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P125 Eat-All-You-Can Buffet at Mom's Pot Restaurant [Antipolo Food Trip Blog Series]

Tuesday, September 29, 2015
Mom's Pot Restaurant is one of those that offers really affordable eat-all-you-can buffet in Antipolo City. Yes, we have quite a few buffet restaurants here that offers Php100+ buffet rate. Mom's Pot Restaurant located along M.L. Quezon extension was my first brush with these affordable eats. It was formerly known as My Pot Restaurant but with their recent relocation comes with a changed in name.

At first, I was a bit hesitant to try it out because really, what can you expect from a Php125 buffet restaurant?

Mom's Pot P125 Eat-All-You-Can Buffet Restaurant in Antipolo City
But then I was always curious. Every time I passed by Mom's Pot, the place was always full and parking area was never empty either. So I figured I should give this one a shot. After all, I am still working on my Antipolo Food Trip Blog Series

A chance presented itself recently. We are currently having our house renovated and we promised our workers and some house help to treat them to a nice meal at nearby restaurant because they have been working really hard.

My Pot Eat-All-You-Can Antipolo City
I already have a restaurant in mind, but they were very adamant in suggesting Mom's Pot because eat-all-you-can set up excites them.  I would really want to treat them to a restaurant with a view somewhere in Antipolo Sumulong area for a relaxing luncheon. But that day, they are my boss and I want them to enjoy something that they like.

So we made a reservation right away.

Inside Mom's Pot Buffet Restaurant in Antipolo Rizal
We were a big group and we were lucky that Mom's Pot was able to accommodate our reservation. We came in a bit early at around 11am, so we were able to score a parking spot.

Mom's Pot, Formerly Known as My Pot's Affordable Cheap Buffet Restaurant
Considering its price of Php125 per head, the choices on the buffet spread was decent enough. We were told that they change their menu line up everyday depending on the availability of ingredients. 

Most of their patrons would usually call them to check the menu of the day before making a reservation. They sometimes accommodate special requests especially when booked for special occasions since they also do catering services.

Buffet Spread at Mom's Pot
During our visit, there were two kinds of rice on the buffet spread; java rice which I really really like, and then steamed rice for those who wants to keep it simple. The soup of the day was some kind of egg drop soup which I didn't get to try.

Different Rice Choices at Mom's Pot Buffet
There were also Pinoy style sweet spaghetti complete with sliced hot dogs, lumpiang shanghai or pork spring rolls, and garlic ginger chicken which was also one of my favorites among the choices.

Chicken, Spring Roll, and Spaghetti on Mom's Pot Buffet Spread
Vegetable dishes were aplenty. There was adobong sitaw peppered with slices of pork. Pretty decent, in my opinion.

Adobong Sitaw at Mom's Pot Eat-All-You-Can
There was also steamed okra which could have been better if served with guinisang bagoong, but I spotted nothing.

Steamed Okra at Mom's Pot Eat-All-You-Can
Then there was crisp fried kangkong which I deem can be a good snack but not as a viand. Nonetheless it was good. Crisp and quite addicting.

Crispy Kangkong at Mom's Pot Eat-All-You-Can
There was also pochero made with pork knuckle (pata). It leaned on the sweeter side of the spectrum so I find it a tad cloying after the second serving of it. But props for the generous meaty cuts of pork - that one came as a surprise.

Pork Pochero at Mom's Pot Eat-All-You-Can
Tinolang manok was also part of the buffet spread - the one in the photo below that looked like it was swimming in loads of soup. It was good and the chicken cuts were big enough.

Food Choices at Mom's Pot Eat-All-You-Can Buffet
For dessert they had this gelatin cubes with milk which was surprisingly good despite it looking like anything but a nice dessert. 

Gelatin with Milk at Mom's Pot Eat-All-You-Can
Then there was also palitaw which hit the buffet spread a tad late - just in time when we were about to pay the bill. I didn't get to try it but according to others it was just okay.

Palitaw at Mom's Pot Eat-All-You-Can
My first plate was filled with the chicken, crisp kangkong, java rice, adobong sitaw, and the pork pochero.

YedyLicious Feast at Mom's Pot Eat-All-You-Can Buffet
For the second round I had the jave rice once again because it was so good. I also had a second helping of the garlic ginger chicken which was also good, then a bowl of tinolang manok.

There are other chicken parts available, I just love chicken wings, hence the ones in the photo below.

Second Plate at Mom's Pot Eat-All-You-Can Affordable Buffet
I also tried the Pinoy spaghetti which was just okay. I still love the one they serve at Jollibee or at Mushroom Burger when it comes to sweet style spaghetti.

I intentionally put my food choices on separate bowls because since some of the viands have soup and sauces, it can get really messy on the plate. So, I figured this was the way to go.

Pinoy Spaghetti at Mom's Pot Eat-All-You-Can
I have to post another photo of the garlic ginger chicken because it was really good, probably my most favorite among the food choices because was like the usual Korean fried chicken.I love the saucy coating and the flavor in general.

Garlic Ginger Fried Chicken at Mom's Pot Eat-All-You-Can
Truth be told, I don't have any expectation set for Mom's Pot because its buffet rate gave me an impression that there really was nothing to expect. Surprisingly the experience was not that bad but not really mind blowing either. Our workers were happy and satisfied, and for me, that's what really matters that day.

For Php125 per head, I find the number of choices decent enough. The quality was passable. Of course you will not expect a Vikings-quality buffet if you are just paying for a fraction of what you would normally pay on some big time buffet restaurants. I deem Mom's Pot Eat-All-You-Can Buffet is best fit for those who don't have enough time to cook but still wants to feast on several food choices without breaking the bank.

P125 Affordable Eat-All-You-Can Buffet at at Mom's Pot Antipolo City Rizal
Mom's Pot Eat-All-You-Can Buffet Restaurant
ML Quezon Ext.
Antipolo City
(Landmark: Near Antipolo Doctors Hospital)
Contact No.: 925-1106

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