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Celebrate Valentine's Day at Crowne Plaza Manila Galleria

February 14, 2019
On this special day of hearts, there is something lovely to look forward to when you celebrate Valentine's Day at Crowne Plaza Manila Galleria.

Indulgent Chinese Set Menu and Dim Sum Buffet, Heart-Shaped Cakes and Valentine Cocktails Highlight Love Month Celebrations at Crowne Plaza Manila Galleria.

Super Bowl Unli Yang Chow 2018 + Super Bowl's Classic Dishes We Love

March 15, 2018
If you are one of those rice-loving people such as my self, kindly please hear me out here. Super Bowl of China is at it again with their Super Bowl Unli Yang Chow promo. Now on its 7th year, this Unli Yang Chow promo is still set to satisfy its diners cravings for one of Super Bowl's well-loved menu item, the Yang Chow fried rice. 

I could still remember way back 2013 when I covered the Ultimate Yang Chow Chowdown eating contest at Super Bowl to go along with the Unli Yang Chow promo. It was basically a contest wherein the participants are challenged to finished unlimited bowl of Super Bowl Yang Chow fried rice at a limited time.

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I was salivating the whole time while watching the winner down several bowls, I have always loved Super Bowl's Yang Chow. Thankfully, Super Bowl still continue to carry on the yearly Unli Yang Chow promo that I am guessing we all love. For this year's Super Bowl's Unli Yang Chow installment, I visited their branch at SM Megamall and feast on bowls after bowls of Yang Chow alongside classic dishes I love at Super Bowl

Shakey's Chicken 'N' Mojos Monday Madness Promo is Back!

July 27, 2016
Yes, it's true. Shakey's Chicken 'N' Mojos Monday Madness Promo is back! So for all of you fellow Shakey's fanatic and Chicken 'N' Mojos lovers out there, it is time to rejoice and plan that Monday get together at Shakey's PH branch near you. Indeed, it is manic Monday no more.

This promo is an exclusive offer for all SuperCard holders which entitles them to a whopping 40% discount on all Chicken 'N' Mojos pack every Mondays of the entire promo duration.

Shakey's Pizza Chicken 'N' Mojos Monday Madness Promo, Blog Review Menu Shakey's Philippines, Shakey's Facebook Twitter Instagram Promos YedyLicious Manila Food Blog
The following dates are the Mondays covered for this promo; July 25, 2016 and August 1, 8, 15, and 22, 2016. Plenty of time to take advantage of the discounted promo, right? Yes!

Wingstop Flavor Invasion: Gift Certificates and Free Wings Up for Grab!

May 24, 2016
So here's some good news from Wingstop Philippines. And by good news I mean really good news as it involves an invite to experience all of their 14 delicious flavors and getting rewarded for it through Flavor Pass. Also, yes, they are giving away free chicken wings as well. Sweet, eh?

Wingstop PH Flavor Invasion Promo, FREE Gift Certificates and Chicken Wings. YedyLicious Manila Food Blog
Dare I say it is high time for you to curb that cravings and give in to different flavors you can find at Wingstop. I am giving you the full mechanics below in order for you to take advantage of these promos.

Shakey's Chicken 'N' Mojos Monday Madness Promo

August 09, 2015
If like me, you are crazy over Shakey's Chicken 'N' Mojos, then this good news is for you. In celebration of its 40th year, Shakey's Philippines will be rewarding its loyal patrons with their Chicken ’N’ Mojos Monday Madness Promo wherein all SuperCard holders will get 40 % off on all Chicken ’N’ Mojos packs.

With this kind of promo, you will never look at dreaded Mondays the same way again, yes? Yes.

Shakey's Chicken 'N' Mojos Monday Madness Promo
So this promo which started last July 27 will last until August 24 only. As the promo name suggests, it is available every Mondays of the said time frame.

KFC Unlimited Breakfast & Waffle Buffet #KFCWaffleBuffet

June 28, 2015
KFC Unlimited Breakfast is back, but this time, a Waffle Buffet is included to make our mornings even brighter. Happening every weekend since June 13 to July 5, 2015 from 7:30am to 10am on selected KFC branches nationwide, KFC Unlimited Breakfast & Waffle Buffet is one good reason to wake up early and celebrate beautiful weekend mornings with your loved ones. I know I did.

While KFC Unlimited Breakfast Buffet isn't really a new promo since they had it previously, the addition of unlimited waffle in unlimited ways sure brought delight to KFC breakfast lovers out there such as myself.

KFC Philippines Breakfast Buffet Unlimited Waffle
Waffles, as you may have known always go perfectly well with chicken - a product that KFC is known for. Hence, throwing waffle into the mix to make the KFC Breakfast Buffet all the more exciting really made sense. Another great thing about the promo is the fact that diners may customized their waffles in unlimited ways.

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