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July 20, 2016
Main Street is one of the popular restaurants at McKinley in Taguig that opened a new branch in Kapitolyo, Pasig City. A brainchild of Adam Tan who has an impressive culinary experience in Canada, Main Street offers Canadian grubs and then some at a very reasonable price.

I rarely visit McKinley area so when my cousin Hefty Foodie and good friend Pepe Samson informed me that Main Street has now a branch in Kapitolyo, I gladly accept the invite to join them.

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For sure this one is a good news for those who have not tried Main Street yet due to their proximity to the branch in Taguig as well as those who have become a longtime fan who resides in Eastern and Northern part of the Metro. After all, aren't good restaurants supposed to have branches everywhere? I firmly believe in that, and I am rooting for Main Street. 

Main Street Restaurant Philippines
I was told that the branch in Kapitolyo is way way bigger than the one they have in MacKinley. It is located beside where Three Sister's Restaurant in Kapitolyo used to be. The place being previously a residential, features an impressive floor area with several rooms which resulted to Main Street converting some of it as their private function rooms.

Main Street Restaurant Kapitolyo
The menu is a mixture of all-time favorite at Main Street and some new dishes that Main Street wishes to introduce alongside the opening of their new branch.  There are several items on the menu I wish to try especially those which come as highly recommended by my food blogger friends. 

Yet, nothing is more exciting than trying out new items on the menu and sharing it to my blog readers. So here we go.

Main Street Kapitolyo Menu
Our late lunch (or early diner) started with a serving of Grilled Chicken Salad (Php230). This is basically a mixture of salad greens topped with shredded grilled tender chicken meat and then drizzled with peanut lime honey vinaigrette. Everything about this dish was amazing but what I find most noteworthy was the dressing as it provides a mix of Asian and Western flavor profile to it. 

Grilled Chicken Salad, Main Street Kapitolyo
Then we also had the Pulled Pork Nachos (Php350) which serving portion can put any serving portion of nachos I ever had in other restaurant to shame. It is comprised of all the great things that makes nachos great as it is plus a generous helping of pulled pork. 

The great thing about this dish was that it was prepared in three layers. Meaning, those toppings we all loved in our nachos aren't just fixated on the top-most portion of the dishes. Dig deeper and you will still find a heaping amount of the toppings. 

Pulled Pork Nachos, Main Street Kapitolyo
Pasta isn't really the first thing that comes to mind when talking about a Canadian restaurant. But let me tell you that at Main Street, the pasta dishes are highly impressive. 

The Prawn and Mussels Pasta (Php350) which is an olive oil based pasta features a generous toppings of plump prawns and Chilean mussels accompanied by garlic, basil, and parsley. I love seafood, so I never doubted from the get go that I will end up loving this dish. 

Prawn and Mussels Pasta, Main Street Kapitolyo
The Basil Pesto and Chicken Pasta (Php340) may look like your usual pesto pasta dish but its flavor screams of herbs and spices that eaten it even without the chicken still made me a happy camper. But then again why skip the chicken when it's there right? It's a bonus that the chicken was also good. 

Basil Pesto and Chicken Pasta, Main Street Kapitolyo
The Spaghetti and Meatballs (Php290) was as good as a classic can get. It was hearty and not to mention comforting with all the nostalgia feeling it brings. The icing on top of the proverbial cake - the meatballs are filled with melty cheese making every bite extra delightful.

Spaghetti and Meatball Pasta, Main Street Kapitolyo
Now my favorite of all the pasta came in the form of Classic Carbonara (Php320) which richness made me doubt that they didn't use any cream ingredients to it. But we were told that it was made with generous amount of egg so there's that. Not really diet friendly but life is short and I highly recommend that you try this dish when you're at Main Street.

And to be honest, some of us who has an affinity for Truffled Pasta may somehow crave for a little truffle bits or even truffle essence because it will remind you of that. Then again, even without it, this one is hands down the best carbonara I have ever had recently. 

Classic Carbonara, Main Street Kapitolyo
The Lamb Ragu Pasta (Php360) was said to be one of the past dishes that makes a lot of people happy. And I could understand such reaction from people because while it may look like your usual tomato-based pasta at a glance, this one is packed with flavors only a perfectly cooked lamb meat could provide. 

Lamb Ragu Pasta, Main Street Kapitolyo
We also got to try the Moules Congolaise (Php 330) which can be liken to a stewed mussels, only this one is cooked in smokey tomato sauce with coconut cream and lemongrass. 

Moules Congolaise, Main Street Kapitolyo
One of the dishes that meat lovers should not miss when dining at Main Street is the Rib Eye Steak (Php950). This 400g Australian rib eye steak is huge enough for sharing and can also sit well with anyone who has huge appetite for steak. Served with equally impressive mashed potato, roasted carrot, and roasted garlic which adds more character and depth of flavor in one bite. 

Shout out to my fellow food lovers, the kindly kids behind @Gourmanila who also believe that eating this steak with mashed roasted garlic is the best thing ever! Salute, kindred spirits!

Rib Eye Steak, Main Street Kapitolyo
The Buttermilk Fried Chicken (Php290) isn't really a new item on the menu but you just gotta have it when dining at Main Street otherwise you will be missing half of the experience. One of the best buttermilk fried chickens I have ever had, to be honest.

BUttermilk Fried Chicken, Main Street Kapitolyo
For dessert we had the Creme Brulee (Php120) which has a faint taste of coffee flavor and a great deal of creaminess coupled with perfect sweetness. I love that this creme brulee leans on the dense side of the spectrum that makes a single ramekin serving perfect enough to cap off the meal we had at Main Street. 

Creme Brulee, Main Street Kapitolyo
Main Street is also known for their kick ass band of cocktail drinks. Plus factor is that they got an al fresco dining area perfect for those who wants to drink to their hearts content. 

Main Street Kapitolyo
That day, I wasn't really up for a drinking session but the Amaretto Sour (Php120) was to good to pass hence I ended up having two glasses of it. It leans on the sweet side of flavor profile making it a great lady's drink.

I also got to try the Don's Old Fashion (Php250) which my friend Dude4Food highly recommend. We were told it was the strongest cocktail they got and I certainly believe them. 

Amaretto Sour, Main Street Kapitolyo
Don's Old Fashion Main Street Kapitolyo
I was one of those who feels great with the fact that Main Street opened a branch  in Kapitolyo because otherwise, it will take a while before I could visit them in McKinley since it is really far from me. The service was impressive but what made me love it all the more was the great tasting dishes and their affordable price tags.

So if you happen to find yourself in Kapitolyo Pasig, I highly recommend that you drop by Main Street and enjoy the good food they have to offer because it will be worth the calories. 

Main Street Kapitolyo, Pasig City. Main Street Restaurant New Branch in Kapitolyo Blog Review New Menu, Main Street McKinley, Kapitolyo Food Trip Main Street Website Facebook Instagram Twitter YedyLicious Manila Food Blog
Main Street, Kapitolyo
10 East Capitol Drive 
Kapitolyo, Pasig City
Contact No.: 239-2827
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