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Watami Japanese Casual Restaurant: New and Old Favorites

Tuesday, August 22, 2017
We recently had lunch at Watami Japanese Restaurant’s Shangri-La branch to check out some of their new menu offerings and to enjoy some old favorites. I have a lot of favorite Japanese restaurants in Manila and one of them is Watami. Not only the food selections are always good at Watami, the price tags are also affordable – a feat so rare in Japanese restaurants that serves good quality food.

Currently, there are four Watami Japanese Restaurant branches here in the Philippines; SM Mall of Asia, Shangri-La Plaza Mall, Uptown Mall BGC, and Greenbelt 2

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It is not very often that I get to join my fellow food bloggers from our little group we fondly call The KTG, so this trip to Watami was a bit special. We all love Watami. Personally, you wouldn’t believe what mountains I had to move for this lunch, and it was worth it. 

Snow Crab Tendon at Tenya Philippines

Monday, December 14, 2015
As if many are not yet in love with Tenya Philippines' delicious tendon and tempura, they have recently added a new dish on the menu, the Snow Crab Tendon that makes many hearts flutter. And as if the snow crab wasn't enough, they throw in a premium grade scallop into the mix to make it all the more - how do I put it without sounding I am so into this fangirling? - heartthrob-like of a dish! I failed, I know, I am such a fan!

So yes, Snow Crab Tendon is the new dish at Tenya, albeit it will only be available for a limited time. And don't be misled by the name which highlighted only the snow crab because there's also the scallop as a supporting lead.

Tenya Philippines Snow Crab Tendon New Menu, Tenya Philippines Blog Review Branches Contact No Facebook Twitter Instagram, Tenya SM Megamall Market Market Bonifacio Stopover SM Southmall
I have always been a fan of Tenya and I honestly cannot count how many of the people I know have I forcefully encouraged to try it. Forcefully may not be a nice word to use but that's according to those people who have placed their trust on my judgement and ended up thanking me afterwards since they all love Tenya since then. 

Marufuku Japanese Restaurant in Ortigas

Tuesday, October 20, 2015
I have always wanted to try Marufuku Japanese Restaurant in Ortigas which is said to be one of the Best Japanese Restaurants in Manila by some food enthusiasts I know. Despite the itch to take the road less traveled - at least by me - I was not able to do so until a friend invited me for a quick lunch and a little catching up. 

Aptly tagged as a "hidden gem" or a "secret" Japanese restaurant, Marufuku is tucked in a nondescript place that can be easily missed if you are not familiar with the area. Yet if you know that it is located at The Crescent Building facing San Miguel Ave. and the entrance is located in Amethyst St. at the back side of the building, it shouldn't be hard to locate. It's near UA&P.

Marufuku Japanese Restaurant Ortigas Pasig, Best Japanese Restaurant in Manila
Parking area is decent enough to hold several cars but during busy days, finding a spot can be quite a challenge. Nonetheless, the challenge will be worth it if you get to try the amazing Japanese that Marufuku serve.

Tempura Tendon Tenya Philippines

Monday, June 01, 2015
Tempura Tendon Tenya located at SM Megamall is known as the most successful tendon restaurant chain in Japan. It recently opened its first store in the Philippines and aims to provide high quality and affordable tendon and tempura.

Tendon by definition is a shortened term for Tempura Donburi, a rice bowl topped with the goodness of tempura. Since majority of Filipinos loved the Japanese dish Tempura, combining it with rice in one filling bowl is undoubtedly a surefire hit.

TENYA MEGAMALL REVIEW, Tempura Tendon Tenya SM Megamall Blog Review
History dictates that Tempura Tendon Tenya that hailed from Japan started way back 1982 when founder Mr Yoshio Iwashita opened its first outlet in the Yaesu underground Mall at Tokyo Station. Several years after its conception, Tempura Tendon Tenya now operates with numbers of branches in Japan, Thailand, Indonesia, and now, the Philippines.

Snow Ice at Tokyo Tokyo Philippines #MakeItSnow @tokyotokyoPHL

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Rain or shine, cold icy treats is something I could not get enough of. Ice cream, shakes, frappuccinos, etc. are something I would not mind having even during rainy season. That is why ever since Tokyo Tokyo, a well-loved Japanese restaurant here in the Philippines released their Snow Ice, I m still enjoying it even if rainy season has been declared now here in our country.

Snow Ice is Tokyo Tokyo’s take on traditional Japanese iced dessert called Kakigori. It is essentially made up of creamy layers of vanilla shaved ice topped with all things delicious. There are three flavors available; Choco Sensation, Mango Peach Medley, and Halo-Halo

Tokyo Tokyo Philippines Japanese Restaurant Snow Ice Dessert, Tokyo Tokyo Snow Ice Contest

Early today, I paid a visit to Tokyo Tokyo to get my Snow Ice fix for the day. I was dead set on getting all three flavor but unfortunately, the Mango Peach Medley was not available. Good thing though that I equally loved the other two flavors which my family also loves.

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