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Lydia's Lechon Pasig Branch, Now Open!

Wednesday, April 27, 2016
Lydia's Lechon Restaurant's Pasig branch recently opened their newly relocated store with a notable facelift. Being one of the food brand close to my family's heart, a visit one weekend follow suit to check out the place and enjoy some new dishes on the menu as well as some of the all-time favorites. 

Just a couple of units away from its previous location as it is still housed in the same building, Lydia's Lechon Pasig branch still boasts of great service and food but this time, the ambiance is more welcoming and conducive to a festive meal time.

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It was around 10 in the morning when we visited the restaurant - couple of minutes passed its opening for the day. The diners were minimal but after a brief moment, people started coming in - mostly in groups. It goes to show that the charm of Lydia's Lechon to its patrons is still palpable. 

Nostalgic Dining at Lydia's Lechon Restaurant

Monday, October 12, 2015
There is this certain happy feeling I have when writing about food that my parents enjoy even before they had a child who grew up to write about food. It can be a good excuse to peek through the yesteryears with some hint of the root cause why I, as their child ended up liking so much food. 

Lydia's Lechon is one of those which has become part of my parents past which love for it they carry to this day.

Lydia's Lechon Best Lechon in The Philippines
So this recent visit to Lydia's Lechon Restaurant along Marcos Highway in Antipolo courtesy of the people behind the brand led to some nostalgic stupor when my mother started telling stories about how she, as a child enjoyed some porcini bliss that only Lydia's Lechon could provide. 

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