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CPK Pizza Wars 2017

June 08, 2017
Now on its third year, California Pizza Kitchen’s CPK Pizza Wars continue to showcase its in-house pizza chefs’ talents through a friendly competition. California Pizza Kitchen has always been about creativity, innovative flavors, and culinary adventure which makes it California vibe a sure hit to pizza enthusiasts and foodies alike.

CPK Pizza Wars is one way of encouraging CPK’s pizza chefs to challenge themselves to new heights by creating innovative artisan pizza that tells their personal stories.

CPK Pizza Wars 2017 CPK Philippines. California Pizza Kitchen Philippines Blog Review Branches Menu Price Contact No Phone Website Facebook Instagram Twitter Best Pizza in Manila CPK Lab California Pizza Kitchen Menu Nutrition California Pizza Kitchen Locations Near Me Pizza Wars Winner List New Pizza YedyLicious Manila Food Blog
The grand winner of the competition, aside from bagging cash prize will be given an honor of having his winning creation to be included in CPK Philippines menu.

Bigaw's Brick Oven Pizza, Lilac St. Marikina [Pizza, Pasta, and More!]

May 17, 2017
Just when you thought that you have already tried all the best restaurants along Lilac St. in Marikina City, there are relatively new players in the field that are well worth the visit. It is true that there several restaurants and even food parks sprouting all over Marikina these days but the food scene at the pioneer and famous foodie haven Lilac St. still deserve the attention,

One of these restaurants I am talking about is Bigaw’s Brick Oven Pizza that serves pizza, pasta, and a whole lot more.

Bigaw's Brick Oven Pizza Restaurant at Lilac St. Marikina City, Best Restaurants at Lilac St. Marikina, Bigaw's Brick Oven Pizza, Pasta, and More Blog Review Menu Price address Contact Facebook Instagram Twiiter Best Pizza in Marikina YedyLicious Manila Food BLog
I was recently introduced to Bigaw’s Pizza and to this day, I am still dreaming of having that amazing Kebab Pizza again. And that Baked Lasagna which flavor is as impressive as its hefty serving portion – still makes me salivate even at its mere thought.

California Pizza Kitchen Philippines New Menu for 2017 #SeekTheUnique

April 28, 2017
CPK California Pizza Kitchen Philippines  recently launched its new menu for this year 2017 highlighting and staying true to California uniqueness, creativity, inventiveness, and ingenuity. Tagged with the phrase "Seek the Unique", CPK PH's new menu boasts of new line-up of pizzas, pastas, salads, and get this - rice meals!

Fervent requests to include rice meals on CPK's menu have been heard and answered. Now, not only we can enjoy the usual suspects of pizza and pasta at CPK, we can also celebrate our innate love for rice as well while dining at CPK.

CPK California Pizza Kitchen Philippines New Menu 2017 Blog Review, Pizza, Pasta, Salad, and Rice Meals. CPK PH Menu Price Branches Contact No Website Facebook Instagram Twitter YedyLicious Manila Food Blog
Of course, just like all other grubs on the menu, the rice meals are not without the touch of intrinsic California identity known for California Pizza Kitchen. 

Free Pizza on California Pizza Kitchen (CPK) National Pizza Day #CPKNationalPizzaDay2016

July 28, 2016
Free pizza awaits diners as California Pizza Kitchen (CPK) celebrates National Pizza Day on August 15 and 16, 2016. National Pizza Day is an annual event at CPK wherein guests can enjoy a buy-one-get-one-free pizza promo at all CPK branches in Metro Manila.

California Pizza Kitchen is known as the authority in innovative, hearth-baked "California-style" pizza many people love world wide. If you love CPK pizzas as much as everybody does, now is time to mark your calendars.

Free Pizza on California Pizza Kitchen PH National Pizza Day 2016, CPK Philippines Buy One Get One Free Pizza Promo, CPK PH Blog Review Promo Menu Branches Website Facebook Twitter Instagram
Read on and check the details about the Buy One Get One Free Pizza promo of California Pizza Kitchen on their National Pizza Day celebration.

Shakey's PH Corned Beef Crrrunch Pizza! @ShakeysPH #ChangeTheWay

June 05, 2016
This afternoon, I got myself Shakey's Corned Beef Crrrunch Pizza via the Shakey's delivery. This newest pizza variant is said to be the Shakey's move to change the way its Guests enjoy corned beef. I learned that it is available for limited time only, from June 3 to August 31, 2016 so I figured I should give it a shot.

I recently renewed my Shakey's Supercard and you know how amazing the perks this awesome card can give to its members so, it was really a perfect time to try the Corned Beef Pizza Crrrunch.

Shakey's PH Corned Beef Crunch Pizza Blog Review, New Menu, Shakey's Supercard Benefits, Delivery, Website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter
I wouldn't be in Manila for its media launch but since it is Shakey's we are talking about here (Yah know how much I love their thin crust pizza.) I am way too excited to take dibs and share my thoughts on it here on the blog. So here we are.

Let's All Go To Shakey's! #LetsShakeys

May 10, 2016
When Shakey's Philippines launched its "Let's" campaign which signifies an invite for Guests to keep coming back to their favorite fun, family pizza restaurant, I figured, how very apt. Very timely, and definitely spot on.

It was only recently when I heard my father uttered the words, "Let's all Go To Shakey's" because we all feel the need to bond over good food. And as per usual, Shakey's got us covered.

Let's All Go To Shakey's. Shakey's Philippines, a Great Pizza Place Since 1954. Shakey's PH Blog Review Menu Website Delivery Contact Number Facebook Instagram Twitter.
We are lucky that despite limited restaurants here in our area, we have Shakey's right smack in the heart of Antipolo City town proper. So you could probably imagine how often we hear the enthusiastic "Let's All Go To Shakey's" call when anyone in our family hankers for pizza.

Project Pie PH Eats A Date Valentines Promo For Only Php 695

February 02, 2016
This Valentine's Season 2016, Project Pie Philippines will be rolling out their Eats A Date promo from the 6th of this month up to the 29th. This promo which is priced at Php695 only is a perfect treat for your significant other, friends, and loved ones.

Project Pie PH is known for their built-your-own artisan pizza. From the time they opened to this day, Project Pie PH already boasts of 12 branches and still counting. This promo will be rolled out in all of their branches.

Project Pie Philippines Build-Your-Own-Pizza Eats A Date Valentines 2016 Blog Review Menu Price Branches Contact No Website Facebook Twitter Instagram Promo Artisanal Pizza YedyLicious Manila Food Blog
I visited Project Pie SM Megamall branch recently for a preview of their Valentines Promo and to check out some of their offerings.

California Pizza Kitchen PH New Menu

December 01, 2015
California Pizza Kitchen Philippines recently launched its new menu with the theme "California is a State of Mind: For 18 strong years, CPK is still on top of its game by creating innovative dishes that bring the California spirit wherever they are. Menu reinvention is one of CPK's strongest suits which makes them an exciting young, fresh, and vibrant casual dining restaurant to visit despite the number of years they have been in the business.

If you are a California Pizza Kitchen fanatic, these new offerings are the things you wouldn't want to miss.

California Pizza Kitchen CPK New Menu Bloggers and Media Launch, CPK Shangri-La Mall, CPK Blog Review Menu Website Facebook Twitter Instagram
Selected media and bloggers were invited to sample what is tagged as the new taste of California at CPK Edsa Shangri-La Mall branch. Everyone had dibs on new salad, pasta, pizza, dessert, and drinks offerings at CPK.

Shakey's Pizza Philippines Conquers Guinness World Records [And Then Some Family Feast]

August 27, 2015
Shakey’s Pizza Philippines, in celebration of its 40th year, is proud to announce that they recently conquered the Guinness World Records!  Now this good news relayed to us by some of our friends from Shakey’s Philippines I deem well worth sharing. So let me give you some brief info about this awesome news before I head straight to the recent visit I had at Shakey’s Pizza.

The challenge which comes from The Guinness World Records and The History Channel is all about eating a 12 inch pizza in the fastest amount of time. With the aid of one brave soul named Kevin Medina, a Shakey’s Pizza aficionado, they were able to beat the existing record and emerged on top.

Shakey's Pizza Philippines On Guinness World Record. Shakey's Pizza Family Meal Deal Bundle
Kevin Medina, a Shakey’s Pizza aficionado finished a 12 inch cheese flavored thin crust pizza in a record breaking 23.62 seconds beating the former record holder Peter Czerwinski in 41.31 seconds.

Pomodoro Pizza, Kapitolyo: The Php50 Pasta Promo

August 18, 2015
I have written about Pomodoro Pizza in Kapitolyo, Pasig before and if you have read the blog post, you would know how much I took a great liking for this humble little Italian restaurant. Their take on Italian food is something you wouldn't really expect from an assuming restaurant by the street. But Pomodoro Pizza is doing a great job in serving impressive dishes you would most likely encounter in legit and big time restaurants in the Metro.

So, couple of weeks ago, I was back at the foodie streets of Kapitolyo to check out ahead of time the upcoming promo that Pomodoro Pizza will be dishing out come the 26th of this month. It's the Php50 Pasta Promo.

Pomodoro Pizza Kapitolyo Pasig City, Pasta Promo
Basically, the Php50 Pasta Promo is Pomodoro Pizza's way of giving back to the diners for supporting them all the way. As you may all know, they have been in the business for quite a while now and they are doing pretty good these days, all thanks to the support of pizza-loving people who happen to visit and re-visit Pomodoro to get their pizza and pasta fix.

Pizza Hut's New Hand Stretched Pizza and Pizza Crust Glaze #StretchPa

April 07, 2015
Pizza Hut, one of the leading pizza fast food chain in the Philippines introduces its new spin on their well-loved pizza, the New Pizza Hut Hand Stretched Pizza alongside the new Pizza Crust Innovation. Pizza Hut lovers like myself can now enjoy a thinner and lighter pizza crust filled with flavors brought about by the crust glaze coating the edge.

In a nutshell, Pizza Hut Hand Stretched Pizza sits somewhere in between their usual pan pizza and thin crust pizza. Lighter but heftier at the same time. What makes it all the more delicious is the crust glaze that adds texture and flavor for full blown pizza enjoyment.
Pizza Hut PH New Hand Stretched Pizza and Pizza Crust Glaze, Pizza Hut Delivery, Menu, Branches, Hotline, Contact No, Website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram Blog Review

This Pizza Hut's New Hand Stretched Pizza can be had if you avail of Pizza Hut's Hot Deals Promo that entitles you to buy (2) family size pizza for only Php499. Should you avail it through Pizza Hut Delivery service, there is no delivery charge. 

Mad For Pizza in Tomas Morato: Create Your Own Pizza with Toppings-All-You-Want!

June 27, 2014
Mad For Pizza is a new pizza restaurant located at Il Terrazzo Center in Tomas Morato, Quezon City that specializes in Create-Your-Own-Pizza concept with Toppings-All-You-Want up its sleeves to boot. Several Manila food bloggers have raved about Mad For Pizza PH in the past week that caused an excitement for pizza lovers like myself. Do-It-Yourself Pizza with unlimited toppings at an affordable price? Why not?

Restaurants along Tomas Morato area are aplenty, but with the kind of food that Mad For Pizza offers, it is indeed a welcome addition.

Mad For Pizza PH Create Your Own Pizza with Toppings All You Want at Il Terrazzo Tomas Morato Quezon City, DIY Pizza, Mad For Pizza Menu, Address, Contact Number, Best Pizza Place in Manila

I got to visit Mad For Pizza at Il Terrazzo one afternoon to try their Create-Your-Own-Pizza and have fun with the Toppings-All-You-Want concept of it. I was not expecting too much prior to the visit because all I really wanted was to check out their pizza offerings. Little did I know, that afternoon at Mad For Pizza, I am in for one of the best dining experiences I have had by far, all things considered.

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