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Cupcake-Macaron Food Hybrid: Le Cupcaron by Cafe Macaron at Fairmont Hotel

January 31, 2016
Cafe Macaron at Fairmont Hotel Makati recently released their contribution to the ever growing number of food hybrids in the form of Le Cupcaron - a combination of cupcake and macaron. Two delightful desserts merged into one awesome recipe, Le Cupcaron is poised to provide an enchanting satisfaction from two great things in one fell swoop.

Cafe Macaron is known to specialize in macaron by dishing out imaginative flavors that make their perfectly executed pastry all the more indulging. So in this food hybrid, one can expect nothing but perfection because after all, they are Cafe Macaron's.

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It is said that if a cupcake and a macaron had a baby, cupcaron would be it. Indeed that is true. But Le Cupcaron banks on the fact that it is not just any macaron, it is Cafe Macaron's macaron - the very thing they do best. 

Mrs. Graham's Macaron Café at Sct. Rallos in Quezon City

February 04, 2014
First time I have encountered Mrs. Graham’s Macaron was during the Best Food Forward last year. I could still remember how their Pancake with Maple Buttercream left a pleasant impression on me. Fast forward to 2014, Mrs. Graham's finally opened a café at Sct. Rallos in Quezon City.

There are plenty of restaurants and desserts places around Tomas Morato area, but Mrs. Graham's Macaron Café is definitely a welcome addition as it offers not just your ordinary macarons, but those which you cannot find else where. That is alongside many other delectable sweets and pastries they are offering.

Mrs Graham's Macaron Cafe is now open at Sct. Rallos in Quezon City
This newest and most innovative macaron place I have encountered by far brings standard and not-so-standard macarons in the metro. It offers a handful of creative spin to the ordinary macaron, some more appealing than others, but all are worth trying out.

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