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Isla Sugbu Seafood City Paluto-All-You-Can [CEBU Food Trip]

November 12, 2016
We got to visit 10 restaurants during our Cebu Food Crawl with Food Crew PH and while I find all of it impressive, if pressed to decide on which of them is my ultimate favorite, I would say it's the Isla Sugbu Seafood City located at The Grand Convention Cebu. It is a Paluto-All-You-Can restaurant with main focus on fresh and bountiful servings of seafood and then some. 

I might be a bit biased here because if you have been reading my blog, you would know that I love love love seafood. I even co-authored a book about my love for seafood, remember. So yes, Seafood City just rocked my world while we were in Cebu.

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Now the great thing about Isla Sugbu is the fact that it is a a combination of a paluto and an eat-all-you-can restaurant. Choose all the fresh seafood and some meat you could muster to eat, then have the friendly chefs cook everything for you, and you're all good. 

Tsay Cheng Chinese Restaurant [CEBU Food Trip]

Our first night during our Cebu Food Crawl with the Food Crew PH, we were on a roll and feeling we could take anything delicious that comes our way. After all, some of us are food bloggers and all of us are food enthusiasts trained to handle several restaurants in one day. But that particular day, we were scheduled to have two dinners in two restaurants located at The Grand Convention Center in Cebu.

One of the two restaurants was Tsay Cheng, a fine dining Chinese restaurant popular in Cebu.

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I love Chinese food in general so I was a bit excited to check out Tsay Cheng. Prior to my visit in Cebu, one of my relatives already recommended that I should take time to visit Tsay Cheng. It was a good thing that it was included in our food crawl line up.

House of Lechon [CEBU Food Trip]

They say that a visit in Cebu would not be complete without trying one of the delicacies that Cebuanos are most proud of – Lechon. So naturally, trying out one of the best lechon in all of Cebu was included in the itinerary of our Cebu Food Crawl with the Food Crew PH. Hence, on our second day, dinner time was spent at House of Lechon.

House of Lechon is famous for their lechon specific of a place called Carcar. There are a lot of popular brands of lechon in Cebu and it is said that House of Lechon is one of them.

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And I never wonder why it is tagged as one of the most popular because upon trying out their roasted pork offering, I immediately figured it definitely is one of the best of all the Cebu lechon I have tried in the past.

Choobi Choobi Restaurant [CEBU Food Trip]

It was almost lunch time when we arrived in Cebu during the Cebu Food Crawl with the Food Crew PH. Some of us are already starving, so, right after checking into our hotel and freshening up a bit, we went our merry way to the first restaurant stop of our first day in Cebu – Choobi Choobi Restaurant.

Choobi Choobi Restaurant has been in the business for quite a while. Good quality seafood, generous serving portion, and price tag that do no break the bank are some of the reasons why Choobi Choobi Restaurant is one of the most famous restaurants in Cebu.

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There are several Choobi Choobi Restaurant branches in all of Cebu and they are located at Mactan, SM City, SM Seaside City, Robinsons Cyberspace Cebu, Robinsons Galleria Cebu, Parkmall, Pueblo Verde, and Mactan Newtown. And just recently, they have finally opened a branch here in Manila.

Cebu Food Tour with Food Crew PH #FoodCrewPHGoesLocal

October 26, 2016
Where to eat when in Cebu? What are the best restaurants in Cebu? What are the new restaurants in Cebu? Where to find the best lechon Cebu? How is the food scene in Cebu? Is it fun to go on a food trip in Cebu? These are just some of the questions I had in mind and fortunately was able to answer when I joined the Cebu Food Tour with the Food Crew PH recently.

Truth be told and not to offend anyone, I have several favorite places in the Philippines (Palawan is the current apple of my eye, food trip blog posts soon!) and Cebu is not really something I am too enthusiastic to visit. I guess it is because of the notion that it is just another Manila. This tour however show me of the delicious charm that The Queen City of the South has.

Exploring Top Best Restaurants in Cebu with Manila Food Bloggers, Online Digital Influencers, and Food Crew PH. Cebu Food Trip, Where To Eat In Cebu, YedyLicious, Yedy Calaguas
This is the first time that I am writing about Food Crew PH here at YedyLicious hence, an introduction is in order. 

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