Lydia's Lechon Pasig Branch, Now Open!

April 27, 2016
Lydia's Lechon Restaurant's Pasig branch recently opened their newly relocated store with a notable facelift. Being one of the food brand close to my family's heart, a visit one weekend follow suit to check out the place and enjoy some new dishes on the menu as well as some of the all-time favorites. 

Just a couple of units away from its previous location as it is still housed in the same building, Lydia's Lechon Pasig branch still boasts of great service and food but this time, the ambiance is more welcoming and conducive to a festive meal time.

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It was around 10 in the morning when we visited the restaurant - couple of minutes passed its opening for the day. The diners were minimal but after a brief moment, people started coming in - mostly in groups. It goes to show that the charm of Lydia's Lechon to its patrons is still palpable. 

Rightfully so, since the diners' loyalty rooted from the fact that after 50 years of being in the business, Lydia's Lehon still serve the well-loved roasted lechon and other delicious dishes that we all grow to love. 

Lydia's Lechon Pasig Branch
Compared to its old store, the newly relocated Lydia's Lechon in Pasig now boasts of a bright and cheery atmosphere. The fist level of the restaurant features a humble space dedicated for the food display as well as the Lechon being offered for the day. 

The diners area is spacious and can house several group. As mentioned, there were plenty of people during my visit I was not able to take a snapshots of the place so as not to inconvenience the diners. The main attraction of the first level however, aside from the Lechon station of course, is the beautiful wall that features three LCD TVs showing all the delicious food one may avail at the restaurant.

History of Lydia's Lechon
The second floor on the other hand houses a decent space perfect for private function and gathering. There are two rooms available with movable partition in between which can transform the area into one big function hall as needed. There is also a mural showcasing the history of Lydia's Lechon.

The menu features the classic favorites at Lydia's Lechon and some new items equally well worth the diners' attention. Lydia's Lechon recent effort to keep abreast with the changing times in the restaurant landscape of the country is highly commendable, if I might add. It shows their commitment to provide the best dining experience for their guests.

Lydia's Lechon Menu
First on our table was one of Lydia's Lechon new offerings, the Crispy Fried Chicken (Php395/whole, Php225/half) With a crisp skin that cracks at the slightest bite and a juicy meat, Lydia's Lechon Crispy Fried Chicken is very easy to love. No wonder that it is said to be one of the popular items on the menu now.

Crispy Fried Chicken Lydia's Lechon
Another new offering is Lydia's Lechon's Crispy Lechon Pata (Php240). Imagine the pork knuckle part of the lechon, fried to golden perfection and this is what you will get. If you love crisp pork skin, this one is the best bet for that league. It is simply amazing, I tell you. The skin was so crisp even if the dish cools down! I cannot stop raving about its goodness while munching on it.

Crispy Lechon Pata Lydia's Lechon
Of course, there's the old time classic favorite, the Lydia's Special Lechon (Php205 per 1/4 kilo) The quality is still the same thing which most of us grew up with, which means it still evokes the same feeling of festive happiness in every bite.

Special Lechon Lydia's Lechon
The Pork Barbecue (Php75) is also one of the best option should hankering for the goodness of pork is the cravings that you would want to satisfy. This marinated pork grilled to perfection offers a delicious smokey taste that leans heavily on savory-sweet note. The serving portion is really big hence, it can be good for sharing unless you got some big appeting.

Pork Barbecue Lydia's Lechon
One of the best sellers on Lydia's Lechon menu is the Sinigang na Salmon Head sa Miso (Php280) which is understandable since not many Filipino restaurant offers this dish which is pretty popular especially for those who loves salmon. A serving has two big salmon head and some generous portion of vegetables. It has the perfect sourness I love in Sinigang which makes me think of the cliche "Sabaw palang, ulam na!" because it rings true.

Sinigang na Salmon Head sa Miso Lydia's Lechon
Vegetable lovers may find comfort in the fact that vegetable dishes are treated well at Lydia's Lechon. The Chopsuey (Php150) for one is so good I could finish an entire serving in one go. I love that the vegetables was cooked into perfect submission without over-wilting anything. It has a perfect snap as you bite and the shrimps of course, an added treat.

Chopsuey Lydia's Lechon
The Fresh Lumpia (Php85) is also noteworthy. Dare I say it is one of the best fresh lumpia I have ever eaten because they didn't scrimp on the filling and the peanut sauce is equally well executed. One serving may not be enough because it is really good, I suggest you go for two.

Fresh Lumpia Lydia's Lechon
For the dessert we had the Suman at Mangga (Php135). It is not just your ordinary suman at mangga since this one features a slightly fried suman that lends it a beautiful crisp texture outside while maintaining the suman's gooey goodness inside. It is also served with a slightly sweet cream which makes this classic combination a true winner.

Suman at Mangga Lydia's Lechon
While the suman at mangga is enough to made a happy camper out of me, the Ube Banana Turon (Php65) made our festive lunch all the more sweet. It has the makings of a great turon with the traditional banana coupled with delicious ube halaya. What makes it all the more special is the langka sauce generously doused over the dish, it was a blissful experience.

Ube Banana Turon Lydia's Lechon
There are more new items on the menu well worth checking out these days like the All-Day Breakfast items, the Merienda items, as well as the Lydia's Express Combo just to name a few.

Lydia's Lechon Pasig Menu
All in all, the experience we had at Lydia's Lechon Pasig branch was really an enjoyable one. The staff are still as accommodating and as friendly, the place is now more enjoyable, and the food is still as good as I remember it to be.

So if you happen to pass by Pasig City, I suggest that you give them a visit and enjoy a delicious meal at Lydia's Lechon.

Lydia's Lechon Restaurant Pasig Branch, Blog Review Address Ccontact no. Mmenu Price Website Facebook Instagram Twitter YedyLicious manila Food Blog
Lydia's Lechon Pasig 
E. Rodriguez Jr. Avenue Corner C.J. Caparas St.,
Brgy. Ugong, Pasig City.
Contact No: (+632) 671-9023
Facebook: /LydasLechonRestaurant
Instagram: @lydiaslechon

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