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Breakfast Buffet at Fab Restaurant, Holiday Inn Galleria Manila

Wednesday, October 07, 2015
I stayed at Holiday Inn Hotel Galleria Manila with my family weeks ago to celebrate my sister's birthday. Part of our accommodation was complimentary breakfast buffet at Fab Restaurant. It was not my first encounter with Fab Restaurant since my parent's default hotel choice for family bonding has always been Holiday Inn and Crowne Plaza Hotel because of some Priority Club membership they are part of. 

Photos I took whenever we're dinning at Fab Restaurant were all tad too personal to be posted here on the blog, hence it is only now that I get to write about my dining experience at Fab.

Breakfast Buffet at Fab Restaurant, Holiday Inn Galleria Manila
Fab is the in-house restaurant of Holiday Inn Galleria Manila that offers breakfast buffet and all-day dining menu. Although Seven Corners Restaurant located at the connecting hotel Crowne Plaza is more famous, Fab Restaurant also offers impressive International food choices.

Based on experience, breakfast buffet spread at Fab varies from time to time but there are some guests' favorites which has become mainstay in the spread. I have tried quite a decent number of hotel breakfast buffets here in Manila but I don't mind saying that Fab's is one of my favorites.

Fab Restaurant at Holiday Inn
Reason being is that there is always plenty of options. Satisfaction wouldn't just stop there because almost everything I have tried during several dining experiences there were all impressive which is not always the case when dining in buffet restaurants. 

Below are just fraction of the dishes they served during my recent visit, there are plenty of others which I was not able to take photos of because minutes after I arrived for breakfast, people started coming in as well.

French Toast and Pancakes
The French Toast may not that look appetizing in the photo but it was good enough in my opinion. The pancakes were always always fluffy and its innate sweetness which was never cloying made me love it all the more.

Garlic Rice and Roasted Tomatoes
I am not a big rice eater during breakfast (surprise, surprise!) but the garlic rice that beckons sometimes makes it hard for me to resist. I spotted some roasted tomatoes only once but it was so good I hope to see it again in the future. 

Dried Squid and Pancit
I remember having danggit before at Fab and I find it such pleasure to eat, recent visit though was welcomed with dried pusit in lieu of its fish counterpart. Equally good and addicting. Its crispness was just lovely. The pancit, although lacking in toppings was not oily at all, making it equally satisfying as the rice.

Meaty Viands
Meat lovers will love Fab breakfast buffet simply because aside from the usual meaty breakfast fare, there are other meat-laden viands making the buffet spread all the more enticing. 

They balance things out by serving pork, beef, chicken, and even fish. The lemon fish fillet was exceptionally good.

Sausage and Fish with Lemon
Speaking of exceptionally good, the bacon at Fab Restaurant in all its crispness glory was just amazing I almost teared up in its goodness (Bacon lovers can be that emotional, I tell you.) 

Bacon is always available on the buffet spread which I appreciate. I have encountered breakfast buffet in other hotels before which only serve bacon if you request for it, and it just make me sad.

As with any other breakfast buffet, there are plenty of opportunity to indulge on eggs. (Be wary of cholesterol, keep indulgence at bay, people.) Be it omelette, scrambled, sunny side-up, and even boiled ones if you must.

I don't know what do they call this sliced herbed chicken but I find it really appetizing. It was jam packed with flavor although the cut were obviously chicken breast part. 

Herbed Chicken
The were some cold cults too. Not too many option but I remember enjoying these two all too well. 

Cold Cuts
Salted egg without the hassle of cracking its skin open that stains thy fingers. I love it. 

Salted Eggs
Cheese options although not as plenty as I would like it to be were obviously of good quality. 

Cheese Platter
Oh the glorious bread. I don't know about you but I find breads at Fab Restaurants really good. As in downright impressive. Always freshly baked and warm, I can even eat those manna from heaven even without the butter and jams. But then again, why limit yourself to just bread, right?

Breads, Butter, and Jams
I love the breads and pastries at Fab so much I am going to post another photo of it. 

Danish Pastry
And then another. (These ensaymada were yummylicious.)

And then another one. (Thou shall not skip these muffins.)

Make your own salad station for those who has the courage and the conviction to skip all the other dishes and munch on greens. I salute you.

Salad Station
Fresh fruits and yogurt of different flavors were also aplenty.

Fruits and Yogurt
Dried fruits, nuts, and cereals for kids and kid-at-heart. 

Cereal Station
And the well-loved taho. I don't really go crazy about taho most of the time but these ones were well worth the extra calories.

My Feast:

These are just some of the dishes I devoured. Some, being the operative word because honestly, when dining at Fab Restaurant breakfast buffet, I always lost count of the number of plates I could finish.

Buffet Plate Round 1
Again, the bacon. 

Buffet Plate Round 2 Bacon
Cereal and milk with dried fruits mixed with a dollop of yougurt. Revelation.

Buffet Plate Round 3
I am a big coffee drinker especially during breakfast but for some reason, I always find comfort with a cup of hot chocolate whenver I am dining at Fab. 

Hot Chocolate
Our recent stay at Holiday Inn was less than stellar because of the inconvenience that the renovation of the elevators brought, but the breakfast buffet at Fab Restaurant reminds me that it's not bad at all. Just a little inconvenient, yes. But Holiday Inn had me at their food at Fab, so I really don't mind. 

Fab Restaurant at Holiday Inn Hotel Manila
Fab Restaurant
4th Level
Holiday Inn Manila Galleria
1 Asia Development Bank Avenue,
Ortigas Center, Pasig City
Contact No.: (02) 633 7111

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