Giligan's Restaurant, Mille Luce The Village Center Antipolo: Unlimited Rice Meals, Cold Beer, and The Best Sisig

November 09, 2015
Giligan's Restaurant located at the new complex of Mille Luce's The Village Center in Antipolo City is one of the newest restaurants that popped in this year in town. Giligan's which has several branches in Manila is best known for their Sisig which makes them the best place for after work beer session aside from being just a dine-in restaurant.

I have been to Giligan's other branches in Manila before as most of my friends including myself are fan of their Sisig paired with ice cold beer. Since I am doing my Antipolo Food Trip Blog Series, I didn't mind a visit for a decent meal instead of just popping bottles of beer.

Giligans Restaurant Antipolo City
The visit happened this evening when my father suddenly made a right turn to The Village Center on our way home. We were expecting a nice dinner at home but no one complained when the suggestion to check out Giligan's first popped in.

The Village Center Mille Luce Antipolo
The new complex at The Village Center is still in bare minimum having just Giligan's Restaurant as its first establishment open. But there are several posters indicating other businesses which will soon operate. I am guessing they are just waiting for the entire building to come into completion since there are still some construction happening in the area.

Mille Luce Antipolo
Big sign that reads "On a Dry Run" is plastered at Giligan's door which reminded us to keep expectation at bay. They may be an established restaurant but having just opened recently here in Antipolo, there might be some room for improvement. 

We were deciding on what to order when the food attendant suggested their Unlimited Rice Meals. There are several items on the menu, it is pretty extensive as a matter of fact. But I am guessing that the Unlimited Rice Meals is the promo that they are pushing on their opening. So we went for the suggestion.

Giligans Antipolo
They have promo of Php120 for 3 bottles of beer so my father figured, why the hell not? He got three bottles of San Mig Light, I drank one bottle because he's the one driving. No, really, I got drank one because I really cannot stand not having one when at Giligan's. Old habit die hard.

Cold Beer / Giligans Restaurant Antipolo
So, on to the Unlimited Rice Meal. Here's what we got.

2pc Fried Chicken (Php109)

My nephew being himself opted for this meal because it's fried chicken and he is a 6 year old kid whose life revolves around it. I tried couple of bites and I must say it was good. Not mind blowing but considering it wasn't really their specialty, they did a pretty good job in making the skin downright crisp and the meat, flavorful.

2pc Fried Chicken Giligans Antipolo
Inihaw na Baboy (Php99)

This is basically slices of grilled liempo served with atchara. I didn't get to try this one but my sister said it was good enough considering its price and the unlimited servings of rice. 

Inihaw na Baboy / Giligans Antipolo
Roasted Chicken (Php109)

My mom got the roasted chicken because the only fish option she had was the sweet and sour fish fillet which doesn't excite her at all. So she settled for the chicken. The serving portion was big enough - quarter of a chicken by my estimate. She shared half of it to me and I find it impressive.

The skin was crisp and the flavor was a tad smoky which I like. It comes with a gravy sauce which I don't really care much about since the chicken is good on its own. 

Roasted Chicken / Giligans Antipolo
Sweet and Sour Pork (Php99)

Now this one which my father got was really impressive in its hefty serving. Slices of pork covered with battered and fried to crisp perfection, then doused with sweet and sour sauce with the usual veggies thrown in the mix for a good measure. I tried a bit and liked it until I realized that I have eaten almost half of it. My poor father not saying a thing.

Sweet and Sour Pork / Giligans Antipolo
Crunchy Sisig (Php99)

Now the truth is, when at Giligan's, you cannot not have their crunchy sisig because it is like going to Krispy Kreme and not having their donuts. You just have to have it. Since the theme of the night was Unlimited Rice Meals, I went for the crunchy sisig meal.

The sisig was as good as I remember it to be. Crunchy without overbearingly so as there are some tender parts which has a nice mouth-feel. Had it not been bad for ones' health, I could have probably order for a separate order of it and down couple of beers more. But then again, it was not a friends' night out so I behaved.

Crunchy Sisig / Giligans Antipolo
Each meal comes with the usual free soup - it was Nilagang Baka soup in case you're curious. Good enough.

Free Soup / Giligans Restaurant
Those which are priced at Php99 also comes with a free glass of Iced Tea. 

Iced Tea and Beer
Our bill was just Php635 and we're all quite satisfied since every meal comes with unlimited rice. Seriously, I always get a different high when paying for less than a thousand pesos but still getting a decent meal.

Giligans Restaurant Antipolo Food Trip Blog Series
I am really surprised that Giligan's opened in that part of Antipolo considering its one of the quiet parts of the town - five to ten minutes drive from town proper depending on traffic jam (yes, we do have that here, horrible at times). Then again if the food is good, people will still come. 

And I am glad since despite being far from my usual go-to places for best sisig, we now have Giligan's Restaurant here.

Giligans Restaurant in Antipolo
Giligan's Restaurant
Mille Luce beside The Village Center
Antipolo City
Facebook: /GiligansRestaurants

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  1. Hi! Try to visit Vista Mall Antipolo (former Village Center), two restaurants opened, and on the 2nd floor of Building A there is a newly opened art gallery by the local artists of Antipolo (ARTipolo group) where Rustans grocery is.


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