Four Seasons Buffet and Hotpot by Vikings in Cubao, Quezon City

November 10, 2015
Upon learning that Four Seasons Buffet and Hotpot opened at Cubao in Quezon City, I thought it's mighty high time. The place is always bustling with crowd so it could use some Vikings Buffet operated restaurant. Since their flagship store at the Mall of Asia favors those who lives in the South, people from the Northern part warrants an easy access to as well.

As general rule in life, good things come to those who wait. People from that side of the Metro waited patiently. Hence, Vikings Group of Restaurants rewarded them with not just the best Hotpot restaurant in Manila but thrown in the luxurious buffet of Vikings in the mix as well. Ergo, Four Seasons Buffet AND Hotpot.

Four Seasons Buffet and HotPot by Vikings Cubao Quezon City
Yes, it is a combination of Vikings Buffet and Four Seasons Hotpot - Best of both worlds. So there isn't any good reason to delay your curiosity, you got to visit them the soonest just like what I did.

The Place:

Since this is under the umbrella of Vikings Group of Restaurants, the ambiance, as expected, is very impressive. This time, they went for the homey theme but still with luxurious flair known for Vikings.

Homey and Classy Ambiance at Four Seasons Cubao
Easy on the eye hue of ambiance at Four Seasons Cubao
I cannot count how many times have I mentioned how I love Vikings' interior design. Each and every Vikings restaurant including NIU and Four Seasons at MOA sport impressive designs which makes the total dining experience pleasurable.

Homey Decorations at Four Seasons
They also have private function rooms which can be reserved for special occasion or if diners just want to have privacy when dining. These private rooms are set up just like thee one at Four Seasons MOA branch - One big table with little pots and built in digital stoves for personalized hotpot experience.

Private Function Rooms at Four Seasons Buffet and HotPot
Common tables at the dining area on the other hand carry one digital stove per table and a big pot meant to be for shared hotpot dining experience.

Table Settings at Four Seasons
The Food Sections:

With the combined gastronomical powers of Vikings and Four Seasons, the food section at Four Seasons Cubao naturally feature some additions. 

Food Sections
Aside from the Meat, Seafood, Dim sum and Dumplings, Veggies, and Appetizers, the Cooked Food section (which Four Seasons MOA also has, albeit limited) where the Vikings Buffet goodies are located.

Cooked Food / Vikings Buffet
Of course, the well lauded Dessert section is still ever present ready to enticed those who have a thing for carefully crafted dessert selections. 

Dessert Buffet
And the Bar section still carries those free flow of drinks we all love at Vikings Buffets. Yes, no added fee - everything here is included in the buffet rate.

Bar Section
Now in front area of the store, there is a Deli Shop section which will soon open. 

Soon to ope Deli Shop at Four Seasons Cubao
Another added section is the Sauce section. Four Seasons MOA food sections feature a small area where sauces are readily available for diners' consumption. Here at Four Seasons Cubao, they have a separate section for sauces alone. Plastered on the wall is a guide in creating the best sauce which goes perfectly well with hot pot - it is a sort of guideline but diners are free to create their own concoction.

Hot Pot Sauces
The Food:

By my estimate, all the good things that they have at their first branch, you can find here at Four Seasons Cubao. 

There is the stand that holds variety of vegetables for hot pot dining. Everything is fresh and food attendants are very quick to refill when anything on the bin is running low.

Then there are couple of stands that hold the dim sums, dumplings, and balls which are also for the hot pot. The variety is still as  impressive as I remember it during my visit at their MOA branch.

Dimsums and Dumplings
Different Dumpling Balls
The Meat section still boasts of probably one of the most popular selections which are offal or innards. The overwhelming variety still makes this section a sure winner.

Meat Hot Pot / Four Seasons Cubao
More dumplings, dim sums, balls, and all the great meaty thing you could ever want for your hot pot dining adventure.

DimSum and Dumplings / Four Seasons Cubao
Innards / Four Seasons Cubao
Seafood section is brimming with variety of edible and delicious sea creatures for those who has penchant for it. 

Seafood / Four Seasons Cubao
I always have seafood on my hot pot creation since these things are best used when you are trying to build your soup's flavor. And they are delightful to eat as well, so, there.

More Seafood / Four Seasons Cubao
Chinese dumplings and eggs - being adventurous when creating your hot pot is highly encouraged because Four Seasons got you covered with their extensive ingredients selections.

Eggs / Four Seasons Cubao
Variety of noodles to make your hot pot all the more filling. If you are not up for having it on your hot pot. very able chefs at Four Seasons will definitely be more than happy to create something for you.

Noodle Variants / Four Seasons Cubao
Of course, the parade of meat is still there. Choices are beef striploin, beef short ribs, beef short plate, pork neck, pork belly, and lamb. 

Prime Meat Selections / Four Seasons Cubao
Such a beautiful sight of meat feast on hot pot table, yes? Yes.

Meat Feast / Four Seasons Cubao
Appetizers are also aplenty. These finger food are good option to have while waiting for your hot pot to be cooked. 

Appetizers / Four Seasons Cubao
Knowing Vikings Group, sushi, sashimi, and maki are aplenty. This is still one of the most popular section of all Vikings Group restaurant - their sushi chefs, still on top of their game as always.

Sushi / Four Seasons Cubao
Maki / Four Seasons Cubao
Prepared salads and make-your-own-salads are also there to balance things out when one indulged on too much hot pot and meat feasts.

Salads / Four Seasons Cubao
The charm of Vikings Buffet being incorporated at Four Seasons Cubao, the luxury buffet mainstays also secured their spot on the buffet spread. Just like the grill section.

Grilling Items / Four Seasons Cubao
As well as the create your own pasta section. There are handful of pasta dishes included on the buffet spread but Four Seasons being interactive, everyone is welcome to concoct their own dream pasta ingredients and have the friendly chefs cook it for them.

Make Your Own Pasta / Four Seasons Cubao
The carving section still cannot afford to ditch the spotlight. Rightfully so since this section features some of the most indulging food selection there is. And just a tip, if you happen to be there, do not miss on their Binusog na Lechon. Take my word for it.

Carving Station / Four Seasons Cubao
Fresh catch of the day option should not be missed as well especially if you fancy great fish selection.

Fish of the Day / Four Seasons Cubao
Another thing that you should not miss when dining at Four Seasons Cubao is the Sweet Potatoes Mashed with Four Cheese and Marshmallow. This is an original recipe by Vikings' chefs and let me tell you that this is one of the delicious things that dreams are made of. 

Four Seasons Cubao Specialties
There are several selection of hot dishes which will remind one that despite the difference in name, they are still after all dining at Vikings. 

Chinese Food / Four Seasons Cubao
Different Cuisines / Four Seasons Cubao
Rule of thumb; always leave room for dessert especially when you are at Vikings operated restaurants because their desserts are always high quality.

Desserts / Four Seasons Cubao
I guess we are all familiar with the soup choices at Four Seasons. This is one thing which I really appreciate about them, the freedom to choose your preferred shabu shabu broth then build it up from there.

Soup Menu / Four Seasons Cubao
For our feast that day, I had the Chinese Herb and Haidilao Mala Paste combination. Both, highly impressive.

Chinese and Mala Soup / Four Seasons Cubao
My Feast:

Different veggies and dumplings.

Veggies and Balls / Four Seasons Cubao
Seafood for added flavor and palatable feast. 

Seafood / Four Seasons Cubao
Of course, meat feast.

Meat / Four Seasons Cubao
So if you happen to be in Cubao area and is craving for really good grub, I suggest you visit Four Seasons Buffet and Hotpot by Vikings located at Manhattan Parkview Araneta Center, Cubao just near Shopwise. Be prepared to be really really full because you are not just getting unlimited hot pot but there are plenty of cooked food Vikings Luxury Buffet is known for as well.

Vikings Loyalty Card applicable.

Four Seasons Buffet and HotPot Cubao

Adult Weekday Lunch: 688
Adult Weekday Dinner: 888
Adult Weekends/Holiday Lunch & Dinner: 888

Kids below 3 ft: FREE

Kids 3 ft - 4 ft Weekday Lunch: 188
Kids 3 ft - 4 ft Weekday Dinner: 288
Kids 3 ft - 4 ft Weekends/Holiday Lunch & Dinner: 288

Kids 4 ft - 4 ft 6" Weekday Lunch: 388
Kids 4 ft - 4 ft 6" Weekday Dinner: 588
Kids 4 ft - 4 ft 6" Weekends/Holiday Lunch & Dinner: 588

*Prices are subject to 5% service charge.

For promos, you may check it out here.

Four Seasons Buffet and Hot Pot Cubao 
Manhattan Parkview 
Gen. Roxas Ave
Quezon City, Philippines
Contact Nos.:+(63)932-7777 +(63)939-7777 0998-988-5888
Facebook: fourseasonshotpotcubao
Twitter: @fourseasonsHP
Instagram: @fourseasonshotpotph

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