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December 01, 2015
California Pizza Kitchen Philippines recently launched its new menu with the theme "California is a State of Mind: For 18 strong years, CPK is still on top of its game by creating innovative dishes that bring the California spirit wherever they are. Menu reinvention is one of CPK's strongest suits which makes them an exciting young, fresh, and vibrant casual dining restaurant to visit despite the number of years they have been in the business.

If you are a California Pizza Kitchen fanatic, these new offerings are the things you wouldn't want to miss.

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Selected media and bloggers were invited to sample what is tagged as the new taste of California at CPK Edsa Shangri-La Mall branch. Everyone had dibs on new salad, pasta, pizza, dessert, and drinks offerings at CPK.

CPK New Manu Media Launch
It was my firs time at this branch since the store I usually frequent to are the ones in Greenhills and BGC. Staying true to their goal of giving that California vibe, California Pizza Kitchen in Shangri-La Mall exudes the same aura. I specifically love how spacious this branch is making all the natural light all the more lovely.

CPK Shangri La Mall
The media launch by several media representative and bloggers - some happened to be of my KTG family. It was an afternoon filled with good conversation but what made it all the more special were the food prepared to us by the kindly people behind California Pizza Kitchen.

Food Tasting at CPK PH
California Pizza Kitchen New Menu:

Mexicali (Php275)

This is essentially a salad inspired by flavors of Mexico. The hodge podge of the colorful ingredients are meant to be eaten with the tortilla bread served alongside. You can create a vegan burrito out of it but even in the absence of the bread, I still find it a delight to the bite.

CPK Mexicali Salad
Fruit 'N Nut (Php275)

Just like the Mexicali, this salad is perfect to those who are health-conscious since it features basically what its name implies - fruits and nuts. The fresh orange herb vinaigrette is a thoughtful addition that lends a palatable flavor to the entire dish.

CPK Fruit 'N Nut Salad
Bloggers at CPK PH
Vegetable Primavera Pasta (Php495/sharing | Php275/personal | Php175/extra grilled chicken breast)

Another healthy addition to the menu is this pasta dish which boasts of fresh vegetables and sundried tomato oil. Very light in flavor so it is perfect for those who wants to keep indulgence at bay.

CPK Vegetable Primavera Pasta
Puttanesca (Php295/personal)

Those who loves spicy kick on their pasta may find bliss in this dish as it features a spicy blend of flavors. The spice level is just perfect and not overwhelming at all so those who isn't used to spicy food but would still love to try new dish at CPK, this one may be the best bet.

CPK Puttanesca
Media at CPK PH
Baja Pizza (Php545)

The Mexicali Salad may be impressive enough, but this Baja Pizza will definitely complete the experience with its flavorful toppings against the thin crust pizza. I specifically love the slices of avocado and the jalapenos. Not for the faint of heart since the heat may be a bit overwhelming but nonetheless worthy to try.

CPK Baja Pizza
Caramelized Apple, Bacon, and Gorgonzola Cheese Pizza (Php375/regular | Php225/personal)

This pizza dish features a delightful combination of sweet and savory which most of us love. The fact that it has bacon on it may be a good reason enough to head to the nearest CPK branch to try it but trust me, the combination of apple and gorgonzola cheese was equally delightful.

CPK PH Caramelized Apple, Bacon, and Gorgonzola Cheese Pizza
Steak, Mushroom, and Truffle Pizza (Php695/regular | Php375/personal)

The name is a dead giveaway that this pizza is one of those which is aptly tagged as "to die for" pizza. Rightfully so since the combination of thinly sliced steak and mushroom is always a winner. Now the truffle essence on the other hand makes it all the more luxurious to the bite. I cannot count how many times have I raved while biting into this pizza, it was that good.

CPK PH Steak, Mushroom, and Truffle Pizza
KTG Bloggers at CPK PH
Quezo de Bola Cheesecake (Php350)

Cheesecake lover will rejoice with CPK's rendition of this variant. It is dense - no there's none of that annoying gelatin to hold everything together excuse. This one is legit, because well, it's CPK we're talking about here.

CPK Quezo de Bola Cheesecake
Salted Chocolate Cake with Caramel Sauce (Php245)

Downright rich and delectable, this chocolate cake is every chocolate cake-lovers' dream. The salty flair of it made the flavor of chocolate more pronounced without making its sweetness cloying.

CPK Salted Chocolate Cake with Caramel Sauce
Combo Shakes (Php195)

I got to try both the watermelon and the cucumber variant and I must say that both were good. Refreshing with hint of sweetness that wouldn't assault your palate. There's Tazo Lemonade available too for those who don't dig fruit shakes for a thirst quenchers.

CPK Combo Shakes
All things considered these new items on California Pizza Kitchen's menu are well worth the try. I love that despite being known as one of the place where you can indulge on good pasta and pizza among many other delicious dishes, CPK also features health friendly grubs for those who are conscious with their calorie intake. 

It's no wonder that CPK is still on top of its game despite the years in the business. 

For more information about California Pizza Kitchen's new menu, visit their official website at and follow their social media sites via California Pizza Kitchen Philippines on Facebook and @cpkphilippines on both Instagram and Twitter. 

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