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Glucerna SR Triple Care

November 03, 2018

Glucerna SR Triple Care: Check it out on Lazada 11-11 SALE! Glucerna SR Triple Care Health Drink for Diabetic Blog Review, Glucerna Philippines by Abbott Philippines Best Health Drink for Diabetics Diabetes Weight Control Management Drink Best Health Drink in Manila Philippines YedyLicious Manila Food Blog Yedy Calaguas

Living with diabetes is no walk in the park. I should know, my mother has been living with it since her late 40s and she is now in her 60s. As a family, we make it a point to be with her in her journey and not to make her feel alone in dealing with it. Diabetes can be really depressing to deal with, as I was told. One minute your blood sugar is as fine as it can be, and the next thing you know it has suddenly skyrocketed to 500 or dug itself to an equally scary low digits. 

Managing blood sugar level into a balance state is not a piece of cake - no pun intended.  A diabetic patient must always be careful with their food consumption otherwise, their blood sugar can create havoc to their system. Uncontrolled blood sugar can lead to long-term problems and complications to the patient's overall health.

The Good Juice PH: My Detox Experience

December 04, 2014
I have to admit, prior to deciding on writing about The Good Juice PH, I was under the notion that as a food blogger, I may not be the right fit to share my thoughts on it. What does a food blogger who spend most of her waking time trying different food – fatty or not – has to do with juicing healthy drinks meant for detoxification?

Then I figured, that is exactly the point.

Of all the people who should be doing detox from time to time, us food enthusiasts should be it.

The Good Juice PH Healthy Detox Drink Manila, Supplement Cleanse Detox Juicing, The Good Juice PH Contact No. Prices. Detox Juice. Fruit and Veggie Juices. Juicing in Manila. Sophie Sumner for The Good Juice PH

We expose our system to varieties of edible things we could take – out of curiosity and sheer pleasure of eating. And admittedly, sometimes, we can get overboard. Hence, detoxifying every now and then make sense.  So what does a fatty food blogger like me has to say about the benefits of detox juice? Trust me on this, a lot.

OFK Aloe Vera King Juice, a Refreshing Drink with Health Benefits

July 29, 2014
When I was asked to try OFK Aloe Vera King Juice I was a little apprehensive at first. For one, I always associate aloe vera with shampoo. When I was a kid, some of my aunts would always talk about how they got their smooth and shiny long black hair by using aloe vera. Second, I am not big on juice made out of plants. Sure, I would indulge on fruit based juices, but rarely do I encounter delicious juice with some plants as its main ingredients. Then, with a little research I found out that aloe vera juice is now a thing and it holds a promise of health benefits. So I gave in. 

OFK Philippines sent me a package full of OFK Aloe Vera King Juice for me to try. The package contains aloe vera juice in different sizes and flavors.  As far as I know, OFK Philippines is the only company that sells aloe vera juice (If not, I would appreciate if you could give me a heads up on the comment section). Aloe vera juice is said to have a lot of health benefits hence, it is slowly becoming the favorite drinks among may.

OFK Aloe Vera King Juice, Healthy Drinks with Health Benefits

I am not the healthiest person you may know nor I am the most health conscious you would come across with so I have to ask some friends who are into healthy stuff about the benefits of aloe vera juice.  It is said that aloe vera contains several vitamins and minerals that are good for the body.

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