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Snow Crab Tendon at Tenya Philippines

Monday, December 14, 2015
As if many are not yet in love with Tenya Philippines' delicious tendon and tempura, they have recently added a new dish on the menu, the Snow Crab Tendon that makes many hearts flutter. And as if the snow crab wasn't enough, they throw in a premium grade scallop into the mix to make it all the more - how do I put it without sounding I am so into this fangirling? - heartthrob-like of a dish! I failed, I know, I am such a fan!

So yes, Snow Crab Tendon is the new dish at Tenya, albeit it will only be available for a limited time. And don't be misled by the name which highlighted only the snow crab because there's also the scallop as a supporting lead.

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I have always been a fan of Tenya and I honestly cannot count how many of the people I know have I forcefully encouraged to try it. Forcefully may not be a nice word to use but that's according to those people who have placed their trust on my judgement and ended up thanking me afterwards since they all love Tenya since then. 

Now that Tenya has this Snow Crab Tendon as their new item on the menu, I wouldn't mind using the force again because hey,  I trust it will not disappoint.

Snow Crab Tendon at Tenya
So basically, the anatomy of Snow Crab Tendon at Tenya comprised of the big long arm of snow crab imported from Japan, a big premium grade scallop, black prawn tiger, nori, enoki mushroom, French beans, and of course, the Japanese rice. 

The Anatomy of Snow Crab Tendon
This Snow Crab Tendon can be had as the usual Tendon Bowl which comes with a bowl of complimentary miso soup. And it can also be had as part of the usual Teishoku and Noodle Set for those who wants a more filling meal in one go. 

Snow Crab Tendon Bowl with Miso Soup

It is said that Snow Crab Tendon is inspired by Tenya's seasonal offering for winter season in Japan. It is nice that Tenya brought it here in the Philippines even for a limited time because it is not everyday that we get to enjoy snow crab, right?

Snow Crab Teishoku and Noodle Set
Of course, as with any other Tendon Bowl at Tenya, this new dish is best enjoyed with Tenya's signature Tare sauce which I personally love. Now the thing about the snow crab is that, since I have the tendency to put Tare sauce on my bowl much more than what I should be putting, the taste of the snow crab still shines through. It's innate savory-sweetness leaps through. 

Tare Sauce at Tenya PH
Not to be forgotten are the appetizers and side dishes that will complete one's Tenya experience. My favorite as always were the Agadeshi Tofu, the Isobe Cheese, and the classic Karaage. 

Appetizers at Tenya PH
And if you are so inclined, I suggest you try another Tenya's new offering, the Ningyo Yaki which is basically a sweet bread filled with either Nutella or Dulce de Leche Filling. I noticed that Tenya isn't really crazy about adding more desserts on their line up, so I deem this one can be a good option.

Ningyo Yaki at Tenya PH
Tenya Philippines is one of those restaurants which I really really like I don't need a driving force to go visit it when planning to dine out. But new addition to the menu is always a nice touch and an effective drive to keep them on top of its game. Icing on top is that if the new item is one helluva dish that will steel their position as one of my favorite restaurants this year.

Tenya Philippines Snow Crab Tendon New Menu, Tenya Philippines Blog Review Branches Contact No Facebook Twitter Instagram, Tenya SM Megamall Market Market Bonifacio Stopover SM Southmall
Tenya Philippines branches are located in SM Megamall, Market Market, Bonifacio Stopover and soon to open at SM Southmall. For more information, you may visit Tenya Philippines Facebook page (/TenyaPhilippines).

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