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Stella Wood Fired Bistro, BGC

November 19, 2015
It took me a long while to finally visit Stella Wood Fired Bistro at BGC, and when I finally did, it was such a nice experience. There are plenty of restaurants within Bonifacio High Street area of BGC but I deem Stella, which specializes in wood fired dishes is one of those well worth checking out. 

Yeah, you must not follow my foot steps. I waited for too long. Had it not been for a writing assignment I am working on, I probably missed another round of  awful lot of bliss that only food at Stella could yield.

Stella Wood Fired Bistro, BGC
A lot has been said about Stella Wood Fired Bistro. A little Google search and you'll be presented with some factoids about this bistro and its sister bar lounge located just right beside it, the Rocketroom.

Premium Wagyu Burger Selections and Discounted Beer: World of Burgers at Village Tavern, BGC

November 13, 2015
So this is the story about how I single-handedly down some manly Wagyu burgers and the much needed Weihenstephan Bavarian Lager on a Friday while I watched the wold pass me by.

Okay, I'm kidding.

This blog post is about the new Premium Wagyu Burger Selections by Chef Josh Boutwood at Village Tavern in BGC. World of Burgers as they are tagged since each was inspired by flavors around the world.

World of Burgers Premium Wagyu Burger Selections by Chef Josh Boutwood at Village Tavern, BGC
I was meaning to join some friends so that I could try all four new Wagyu burgers but my schedule is so screwed I ended up facing the mission by my lonesome.  So yes, somehow, this is the story about how I single-handedly down some manly Wagyu burgers and the much needed Weihenstephan Bavarian Lager on a Friday while I watched the wold pass me by.

Or something to that effect.

Earth Kitchen at BGC

October 05, 2015
Recently, I visited Earth Kitchen at BGC to check out the healthy food offerings they have. Some of Manila Food Bloggers have been raving about Earth Kitchen's farm-to-table concept which piqued my curiosity. I've been on the look out for restaurants that serves healthy food not only for personal consumption but because majority of people I know have been asking recommendation for such.

Earth Kitchen opened their first branch located at White Plains Katipunan in 2013. This year, they opened their second branch at Bonifacio High Street in BGC to cater to people who lives in the Southern part of the Metro.

Earth Kitchen BGC Blog
I haven't been in their White Plains branch but I will surely visit soon since I loved everything I have tried at their BGC branch. I will also do a blog post about it, but meanwhile, let us focus to Earth Kitchen BGC.

Koko Buri Restaurant at BGC, The Fort

June 28, 2014
After being one of the most successful restaurants in Pampanga, Koko Buri has finally opened its door for their followers in Manila by opening a Koko Buri Restaurant branch at The Fort, Bonifacio Global City. Famous for their Korean style fried chicken, Koko Buri is also known for serving variety of asian and Western Cuisine.

I remember having a taste of their famous fried chicken during one of our family trips to Subic and I sincerely hoped that they also branch out in Manila. It was the first Korean-style fried chicken I have tried and I instantly fell in love with the crisp skin and flavorful chicken meat. Now that they are already here in Manila, we need not to wait for another trip to Subic just to have a taste of Koko Buri. 

Koko Buri BGC The Fort, Koko Buri of Pampangga, Koko Buri Menu, Location, Address, Contact Information, Korean-style Fried Chicken

Koko Buri's branch at The Fort exudes a well designed ambiance compared to their flagship store at Clark. The area is spacious and well lit coupled with impressive interior design which spring forth from the fact that the owner is an architect and interior designer as well. Aside from the main dining space there are al fresco dining area and a private area which can be reserved for functions.

B&B Burgers and Brewskies at Burgos Circle, BGC

March 03, 2014
B&B Burgers and Brewskies is a gastro pub located at the Forbes Town Center, Burgos Circle area of the Fort in Bonifacio Global City wherein if you hear the phrase "Call the Nurse" you have the excuse not to resort into an immediate panic. Yes, because apparently, one of the carefully crafted burgers at this new addition to the best burger joints in Manila is called "Call the Nurse."

An epic burger variant that boasts of honey cured sriracha bacon and seared mac and cheese on top of a 1/3 lb 100% imported beef patty generously smothered with spiced mustard aioli and bnb cheese sauce, Call the Nurse is one of the many reasons why you must visit Burgers and Brewskies pronto.

Burgers and Brewskies, Forbes Town Center Burgos Circle at The Fort in BGC Bonifacio Global City, A New Addition to some of the Best Burger Joints in Manila
Burgers and beers may sound like the usual combination most of us like but with numbers of joints offering the marriage of these two, how else can you elevate such a treat? Judging by the recent experience I had at Burgers and Brewskies, it seems to me that despite being a new player in the field, they have already mastered this league.

Sunshine Kitchen Restaurant at The Fort Strip, BGC

December 20, 2013
The first time I set foot at Sunshine Kitchen at The Fort Strip in Bonifacio Global City,I instantly fell in love with it. Its beautifully designed interior was the culprit. And when I tasted some of the dishes they have on their menu, I knew right there and then that it was true love.

Great food and cozy ambiance is always a perfect combination. Sunshine Kitchen offers both and then some. I have been to Sunshine Kitchen a few times already and I must say that each and every visit is always a pleasant experience.

Sunshine Kitchen Restaurant at The Fort Strip, Bonifacio Global City
Located just above Shawarma Guys at The Fort Strip, Sunshine Kitchen exudes a charming ambiance suggestive of rustic bistro. Its open kitchen allows diners to take a peek to the magic that is happening before the glorious food graced their tables. Its brick wall and wooden furniture goes perfectly well with the kind of food they serve at Sunshine Kitchen ~ Western comfort food.

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