Koko Buri Restaurant at BGC, The Fort

June 28, 2014
After being one of the most successful restaurants in Pampanga, Koko Buri has finally opened its door for their followers in Manila by opening a Koko Buri Restaurant branch at The Fort, Bonifacio Global City. Famous for their Korean style fried chicken, Koko Buri is also known for serving variety of asian and Western Cuisine.

I remember having a taste of their famous fried chicken during one of our family trips to Subic and I sincerely hoped that they also branch out in Manila. It was the first Korean-style fried chicken I have tried and I instantly fell in love with the crisp skin and flavorful chicken meat. Now that they are already here in Manila, we need not to wait for another trip to Subic just to have a taste of Koko Buri. 

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Koko Buri's branch at The Fort exudes a well designed ambiance compared to their flagship store at Clark. The area is spacious and well lit coupled with impressive interior design which spring forth from the fact that the owner is an architect and interior designer as well. Aside from the main dining space there are al fresco dining area and a private area which can be reserved for functions.

The place is beautiful, conducive to having a leisurely meal with friends and family. To complement the beautiful place, Koko Buri dishes out great tasting food, a good reason for having impressive numbers of followers. 

Koko Buri The Fort Interior

Fresh Potato Chips (Php155)
Thinly sliced potatoes fried until golden brown and perfectly crisp. I appreciate the thinness of it compared to the usual home made potato chips I get from other restaurant since the crispness was very apparent. It was also perfectly seasoned to my liking.

Fresh Potato Chips at Koko Buri Restaurant

Chicken Popcorns (Php190)
Bite sized fried chicken breast coated with batter served with garlic gravy sauce. This dosh could be a perfect appetizer that can string one through until the main dishes arrive. I love the crunchiness of the texture and the moist chicken meat inside. It can be a tad bland eaten as it is but when dipped into the gravy sauce it can also be enjoyable.

Chicken Popcorns at Koko Buri Restaurant

Dori Dori (Php260)
Deep fried cream dory fish coated with herbed batter and served with tartar sauce. Although dory fish is known for its bland taste, Koko Buri did great in creating special herbed batter that coats the fish as it lends a complex flavor making this simple dish quite enjoyable.

Dori-Dori at at Koko Buri Restaurant

Oriental Express (Php290)
Koko Buri's own rendition of chicken salad, this one made use of fried chicken breast coated with batter instead of the usual chicken chunks used for an ordinary chicken salad. The vegetable component of the salad can be liken to a greek salad sans the feta cheese.

Koko Buri Oriental Express

Soy Garlic Chicken (Php390/large, Php750/family)
One of the three variants of Koko Buri fried chicken, Soy Garlic Chicken is definitely my favorite. Its savory taste is incomparable to other Korean-style fried chicken I have tried. The crispness of the coating and the flavorful tender meat inside are downright impressive. It is definitely one of the reason why I will come back at Koko Buri.

Koko Buri Soy Garlic Chicken

Chili Garlic Chicken (Php360/large, Php750/family)
Perfect for people who loves spicy kick on their chicken, Koko Buri's Chili Garlic Chicken is coated with spicy sauce and served with sliced bird's eye chili on top. I didn't get to try this variant because I was warned that although the spicy flavor was toned down, it is still very apparent.

Koko Buri Chili Garlic Chicken

Koko Buri Chicken (Php390/large, Php750/family)
This Koko Buri's fried chicken variant would not be the restaurant's namesake for nothing. Covered with special batter that is flavorful and really crisp when fried, the chicken inside also has a distinct flavor known only for Koko Buri.

Koko Buri Chicken

Taipei Beef Fried Rice (Php295)
This dish sort of reminds me of Beef Budbud, a downright delicious rice dish of Rizal province. Although compared to beef budbod, Taipei Beef Fried Rice has that distinct Asian flavor to it instead if just being savory.

Taipei Beef Fried Rice Koko Buri

Bangkok Chicken Fried Rice (Php285)
A fried rice that possess the distinct taste of a chicken curry dish, Koko Buri's Bangkok Chicken Fried Rice can be a meal in itself. I tried eating it with Koko Buri Chicken variants as viands and the only one that worked well with it was the original variant.

Koko Buri Bangkok Chicken Fried Rice

Nagasaki Champon (Php595)
A hearty soup dish with generous seafood and pork made all the more flavorful with different vegetables and a stocked that is obviously simmered for many hours. I rarely enjoy soup while eating fried chicken but this one was so good I do not mind having it again on my next visit to Koko Buri.

Koko Buri Nagasaki Champon

Primavera (Php455)
A very filling pizza dish boasting of meat and veggies for toppings, Koko Buri's Primavera is a perfect combination to fried chicken especially when paired with beer which Koko Buri also serves.

Koko Buri Primavera

Pizza con Gambari (Php485)
Another great Koko Buri pizza that is equally impressive especially for those who loves seafood. This shrimp pizza also boasts of chopped mushroom which makes it a winner for me.

Koko Buri Pizza con Gambari

For years now, Koko Buri Restaurant is making foodies in Pampanga happy with the kind of great tasting food they serve. People in Manila often make a trip to the area just to have a taste of Koko Buri that is why it was such a great mve for them that they opened a store here in Manila because for sure, followers will be more than happy to make a short trip to BGC The Fort, if only to taste the food they enjoy in Pampanga.

Koko Buri Restaurant - The Fort
2/F Forum Global South Building
7th Ave. corner Federation Drive
Bonifacio Global City, Taguig
Telephone No. : (632) 565-5446
Facebook: /kokoburi.fortbonifacio

Operating Hours:
Sun – Thur. – 11am to 12pm
Fri – Sat: 11am to 2am.

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