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Nomama at Capitol Commons

October 13, 2014
Weeks ago, together with some of my favorite Manila food bloggers, we visited Nomama Artisanal Ramen's branch at Capitol Commons in Pasig City to try new dishes on Nomama's Menu. I have always been a fan of chef Him Uy de Baron, so, regardless the fact that there are a lot of ramen places sprouting in Manila, Nomama is still on top of my list.

While the closing of their branch at Quezon City saddened a lot of ramen enthusiast from the North which shares the same affinity for Nomama Artisanal Ramen, the opening of their new branch at Capitol Commons brought joy nonetheless.

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I may have mentioned before that I am not one of those who posses an extensive knowledge when it comes to ramen. But I know my palate, and having given a chance to be exposed in some of the ramen places here in Manila, I know what can makes me happy. Ramen with hearty broth that comforts, ingredients that are fresh, and noodles that are made with respect to the dish - this is my kind of ramen. Nomama never fall short in giving me that.

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