Let's All Go To Shakey's! #LetsShakeys

May 10, 2016
When Shakey's Philippines launched its "Let's" campaign which signifies an invite for Guests to keep coming back to their favorite fun, family pizza restaurant, I figured, how very apt. Very timely, and definitely spot on.

It was only recently when I heard my father uttered the words, "Let's all Go To Shakey's" because we all feel the need to bond over good food. And as per usual, Shakey's got us covered.

Let's All Go To Shakey's. Shakey's Philippines, a Great Pizza Place Since 1954. Shakey's PH Blog Review Menu Website Delivery Contact Number Facebook Instagram Twitter.
We are lucky that despite limited restaurants here in our area, we have Shakey's right smack in the heart of Antipolo City town proper. So you could probably imagine how often we hear the enthusiastic "Let's All Go To Shakey's" call when anyone in our family hankers for pizza.

Shakey's PH Menu
I admit that there are other restaurant concepts specializing in pizza that captures my interest, since I am a food blogger after all. I mean, it is part of the deal right? To try different restaurants and share your experience with others. 

However, there are some which I personally enjoy going back to again and again. A place which menu I know by heart. A place which never fails to make me and my family feels at home. Needless to say, Shakey's is one of them. 

Shakey's Chicken and Corn Soup, Mushroom Soup
Threading down the memory lane, way back when I was not a food blogger yet, Shakey's has always been part of many milestones in our family. Some birthday parties, get-togethers, graduations, and such were spent at Shakey's. 

Thin Crust Pizza and Awesome Twosome Chicken N' Mojos? I had my fair share of those to last me a lifetime. But I will keep coming back, of course.

Shakey's Pepperonni Pizza
I wish I could let you take a peek into my personal Facebook account so that you would see how many photo albums I got there taken during visits at Shakey's. It's plenty I tell you.  

Shakey's Chicken and Mojos
Remember when I confessed how I prefer thin crust pizza over thick ones? Yeah, I wrote about that here way back 2009, and it was Shakey's Thin Crust Pizza that I used as a sample. 

How about my love for Shakey's Angus Steak House Pizza? I wrote about that as well, way back 2010. 

Shakey's Combo Platters
And in 2011, I wrote about some of my all-time favorite dishes at Shakey's. Those dishes are still some of my favorites to this day alongside some new items at Shakey's.

Shakey's Onion Rings
Needless to say, I have always been a fan of Shakey's. I grew up with it. Case in point, you may check out several blog post about Shakey's here at YedyLicious.

So when someone says the magic words, "Let's All Go To Shakey's" I still have that child-like enthusiasm and will probably still have it for years to come. 

Shakey's Yoghurt Summer Bliss
How about you? When was the last time you've been to Shakey's? When was the last time you treated your family or gathered your friends for bonding over good food at Shakey's? 

How about dropping that magic word "Let's" and tag them along to people's favorite pizza place? I am pretty sure they would be very stoked about it. So, Let's! 
Let's All Go To Shakey's. Shakey's Philippines, a Great Pizza Place Since 1954. Shakey's PH Blog Review Menu Website Delivery Contact Number Facebook Instagram Twitter.
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