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Beeffalo by Hotrocks

Monday, November 23, 2015
Beeffalo by Hotrocks is my newest favorite restaurant in Antipolo City. Yes, I am saying that matter-of-factly. No beating around the bush, no flowery metaphors - just straight up declaration. And if you are curious about Beeffalo by Hotrocks but don't have the time, will, energy, nor means to travel in this mountainous part of the East, fret not, for they also have a branch in Marikina City.

So Yedy, what is good about Beeffalo by Hotrocks that suddenly made it to your favorite lists? Glad you asked. Let's get on with it, shall we?

Beeffalo Antipolo
I wouldn't bore you with my very limited knowledge about the now defunct Hotrocks restaurant which I was told where the awesomeness of Beeffalo started. Let's just find comfort in the fact that the great minds behind this restaurant have the right skills and knowledge in running a restaurant worthy enough to be included on my (and your) favorite list. In short, we are in good hands here.

Inside Beefalo Restaurant in Antipolo
So let's just focus on the present.

Currently, Beeffalo by Hotrocks has two branches as I previously stated. Since I am on a roll with my Antipolo Food Trip Blog Series, it only made sense that their newly opened Antipolo branch should be the first one to be featured here. 

However, that is not to say that Beeffalo Marikina branch will not have  space here at YedyLicious because trust me, you will see it here as well.

Vintage Bike Restaurant Deisgn at Beeffalo by Hotrocks
Beeffalo Antipolo is located in the same commercial area where Kapitbahay Restaurant is, just right in front of Antipolo Doctors Hospital. Ten minute drive away from Antipolo Church, by my estimate. 

The place I was told, is still a work in progress. That is not to say that it is devoid of aesthetic flair because those vintage stuff peppered within the restaurant gives a charming vibe to its overall appearance.

Vintage Car at Beeffalo by Hotrocks
The menu which is identical to its branch in Marikina, holds variety of Western comfort food with few Filipino dishes thrown in the mix for a good measure. 

Let me tell you from the get-go that I love the line up of their menu. Well thought out and built in the premise that highly favors meat lovers without completely abandoning the idea of having healthy choices which may come handy.

Vintage Decorations at Beeffalo by Hotrocks

On the Table:

Roasted Pumpkin Soup (Php75)

I love the thick consistency of this soup, and the flavor was everything I had hope it to be. Savory with a subtle hint of smoky note, the splash of cream tempered as much as it binds all the flavors together. 

I love it so much I had a hard time letting it go when the food attendant was about to bust out some of the empty plates, because I badly wanted to mop the remains of the soup with the bread it was served with. Then again, I ditched the idea and focused on saving more rooms for the rest of the feast to come.

Beeffalo Roasted Pumpkin Soup

Seafood and Corn Chowder (Php95)

Equally impressive, this soup somehow reminded me of a beautiful summer by the sea. The taste of the corn I deem very subtle, which I don't really mind since I am all for seafood, to be honest. 

It was good as it is and its flavor profile made my imagination run wild until the thought of throwing in some cooked pasta in the mix came into mind. Yet at any rate, this soup is one of those I wouldn't mind having again on my next visit.

Beeffalo Seafood and Corn Chowder

Taco BBQ Salad (Php275/good for two)

This came as highly recommended and rightfully so, since it was the kind of appetizer that is very satisfying in terms of serving portion and flavor. I am love tacos so for me, this dish isn't hard to love.

One may opt to finish the nacho chips doused with salsa and cheese on top before digging into the salad part of the dish. But another way to enjoy it is to break the hell out of those crisp nachos and mix everything together. It'll not just be a feast of flavor, but of delightful texture that tickles the palate as well. 

Beeffalo Taco BBQ Salad

Beeffalo Wings with Blue Cheese Dip (Php195) 

Diners have the option between two wing flavors; the sweet style and the original Buffalo style which spice level comes with a disclaimer on the menu - meaning it is super hot.

I got to try the sweet style and I found out that although it was indeed sweet, there is still a spicy note to it. Mild but still apparent. It was kind of addicting especially when eaten with the blue cheese dip.

Beeffalo Wings with Blue Cheese Dip

Barbecue Platter (Php195)

This platter is essentially comprised of pork isaw, tenga, and bulaklak - three sticks each. These meats are seasoned with just salt and pepper which makes the meaty flavor shines through instead of being masked by marinades we usually see in other barbecue stores. 

Barbecue Platter
It is highly recommended to ask the food attendants to grill these meat well until it yields very visible char on its skin. That way, the flavor intensifies further and the texture will be more delightful.

It may not be a perfect option for those who are dodging charred meat for health reasons, but if you have the liberty to indulge even for just a while, this can be a very good treat. 

Barbecue Platter at Beeffalo Antipolo

T-Bone Steak (Php355 for 250grams)

Visiting Beeffalo without trying out some of their steaks would put your effort in vain because Beeffalo really take their steaks seriously. Meaning to say, they are so damn good at it. 

The T-Bone Steak I had which was cooked medium well was impressive considering its measly price of Php355. The serving is big enough for sharing since it is also served with mashed potato and grilled vegetables on the side. Th steak sauce was also good, but a good steak must be judge in the absence of its accompanying sauce or gravy and this one passed with flying colors.

Beeffalo T-Bone Steak

Baby Back Ribs (Php285/single with java rice, Php755/full serving)

Hands down, this is the best baby back ribs I have had in a very long time. Seriously, it even surpassed the previous best ribs I have written before here at YedyLicious. The fork-tenderness of the meat, the savory-sweet flavor, and the serving portion are all pure perfection.

Baby Back Ribs at Beeffalo
I love this ribs so much, I am trading my birthday cake for this, I tell you. I am well aware that my words are failing me right now because this is the kind of dish that you got to try for yourself to understand why this blogger right here is going crazy over it she might as well marry the damn ribs.

Best Baby Back Ribs Ever!

Jack Daniel's Country Style Pork Ribs (Php430)

The photo below is just half portion of the pork ribs with the Php430 price tag, so it is safe to say that the real deal is good for sharing - or not if you got an appetite like mine. 

Now this pork cooked with the good ol' Jack isn't the typical JD's infused meat we can find elsewhere - this baby right here is one for the books because the flavor is a dead giveaway that Beeffalo means serious business when they say that the meat got some JD on it. The flavor is very apparent but not overwhelmingly so. Also one of those I highly recommend for you to try.

Jack Daniel's Country Style Pork Ribs

Grilled Blue Marlin (Php215 with rice and vegetables)

Like what I said, health conscious people got room at Beeffalo since they also offer dishes other than meat. This Grilled Blue Marlin for instance was a good choice if one needs a respite from meat feast of if they prefer to skip the meat altogether. 

The freshness of the fish was very apparent in its flavor. I also love that the serving portion is quite hefty. But it is a light meal as compared to other dishes on the menu, so if you're keeping indulgence at bay, there would be no regrets and cursing that would likely transpire once you finished a serving.

Grilled Blue Marlin

Java Rice (Php55)

I rarely write about rice here on the blog, but this one deserve a rave because it  as so good I can eat it as it is. But then again, who would want to skip those steaks and ribs? Seriously, this Java rice can be paired with almost anything on the menu.

Java Rice

Classic Baked Potato Mashed (Php65)

Mashed potato is usually served as a sidings on some of the meals at Beeffalo - and that mashed potato I must say is good. But if you are so inclined, might as well go for the Classic Baked Potato Mashed because it is a totally different world of deliciousness altogether. Cheesy, creamy, savory, the works - it shouldn't be missed.

Classic Baked Potato Mashed

Sunrise Steak and BBQ Sauce (Php150 per bottle)

So this awesome sauce which reminded me of a really good and well executed mustard sauce but ten thousand times better, can be purchased on the store. It goes perfectly well with meaty dishes but I figure it can also go well with sandwiches.

Sunrise Steak and BBQ Sauce
Vintage band at Beeffalo

Brazo de Mercedez (Php125)

No matter the simplicity, not all Brazo de Mercedez are created equal. And Beeffalo's version of it I must say belongs in the top tier of the league. The custard inside made all the difference - it wasn't too sweet hence it's not cloying. The ratio of the white egg and sugar component of the cake to the custard filling was just perfect.

Brazo de Mercedez

Turtle Pie (Php165)

While I was under the impression that I have already tried the best turtle pie there is, I was suddenly brought back into reality that it was my first time to try the best while I was at Beeffalo. Seriously, with the kind of desserts that Beeffalo is serving, they could might as well open up a pastry shop and everyone will all be happy. 
Turtle Pie

Gabi Ice Cream (Php65 per scoop)

Beeffalo is currently creating their own line of ice cream flavors with focus on local ingredients. I was lucky that during our visit, the gabi (taro) flavor was available because it was mighty good. It was not too sweet but it was downright creamy. I love that there were taro bits in the mix which makes it all the more delightful to the bite.

Gabi Ice Cream

Cucumber Lemonade (Php60/regular, Php95/big)

Perfect as a refreshing drink which doubles as a palate cleanser while having the meaty feast was this cucumber lemonade which was so good I could finish a pitcher or two of it.

Cucumber Lemonade
I honestly cannot think of anything that I didn't like at Beeffalo because the way they treat their food is spot on. I don't have any expectations prior to my visit so I was blown away by how great their dishes are at Beeffalo. 

Beeffalo Antipolo and Marikina
The serving portions are equally commendable, even more so, the affordable prices considering the quality and the heftiness of the food in every serving. I am aware that I am all rave about Beeffalo but I really cannot help it since all things considered, it was one of the best dining experience I have had this year. 

Needless to say I can see myself coming back for more. And I hope you visit them too when you are in Antipolo or in Marikina, because it will be worth it.

Beeffalo by Hotrocks Restaurant in Antipolo
Beeffalo by Hotrocks
M.L. Quezon Ave. Extension
Antipolo City
(Landmarks: Front of Antipolo Doctors Hospital near Lores Country Plaza and SM Hypermarket Antipolo) 
Operating Hours: 5:30pm to 10pm

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