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World Bread Day at Robinsons Supermarket

Saturday, October 08, 2016
Last October 7, 2016, Robinsons Supermarket kicks off its annual month-long celebration of World Bread Day at Robinsons Place Antipolo. With highlight on “Great Deals at 5” promo, this marks as Robinsons Supermarket’s 6th year in celebrating the said event.

The Great Deals at 5 promo include savings of PHP 5.00, additional 5 Robinsons Rewards Card points and 5% discount on bread products for the whole month of October.

World Bread Day at Robinsons Supermarket
Customers can also purchase items ranging from eggs to milk for only PHP 5.00 when they purchase PHP 175.00 worth of any bread and/or cupcake. The PHP 5.00 collected from the purchase of these items will be donated to World Vision.

Robinsons Supermarket Deli Music Festival #DeliMusicFestival

Thursday, September 01, 2016
Good food and good music, these are just some of the things that fuels Robinsons Deli Music Festival – a battle of the band event which also features delicious deli products guests may avail during the festival. I am not sure about you but if these two things are combined, I am pretty confident that it will be an event well worth it.

Robinsons Deli Music Festival is basically a battle of the band event held on different dates and different
Robinsons Supermarket stores nationwide. The competition and the elimination rounds happened the previous month while the grand finals will be held at Robinsons Place Manila on September 9.

Robinsons Supermarket Deli Music Festival 2016 Battle of the Band
A festival wouldn’t be complete without food of course, hence, the event also features different deli products which guests may enjoy.

Food Trip at Robinsons Place Antipolo [World Food Tour Without Passport]

Tuesday, March 15, 2016
Over the weekend, I was invited to join a Bloggers Food Trip wherein we visited different restaurants at Robinsons Place Antipolo.  If you have poked around my blog a bit, you would know that I am currently doing my Antipolo Food Trip Blog Series in which I feature those I deem as the best restaurants in Antipolo City.

With that in mind, I am grateful and humbled to be part of the bloggers’ activity at Robinsons Antipolo because truth be told, some of the best places to eat when in Antipolo is housed within the confines of this amazing mall. Also, this Antipolo Food Tour we had courtesy of Robinsons Malls is just like a World Food Tour without Passport. How? I promise, I will get to that.

Bloggers Antipolo Food Trip at Robinsons Place Antipolo, Restaurants at Robinsons Place Antipolo, Where To Eat In Antipolo, Antipolo Food Trip, Antipolo Restaurants Blog Review Menu List Address Contact No Website Facebook Twitter Instagram YedyLicious Manila Food Blog Yedy Calaguas
A lot has been said and written online about Robinsons Place Antipolo since it opened its door to the public. For someone who resides in the Pilgrimage Capital of the Philippines - upper and rather secluded Antipolo area if I might add - Robinsons Antipolo is a prayer answered. We do not have much big malls around here, thanks to Robinsons Malls for providing us that.

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