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Hai Chix & Steaks Restaurant: The Steak That Will Haunt You, and You Will Give In

February 13, 2016
Let us not beat around the bush here about the indulging feast I had at Hai Chix and Steaks Restaurant. I am giving this to you right off the bat. Their steak's been haunting me for a while now - and I am a willing victim.

Imagine a 650g hefty slab of US Angus Rib Eye Steak grilled to your liking. Some fats were trimmed off from the meat – those fat aren't meant to be wasted. Instead, those bits and chunks of fats are fated to make your experience all the more lip-smacking.

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Now imagine those bits and little chunks of fat fried into perfect doneness that gives off a balanced texture of crispness with a little resistance to the bite. Those kick ass of a savory bits will be put right on top of the steak.  And you will eat it along with the steak rice you will be served.

You are destined to savor it.

A French Lunch at Brasserie CiÇou

March 09, 2015
It was a leisurely lunch that lasted for roughly five hours. With a restaurant as beautiful as Brasserie CiÇou that dishes out French cuisine reflecting the genius of chef Cyrille Soenen, such occurrence is sometimes inevitable. 

With the parade of edible beauty translated in each plated food, the long stretch of time will never matter. Instead, you will hold on to each passing minute with eager anticipation for the next beauty to come while dreading the end of such funfair of a feast.

As with all things in life, good experiences are meant to be savored, not rushed.

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With a lot of restaurants within Greenhills area, Brasserie CiÇou is one of those restaurants, if not the only one, which any food aficionado smart enough to appreciate what good food is would not mind spending half a day to. 

Munchtown in Promenade, Greenhills: Elevating Your Cinema Snacking Experience

August 18, 2014
Friends told me that snacking inside the movie house while watching new flick will never be the same again once you tried the food at Munchtown located at the new Promenade in Greenhills. Having one of the geniuses in Manila restaurant scene. chef Robby Gocco under its helm, I could not argue. I, myself is a fan. Turning the usual movie snack into a gourmet delight is something only a passionate chef could muster to do with impeccable swag. Chef Gocco, did just that.

Munchtown menu consist primarily of food that is perfect to be eaten on the go, making it convenient for people to eat the goodies inside the movie house. Yet, whether you opt to feast on their offerings while watching movie or not, their location can accommodate good numbers of diners.

Munchtown in New Promenade Greenhills San Juan. Turning Movie Snack Into Gourmet Food Treats.

Munchtown boasts of offerings such as burgers, fries, pizza, chicken wings, nachos, and hotdog sandwich.  I cannot remember how many times have I declined invites to visit Munchtown and try their food due to my schedule. Good thing that one time I was free, my friend Richard tagged me along for some Hotdog Sandwich Feast at Munchtown. Our group feasted on different variants of gourmet hotdog sandwich that I lost count of how many variants were there. Trust me, there were too many that I was not able to try all of them, so I've only written those which I've tasted.

Dim Sum Buffet at Crystal Jade Greenhills

August 11, 2014
Couple of months ago, Crystal Jade Dining IN at BGC, The Fort launched its Weekend Dim Sum Buffet which proved to be an exciting feat for those who love to indulge in an eat-all-you-can dim sum feast. This time, it's Crystal Jade Shanghai Delight at Greenhills in San Juan that is currently carrying out a Dim Sum Buffet promo. For those who adore Crystal Jade Shanghai Delight's famous Xiao Long Bao may now take advantage of this promo to have an unlimited serving of this favorite along side other dim sum that Crystal Jade Greenhills offers.

Compared to Crystal Jade Dining IN's Dim Sum Buffet promo which is available every weekend, Crystal Jade Greenhill's Dim Sum Buffet is available every weekdays, from 6pm to 9:30pm. It started last August 4, 2014 and will last only until August 31, 2014. This promo is Crystal Jade's way of partaking of the Singapore Day's celebration. 

Dim Sum Buffet at Crystal Jade Greenhills. Unlimited Eat-All-You-Can Dim Sum Feast at Cystal Jade Shanghai Delight Greenhills San Juan. Crystal Jade Dim Sum Buffet Rate, Price, Schedule, Menu

Although it will last only for a month, diners can expect wonderful treats of high quality dim sum that Crystal Jade is known for. The dim sum buffet being set during dinner time can be a perfect way to indulge in sumptuous "little morsels of love" after a days work or after a long day of shopping around Greenhills area. 

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