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A Staycation, Meeting Chef Angelo, and The KTG Manila Bloggers' New Year Party 2018 at F1 Hotel Manila

Saturday, January 27, 2018
2018 is quite special for me and I am grateful that blogging-wise, it started on a good note. 2018 marks my 10th year in food blogging. YedyLicious is 10 years old! Time flies so fast. The KTG Bloggers annual party I have attended early this month reminded me that I am lucky to have met really wonderful people, and to be part of an awesome family of bloggers in my 10 years of blogging.

So, while it may seem that this blog is gathering dust for couple of months now with occasional posts here and there, God willing, it will pick up from here on. For now, there is a lot to talk about as the title suggests.

If you are new here and not really familiar with our family we fondly call The KTG, previous write up here and here may serve as a bit of an introduction. You may also join us on our Facebook group and see happy delicious chaos we create as a group of hungry kids.

Staycation at F1 Hotel Manila, BGC The Fort [Anniversary Sale Promo Alert!]

Wednesday, April 06, 2016
I have stayed at F1 Hotel Manila for a number of times already - some with our KTG group for blogger staycation, some with my family for bonding times, and some with my friends for those nights when everyone rendered themselves useless manning the wheels after party at BGC area. With those stays I must say that F1 Hotel Manila is really a Home of Happy Experiences.

In line with their 4th Anniversary, F1 Hotel Manila is currently having an Anniversary Gift Certificate Sale Promo. The promo is only up until April 15 and we are talking about up to 60% discount for hotel stay and dining, so be sure not to miss this chance. 

F1 Hotel Manila Staycation and Dining Anniversary Sale Promo, F1 Hotel Staycation Blog Review Buffet Restaurant Best Hotel in Manil Website Facebook Instagram YedyLicious Manila Food Blog
And to let you see how awesome staying and dining at F1 Hotel Manila is, I am sharing with you the account of our recent staycation at F1 Hotel Manila with my KTG Family. As with all staycation blog posts here at YedyLicious, this one is photo heavy and a it personal, so read when you have ample free time and towards the end of this post, details about the Anniversary Sale promo will be included.

Of Great Food, Good Company, and Gratitude: The KTG Christmas Party 2014

Thursday, December 18, 2014
Truth be told, given the reserved personality that I have, you can rarely find me associated with big groups. Quality over quantity, that has always been a mantra of sort that I always live by. Sounds like a pesky little unfriendly snob? Nah, it's just that only few people can dig my unconventional approach to life and my f*cker may-care-kind-of-attitude. So, choosing to just peacefully co-exist with the rest of the humanity is just the best bet.

That is why it came as a surprise, even for me that five years into food blogging, I am suddenly surrounded with people that renders my hand fingers not enough to count. Yet, given that these people are some of the nicest I have come across with, I feel grateful. We call our group the KTG Family.

K.T.G. stands for Kain Tulog Gang. People sometimes cringe for what the name of our group stands for whenever I am asked about it. And I understand such reaction. Not to offend anyone but I, myself wasn't a big fan of the name at first - it sounds too pedestrian. Until it grew on me. To this day, I am loving the beautiful irony.

Filipino Food Festival at F1 Hotel Manila: LuzViMinda 2014 Buffet Feast

Sunday, June 15, 2014
From June 12 to 26, 2014, everyone is  invited to partake to this year’s LuzViMinda 2014, a Filipino Food Festival at F1 Hotel Manila. This buffet feast  spearheaded by F1 Hotel’s very own chef Sau del Rosario features well-loved dishes from Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. Guest chefs Tristan Encarnacion of Epicurious, Editha Singian of Pino Restaurant, and Victor Barangan of Marco Polo Davao also take part of the festival representing each geographical division respectively. 

This Filipino Eat-All-You-Can buffet feast at F1 Hotel's F Restaurant All Day Dining Buffet is priced at Php1,700 only.

LuzViMinda 2014, a Filipino Food Festival at F1 Hotel Manila. Filipino Eat-All-You-Can buffet feast at F1 Hotel F Restaurant All Day Dining Buffet. Buffet Rate, Menu, Schedule, Address, Location.

Last year, during the first roll out of LuzViMinda Filipino Food Festival, we were there to witness the wonders of Filipino food as it amazed food enthusiasts in Manila. This year, we once again took the gastronomical journey from the northern part to the southern part of the Philippines without leaving the comfort of F1 Hotel Manila.

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