely in his mid twenties, dishing out book recommendations with emphasis on Robert Kiyosaki’s craft was not something that I expected.  A taste of pizza and pasta at Pomodoro Pizza located in Kapitolyo, Pasig City was what I signed up for.

A glimpse of a humble side street osteria that aims to serve simple Italian fares without breaking the bank is on top of my itinerary. Yet, interesting conversation is a pleasant addition to the feast, more so, when it involves food and book authors that I also read. 

Pomodoro Pizza in Kapitolyo Pasig City. Pomodoro Pizza Menu, Address, Location, Contact No., Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. Restaurants in Kapitolyo. Food Trip in Kapitolyo

To be honest, I am not usually the type who would engage in a conversation while eating. I prefer exchange of words at the end of a feast.  I want to be in communion with my food, to savor it without interruption. To let the intricacies of flavor ingrain in my mind as it play in my palate – I am not the silent type, this is just how I remember food that I need to write.

But that afternoon was a different story.

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