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Fowlbread BGC

Sunday, April 10, 2016
The newly opened Fowlbread at BGC is the place you would want to visit if you got some hankering for manly chicken sandwich so good it can be a universe on its own.

And I am not talking about the old as time mayonnaise-laden shredded chicken meat sandwiched in between white bread we used to bring at school for snack hour, nope sir. This one is macho. This is Fowlbread's Chicken Sandwich.

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And we cannot expect anything less knowing that this concept is under the umbrella of Tasteless Group - the same kickass peeps behind Hole in the Wall, Le Petit Souffle, and Hanamaruken. So there's that. 

Fried Chicken Support Group Fowlbread BGC Bonifacio High Street, Fowlbread Chicken Sandwich Blog Review Menu Address Contact No Facebook Twitter Instagram YedyLicious Manila Food Blog
Admittedly, the place is rather small. It s a good thing they do have al fresco dining area and some stool bars by the kitchen counter where diners can perch themselves as they watch the happenings inside the open kitchen. 

But if one desire to dine in an air conditioned space, the nook is well worth checking out despite the high possibility of waiting to be seated. 

Manila Food Bloggers and Writers at Fowlbread BGC Bonifacio High Street
It is a good place after all, hence people flocking is somehow expected. I've been there thrice already after visiting it for the first time and there's always a waiting list. Yet some friends are lucky to have visited the place during off hours as they were seated immediately.

Impressive Interior at Fowlbread BGC
Fowlbread's menu is very straightforward that it took only a piece of A5 paper (by my estimate) for every dishes including the drinks they serve to be printed out for diners' perusal. Hence during the first visit, we were able to try every dishes on the menu save for the potstickers which wasn't available that time. 

The Salted Fries (Php90) and Garlic Fries (Php125) can be had ala carte or as an accompanied sidings for the sandwich. Both is made out of thick cut potatoes and seasoned well. The Garlic Fries I find more favorable although I do not recommend when dining with a date because it screams garlic flavor to your face. Otherwise, get ready to be addicted to it.

Salted Fries and Garlic Fries at Fowlbread BGC
The Garlic Egg Noodle (Php170) is reminiscent of the usual Aglio Olio although this one is a tad strong in flavor that is unmistakably garlic. Props for the perfectly cooked al dente noodles because the subtle snap to the bite is  feat in itself. If one desire to take this rather simple dish into several notch higher, then one can by all means add a Tiger Prawn on the side for (Php150) a pop.

Garlic Egg Noodle at Fowlbread BGC
Now for the Chicken Sandwich. Diners have three options in terms of spice level; Safe, Spicy, and Chemical. It can also be had as ala carte (Php215), with salted fries (Php265), or with garlic fries (Php295).

Fowlbread BGC Bonifacio High Street, Fowlbread Chicken Sandwich Blog Review Menu Address Contact No Facebook Twitter Instagram YedyLicious Manila Food Blog
Again, when it says sandwich, it is not actually referring to the usual mama's chicken sandwich. This one is presented like a burger, only instead of a patty, we got a big chunk of fried chicken breast fillet. It got pickles and radish as well which I deem very fitting in terms of flavor profile. To add to the excitement, a perfectly crisp chicken skin is added into the mix for added flavor and crunch.

Safe Chicken Sandwich at Fowlbread BGC
I was able to try the Safe one which is just perfect for those who cannot handle spicy kick on their food. It was good but I could imagine myself getting bored halfway through finishing the entire thing.

So I opted for the Spicy one which I find just perfect to my liking. I noticed a decent specks of what I am guessing as paprika (grind chili pepper) on the crisp sheet of chicken skin while the rest of the chicken was just like what the Safe one got. So I am guessing this is where they are putting on the spice.

Spicy Chicken Sandwich at Fowlbread BGC
On my second visit I got to try the Chemical because I was told that the Spice level is something I could handle. True enough, I am still alive and writing about this stuff.  Yes it is indeed spicier than the Spicy variant, but it is something I can handle considering it was only recently that I got rid of my aversion to spicy food. 

But among the three I would still choose the Spicy level because the Safe can be boring, while the Chemical has the tendency to give that sense of repetitive flavor as the palate goes a little numb from the spicy flavor. 

Chemical Chicken Sandwich Fowlbread BGC
Majority of the items on Fowlbread's menu is comprised of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. Understandably so since the positioning of this concept leans on "snack bar" as opposed to the "legit full restaurant" side of the market spectrum. 

I got to try the Strawberry Hibiscus Slushie (Php180) on my first visit and the Frozen Pineapple Yakult Cocktail (Php260) on my next. Both is downright refreshing but I figured that the Pineapple one is best paired when eating spicy sandwich because of the creamy composure that the Yakult lends to the concoction. 

Strawberry Hibiscus Slushie and Pineapple Yakult Cocktail at Fowlbread GC
But then again, the sandwich is also best paired with beer, and at Fowlbread, they got plenty of that to choose from. There's your usual San Miguel beer choices and there's also some locally produced such as Katipunan, Pedro, and Juan Brew just to name a few.

Local and Imported Beers at Fowlbread BGC

While I enjoy chicken sandwich in general, I've never given much thought about it until I was introduced to Fowlbread. It is a good respite from the usual chicken sandwich because this one got attitude and character which is one may exactly need when bored with the usual offerings. 

Bonifacio High Street
Bonifacio Global City
Taguig City
Landmark: Beside iStudio right across Krispy Kreme)
Facebook: /Fowlbread

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