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The Cookie Bar Manila, Kapitolyo Pasig: Cookie Shots and More

Monday, September 28, 2015
Our visit at the Cookie Bar Manila in Kapitolyo, Pasig City happened after the feast we had at Lee Hak Korean Buffet. I am not really aware of this pastry shop until my friend Gio mentioned about their Cookie Shots. I was not aware that we already have cookie shots in Manila. So off we went.

Cookie Shots, popularized by Dominique Ansel is basically a chocolate chip cookie in a cup form filled with milk.

Cookie Shots at Cookie Bar Manila in Kapitolyo Pasig City
I was still full from the buffet feast we had so honestly, I couldn't care less about having a dessert. But Gio was very adamant in trying out the cookie shots so despite the degree of satiety I was dealing with, I just let them drag me into their mission - to locate the Cookie Bar.

After a little while, we found ourselves in front of a brown gate that held a banner that says Cookie Bar. It is right beside Thai Dara, the area near Three Sisters' Restaurant, Gostoso and Round Table
Location Address of Cookie Bar Manila in Pasig
It was like a residential gate so we were a tad confused if it was really the store. Gio even made a call to the number indicated on Cookie Bar's Zomato page just to make sure. Turns out, it was the right place.

Little Al Fresco at Cookie Bar Manila
Inside was a little kitchen which stood as a little cookie bar where different kinds of cookies and sweets are on display. It is really small, no tables and chairs inside. Good thing they have a space outside for people who wants to enjoy their cookies right there. Photo above shows Gio and Eugene about to enjoy their Cookie Shots.

Inside Cookie Bar Manila
Despite the small space, the place smells so good we don't mind hanging out in there for a bit while chatting with the friendly staff. I politely asked if it is okay to take some photos and one of them said yes with a warm smile. 

We were told that this branch is mainly for pick-up orders but diners are still welcome. We were also informed that they do have a space in Privato Hotel in Pasig where they also sell their products.

The Little Kitchen and Cashier at Cookie Bar Manila
Display of Cookie Bar's products were eye catching, it helps that the aroma wafting through the air adds charm to the place. 

On display during our visit were their well-loved Cookie Shot Glass, Classic Cookie Cups, Premium Cookie Cups, Chocolate Chip Cookie Crisps, Granola Cookie Crisps, Smores Cookie Sandwiches, and Jumbo Chocolate Chip Cookies with Sea Salt.

Cookie Shots and Regular Sized Cookies at Cookie Bar Manila
There were also some Cookie Dough Truffle and Cookie Stuffies.

Cookie Dough and other products at Cookie Bar Manila
Then there were Nutella Bites, Ferrero Nutella, and Halfsies which is basically hald chocolate chip cookie and half dark cookie.

Nutella Bites, Ferrero and Nutella BItes and Stuffies at Cookie Bar Manila
One thing that caught my attention was the Dark Cookie Cake with Fudge which can be bought per slice.

Dark Chocolate Cake at Cookie Bar Manila
Gio and Eugene went for the Cookie Shots with Milk (Php100). An order comprised of Cookie Shot Glass with a little up of Holly's Milk. While I, who is not really crazy about the idea of cookie shots went for the Jumbo Chocolate Chip Cookies with Sea Salt.

I would have loved to enjoy my jumbo cookie with some milk but I was told that they only sell milk if you're going to order for the cookie shots, which was sad.

YedyLicious, Hungy Giant, and Hefty Foodie's Cravings at Cookie Bar Manila
I never really tried the Cookie Shots but based on Gio and Eugene's opinion, it could have been better if the milk was slightly warm so that the chocolate coating the inside of the cookie would slightly melt, hence, easier to bite into. 

Cookie Shots and Holly's Milk at Cookie Bar Manila
But that is not to say that they did not enjoy it because they told me that it was nonetheless good. A little messy to eat since the milk tends to spill as they bit into it, but it's chocolate chip cookies and milk after all, so what's not to love?

The Famous Cookie Shots of Cookie Bar Manila
I was a tad contented with my Jumbo Chocolate Chip Cookies with Sea Salt but the call of Dark Cookie Cake with Fudge (Php100) was too strong I couldn't bend my conscience quite enough to ignore it. So, we did ordered for a slice.
The Jumbo Chocolate Chip Cookies with Sea Salt (Php80) was everything I hoped my cookies to be. It was a perfect cookie in my opinion. Big, loaded with chocolates, soft to the bite, and just downright impeccable. The addition of sea salt was genius since it brings out the flavor of the chocolate even more but not to the point that overwhelms.

Cookie Bar Manila's Jumbo Chocolate Chip Cookies with Sea Salt
The Dark Cookie Cake with Fudge (Php100) on the other hand reminds me of a good flourless chocolate cake more than anything else, but its different of course. It was so rich which was perfectly fine with me, but Gio and Eugene find it too rich for their liking.

Cookie Bar Manila's Dark Cookie Cake with Fudge
I still love the novelty of dunking my cookies in a warm glass of milk and not the other way around. But judging from my friends' feedback, Cookie Shots experience at Cookie Bar may not be that bad either. I will certainly go back for the Jumbo Chocolate Chip Cookies with Sea Salt and the Dark Cookie Cake with Fudge, that's for sure, because these babies were amazing! And those Nutella Bites, I got my eyes on them too.

Cute Boxes at Cookie Bar Manila
The Cookie Bar Manila
Unit-I, 84 East Capitol Drive,
Kapitolyo, Pasig City
Contact No.: (0917) 555-1228
Facebook: /CookieBarManila
Instagram: @cookiebarmaniila

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