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Holiday Specials at Tenya Tempura Tendon Philippines

Friday, November 18, 2016
This holiday season, Tenya Tempura Tendon Philippines aims to transport its customers to the winter wonderland Japan through their holiday product offerings. The new limited offer holiday menu which is available from November 15, 2016 to January 15, 2017 only is poised to make the diners' white Christmas dream come true while dining at all Tenya PH branches. 

Steak, Salad, Maki, and the well-loved Tepura Tendon and then some are the delicious things that comprised the holiday set menu. Known as Japan's number one Tempura Tendon, Tenya has once again step up its game by providing us more reasons to visit them. 

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I have already blogged about Tenya for quite a number of times already and I even hosted a blog giveaway before. It only goes to show how much I love Tenya and I am happy to report that since their opening, the quality of their food is still as stellar as ever. 

Snow Crab Tendon at Tenya Philippines

Monday, December 14, 2015
As if many are not yet in love with Tenya Philippines' delicious tendon and tempura, they have recently added a new dish on the menu, the Snow Crab Tendon that makes many hearts flutter. And as if the snow crab wasn't enough, they throw in a premium grade scallop into the mix to make it all the more - how do I put it without sounding I am so into this fangirling? - heartthrob-like of a dish! I failed, I know, I am such a fan!

So yes, Snow Crab Tendon is the new dish at Tenya, albeit it will only be available for a limited time. And don't be misled by the name which highlighted only the snow crab because there's also the scallop as a supporting lead.

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I have always been a fan of Tenya and I honestly cannot count how many of the people I know have I forcefully encouraged to try it. Forcefully may not be a nice word to use but that's according to those people who have placed their trust on my judgement and ended up thanking me afterwards since they all love Tenya since then. 

#TenyaXYedyLicious GIVEAWAY! Win Tenya Team Party of 10 and Have a Feast of Tempura Tendon With Your Friends!

Wednesday, September 02, 2015
Hey guys! So I have shared with you my Tempura Tendon Tenya experience before here at YedyLicious. Judging from the high readership it has been getting, I am guessing that there are a lot of you who are interested in trying out Tenya, if you have not done so.  And I myself would want you my dear readers to experience the goodness of food at Tenya. Now there is a good news.

Kindly people behind Tempura Tendon Tenya has partnered with YedyLicious to host Tenya Team Party of Ten Giveaway.  We are taking the fun to Instagram so get ready to follow and tag and possibly win this contest.

Tenya and YedyLicious Blog Giveaway Contest
That’s an amazing tempura feast on the horizon so if you are interested to join this very easy giveaway, read on to check out the mechanics.

Tempura Tendon Tenya Philippines

Monday, June 01, 2015
Tempura Tendon Tenya located at SM Megamall is known as the most successful tendon restaurant chain in Japan. It recently opened its first store in the Philippines and aims to provide high quality and affordable tendon and tempura.

Tendon by definition is a shortened term for Tempura Donburi, a rice bowl topped with the goodness of tempura. Since majority of Filipinos loved the Japanese dish Tempura, combining it with rice in one filling bowl is undoubtedly a surefire hit.

TENYA MEGAMALL REVIEW, Tempura Tendon Tenya SM Megamall Blog Review
History dictates that Tempura Tendon Tenya that hailed from Japan started way back 1982 when founder Mr Yoshio Iwashita opened its first outlet in the Yaesu underground Mall at Tokyo Station. Several years after its conception, Tempura Tendon Tenya now operates with numbers of branches in Japan, Thailand, Indonesia, and now, the Philippines.

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