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KFC Unlimited Breakfast & Waffle Buffet #KFCWaffleBuffet

Sunday, June 28, 2015
KFC Unlimited Breakfast is back, but this time, a Waffle Buffet is included to make our mornings even brighter. Happening every weekend since June 13 to July 5, 2015 from 7:30am to 10am on selected KFC branches nationwide, KFC Unlimited Breakfast & Waffle Buffet is one good reason to wake up early and celebrate beautiful weekend mornings with your loved ones. I know I did.

While KFC Unlimited Breakfast Buffet isn't really a new promo since they had it previously, the addition of unlimited waffle in unlimited ways sure brought delight to KFC breakfast lovers out there such as myself.

KFC Philippines Breakfast Buffet Unlimited Waffle
Waffles, as you may have known always go perfectly well with chicken - a product that KFC is known for. Hence, throwing waffle into the mix to make the KFC Breakfast Buffet all the more exciting really made sense. Another great thing about the promo is the fact that diners may customized their waffles in unlimited ways.

KFC Waffle Buffet
KFC Unlimited Breakfast & Waffle Buffet Promo can be avail through buying tickets which are available in all participating branches within the promo period. The buffet tickets can only be redeemed on the branch where the tickets were bought.

Ticket for KFC Waffle Buffet
Buffet price for unlimited breakfast is only Php199 for adult, Php99 for kids 3-4 ft., and free for kids below 3ft. Should you wish to avail of the unlimited drinks, a separate ticket or drink stub can also be bought for additional Php30 only.

Drink Stub for KFC Waffle Buffet
Just this Saturday morning, I visited KFC Edsa Central Branch to try the KFC Unlimited Breakfast & Waffle Buffet courtesy of KFC Philippines. Upon arriving, diners were greeted by kindly KFC staff handing out flyers by the store entrance.  Those who avails the buffet will be given a bracelet tag indicating their participation to the promo.

On the table there are reminders requiring strict adherence to no sharing, no left overs, and no take-out policy.

KFC Edsa Central
The buffet spread will open at exactly 7:30am. Kindly KFC staff will then by the buffet area ready to welcome and assist diners.

Food choices are of decent numbers - those which we love on their breakfast menu are included on the buffet spread.  At a glance some would think that the varieties are somehow limited and lacking, but if one takes the quality of food and the price of the buffet into consideration, one may realize that it is indeed a good deal.

KFC Edsa Central Branch Staff
The food selection includes garlic fried rice and KFC Pies in three flavors namely chicken pie, pecan pie, and ham & cheese pie.

Rule of thumb is to skip rice on buffet do I never really tried the garlic rice but I sure feasted on all three kinds of pie. The chicken pie was my favorite with its creamy and chunky filling, the ham and cheese was good for those who loves cheese, while the pecan pie fits for those who has affinity for sweet pies.

Pies and Garlic Rice at KFC Breakfast Buffet with Unlimited Waffle
Also included on the buffet spread are the chicken & cheese sausage and scrambled eggs. These two are breakfast staple hence, the combination was a winner for me.

Hotdog and Egg at KFC Breakfast Buffet with Unlimited Waffle
Of course, KFC Original recipe chicken, albeit in fillet form, is included on the selections. Judging by how fast the servings easily ran out, I must say that KFC Chicken is still the star of the show. The chicken tocino on the other hand was also one of my favorites on the selections. The flavor and the tenderness were just superb.

Chicken and Tocino at KFC Breakfast Buffet with Unlimited Waffle
Sharing the spotlight with the KFC Chicken fillet is of course the unlimited waffles.

KFC Waffle Buffet
Diners may enjoy these waffles as it is because with just a drizzle of maple syrup, it is already food on its own. Yet, it is highly encourage to unleash their one's creativity and create their own customized waffles creation by adding readily available condiments such as mini marshmallows, crushed Oreo cookies, choco crumbs, coarsed peanuts, chocolate chips, and brownie crumbs.

KFC Waffle Buffet Unlimited Waffle and Breakfast
There are also mango sauce, strawberry pulp, butter, chocolate syrup, maple syrup, and whipped cream to complete the waffle creations.

KFC Breakfast Buffet Unlimited Waffle
Unlimited drinks on the other hand includes endless servings of coffee, hot chocolate, orange juice, and iced tea. 

Drinks at KFC Breakfast Buffet with Unlimited Waffle
I made my own waffle creations and I have come up with two kinds. The first one was made out of waffle topped with whipped cream, crushed Oreo cookies, coarsed peanuts, and a drizzle of chocolate syrup. The second one was simply waffle topped with whipped cream, strawberry pulp, then drizzled with maple syrup. 

Unlimited Waffle at KFC Breakfast Buffet
Aside from the waffles, I have gave my self the liberty to second helpings of almost everything. I tell you, do not miss the KFC Pies, they are lovely to be had on a beautiful morning. 

YedyLicious Manila Food Blog Feast at KFC Waffle Buffet
The shift manager asked several diners to pose for a photo off holding their waffle creations. I was one of those whose photo was taken and I was asked to name my creation. I simply named mine Nutty Oreo Waffle and Strawberries and Cream Waffle. I could have come up with more creative names but my excitement to devour my creation right away took the best of me. 

KFC Breakfast Buffet with Unlimited Waffle
The photos were then posted on KFC Edsa Central Freedon Wall. KFC Philippines is also currenly holding the KC #MyOwnWafflePromo wherein participants are encourage to create their most delicious-looking plate of waffles, snap a photo, and post it on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Winners will get to win Php500 worth of gift certificate. 

My Own Waffle Promo at KFC
All in all, I had a great time with KFC Unlimited Breakfast & Waffle Buffet. I have always loved KFC's food selection so I have nothing but good words for it. The KFC Pies were a revelation, I was not aware that they currently have it on their menu, good thing I chanced upon it at the breakfast menu. The unlimited waffle indeed adds a delightful twist to the promo. 

Branches for KFC Breakfast Buffet with Unlimited Waffle
KFC Unlimited Breakfast & Waffle Buffet is available at the following participating branches; KFC Banawe, KFC Congressional, KFC Eastwood, KFC EDSA Central, KFC Jupiter, KFC Session, KFC Shopwise Imus, KFC Araneta, KFC St. Joseph, KFC Taft PGH, KFC Tagaytay, and KFC Vito Cruz.

KFC Philippines
For more information on the KFC A.M. Waffle Buffet, you may visit

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