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Summer Palace at EDSA Shangri-La Hotel

November 21, 2016
After several months of renovation, Summer Palace of EDSA Shangri-La Hotel which is touted as one of the best Chinese restaurants in the Philippines finally opened its door again recently with a spanking new fresh and contemporary look. In line with the unveiling of the newly renovated restaurant, Summer Palace also introduces new menu items which give people more reasons to visit them again.

Summer Palace has been serving delicious and authentic Chinese cuisine to its guests for 22 years now. It has surely become part of the many milestones for most of us.

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Can I share a little personal fun fact here? Yeah, my first ever official date was at Summer Palace. The guy and I did not end up together but to this day, we are still good friends and we still share the same love for Chinese cuisine at Summer Palace. I’m sure some of you have fond memories of this restaurant.

Tsay Cheng Chinese Restaurant [CEBU Food Trip]

November 12, 2016
Our first night during our Cebu Food Crawl with the Food Crew PH, we were on a roll and feeling we could take anything delicious that comes our way. After all, some of us are food bloggers and all of us are food enthusiasts trained to handle several restaurants in one day. But that particular day, we were scheduled to have two dinners in two restaurants located at The Grand Convention Center in Cebu.

One of the two restaurants was Tsay Cheng, a fine dining Chinese restaurant popular in Cebu.

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I love Chinese food in general so I was a bit excited to check out Tsay Cheng. Prior to my visit in Cebu, one of my relatives already recommended that I should take time to visit Tsay Cheng. It was a good thing that it was included in our food crawl line up.

What's New at The Super Bowl of China

April 22, 2015
Yesterday we visited the Super Bowl of China located at the Atrium of SM Megamall. Together with some of Manila Food Bloggers and some friends at media, we checked out what's new at the Super Bowl. I was under the impression that there will be new Chinese cuisine on the menu they will be launching, little did I know, there will be plenty of new things unfolding.

Super Bowl of China has been known for its affordable and quality Chinese dishes. Way back, Super Bowl was one of those Chinese restaurants that my family and I would often go to. As the restaurant scene in Manila boom, my affinity for Super Bowl took a back seat for a while because there are plenty new more restaurants to try.

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Then suddenly, I was reminded that this old time favorite Chinese restaurant is still well worth a visit. As a proof that Super Bow of China is still on top of it game, they recently made a revamp to its SM Megamall branch. From the store interior to the food attendants uniform up to several items on the menu, change for the better is the name of the game. This change will soon roll out to all Super Bowl of China branches in the Philippines such as at SM Mall of Asia, Festival Mall in Alabang, the the soon to open branch at Robinsons Place Manila.

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