Mrs. Graham's Macaron Café at Sct. Rallos in Quezon City

February 04, 2014
First time I have encountered Mrs. Graham’s Macaron was during the Best Food Forward last year. I could still remember how their Pancake with Maple Buttercream left a pleasant impression on me. Fast forward to 2014, Mrs. Graham's finally opened a café at Sct. Rallos in Quezon City.

There are plenty of restaurants and desserts places around Tomas Morato area, but Mrs. Graham's Macaron Café is definitely a welcome addition as it offers not just your ordinary macarons, but those which you cannot find else where. That is alongside many other delectable sweets and pastries they are offering.

Mrs Graham's Macaron Cafe is now open at Sct. Rallos in Quezon City
This newest and most innovative macaron place I have encountered by far brings standard and not-so-standard macarons in the metro. It offers a handful of creative spin to the ordinary macaron, some more appealing than others, but all are worth trying out.

Dainty interior of Mrs. Graham's Macaron Cafe at Sct. Rallos Quezon City
Wooden tables and chairs hold a certain charm that goes perfectly well with the ambiance of the cafe. The space is bathed in cream tones with cute knick knacks and artwork that pepper the walls. It is dainty, reminiscent of a doll house, only it offers edible goodies we only wished we could make when we were just a child.

Our favorite Manila Food Bloggers at Mrs. Graham Macaron Cafe in Quezon City
Macarons, being the main product that Mrs. Graham's Cafe serve to their guests hold a certain distinction. Yet, other goodies such as cupcakes and products from the most creative home bakers in the metro are not to be missed as well. They do carry baled goodies from Kalookies, Sugar Stop, Lulu's Cupcakes, Lindie's Zuckerhaus, and Kusina Torre.

Mrs Grahams Macaron Cafe sells cupcakes and other pastries as well.
During my visit with some of my foodie friends, we sampled their High Tea Set which comprised of macarons, pastries, and mini sandwiches served with your choice of tea.

High Tea Set at Mrs. Graham's Macaron Cafe in Quezon City
Top tier of the tea set carries different pastries such as mini eclairs, cream puffs, and Russian tea cookies. I do not recall having a taste of the eclair and the cream puffs, but the Russian tea cookies I found pleasant enough.

Eclair, Cream Puffs, and Russian Tea Cookies at Mrs Graham's Macaron Cafe
Middle tier boasts of different flavors of macarons. I think it was around 11 to 12 pieces. We were told that flavors can be mixed and matched depending on the guests preferences and flavor availability. Mrs. Graham's macarons are classified into two flavors; classic and premium. 

Classic flavors include; Salted Caramel, Cookie Dough, White Coffee, Tequilla Rose, Bailey's, and Malibu Rum.

Premium flavors include; S'mores, Pancake with Mapple Buttercream, Tiramisu, Bibingka, French Toast with Peanut Butter Cream, and PB & J.

Prices are Php60 to Php70 each macarons, while the tea set is at around Php700.

Different Flavors of Macaron at Mrs. Graham's Macaron Cafe
Bottom tier on the other hand includes mini sandwiches which although not as appetizing as it looks, I thought it was a great element in cutting through the otherwise sweet feast of the palate when devouring the pastries. 

Mini Sandwiches are also included at the Tea Set of Mrs. Graham Macaron Cafe
Mrs. Graham's macarons are indeed impressive variety-wise. Each flavor is distinctly impressive, but my favorite was their Bibingka with Salted Egg. A very unique flavor that warrants a blog post of its own.

Bibingka Macaron
Macaron Lamps
Aside from pastries, Mrs. Graham's Macaron Cafe boasts of variety of beverages that can go well with their baked products. They use locally sourced Barako coffee variant. Flavors such as vanilla, hazelnut, macadamia nut, and Irish cream by their Supplier Bon Vivant are also available. Teas are from TWG such as Choco Mint Truffle, Creme Caramel, and Sweet France.

Coffee and Tea at Mrs. Graham's Macaron Cafe
Two of their beverage offerings which I tried were the Butter Beer which I found pleasant and comforting, and the white chocolate mocha. Both drinks were good in my opinion and the presentation were impeccable, although I wish they could offer matcha drinks which I love dearly.

Butter Beer and White Chocolate Mocha at Mrs. Graham's
Although there are a lot of places in Manila that offers macarons, I deem Mrs. Graham's Macaron Café as a nice addition to the mix. Their macarons are some of the best I have had and their beverages are equally impressive. The place was perfect for meeting up with friends whether they share the same affinity for macarons or not since there's Burger Project right beside it anyway.

Mrs. Graham's Macaron Cafe Logo
Mrs. Graham's Macaron Café

51C Scout Rallos, Brgy. Laging Handa, Quezon City
Contact No.: 0915-8122662
Facebook: /MrsGrahamsCafe
Twitter: @MrsGrahamsCafe
Instagram: @MrsGrahamsCafe

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  1. The smores looks absolutely delicious! I was wondering if there's enough parking space? And are those egg sandwiches? Was their a price hike on their macarons? Because on their website the price range is P45-P50/each. I would love to visit someday. They're not too far from where I live! - Christine, QC


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