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Theo & Miguel Restaurant

November 12, 2023

My nephew is very fond of Filipino food. When dining out, he's the one to suggest to try Filipino restaurants we have not yet. This time, we tried Theo & Miguel Restaurant in Robinsons Place Antipolo. I have not heard of this restaurant before so, I have no idea what to expect. 

The food options on their menu is very limited, which makes me a bit apprehensive. In my mind I'm already thinking of the next restaurant to hit once I didn't like whatever we're having at Theo & Miguel

Theo & Miguel Restaurant at Robinsons Place Antipolo City Food Blog Vlog Review by YedyLicious Manila Food Blog of Yedy Calaguas in the Philippines

My apprehension grew when I realized that there's not a lot of seafood and vegetable dishes at Theo & Miguel. My father who is a senior only enjoy vegetable and seafood, I myself is trying to dodge meat, but I can still enjoy a bite or two. My nephew is a meat eater but mostly it's jut steak that he enjoys. Still we decided to give this restaurant a try. 

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