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Books For Foodies: Northern Eats and Southern Eats by Anton Diaz

January 12, 2013

As a food blogger who is in constant search for restaurants in Manila to try, discover, and re-discover, I would have to say that I am a sucker for restaurant guides.  It's just too bad that such guides are rather limited here in our country.  While food blogs, websites, and social networking sites plays a big role in dishing out recommendations on where and what to eat, it is comforting to know that we still have books to turn to when technology fails.

That is why when friends at Hinge Inquirer informed me late last year that famous blogger Anton Diaz of Our Awesome Planet will be having book launching I couldn't help but to get excited about it.  Knowing the man behind series of foodie fairs called The Ultimate Taste Test and food markets such as Mercato Centrale, Soderno Molito, Manda Centrale, and Cucina Andare, I know the book is going to be a restaurant guide. I was right. The bonus is, it's not just one book, but two.

Northern Eats and Southern Eats by Anton Diaz of Our Awesome Planet
Presented by Northern Living and Southern Living, and co-presented by Avida, Mr. Our Awesome Planet Anton Diaz dished out his restaurant recommendations in a form of books published by Hinge Inquirer.  Aptly titled Northern Eats and Southern Eats. These two books boasts of 50 restaurants to discover in the north and 50 restaurants to discover in the south recommended by Anton.

Best Food Forward 2014: Come and Join the Most Awaited Benefit Food Fair in Manila!

October 07, 2014
If you have been reading my blog, you know by now that one of the food fairs in Manila that I have always been supporting is Best Food Forward. Who could ever blame me? It's a benefit food fair, nothing beats the nice feeling of feasting on great food for a cause. That's always been Best Food Forward's goal from the get go, so, I am all for it. Now the good news is they are back this year, celebrating their 4th year in making food enthusiasts in Manila happy and helping our fellow countrymen in need while in the process.

This coming October 11 to 12, 2014, from 10am to 8pm, The Most Awaited Benefit Food Fair, Best Food Forward will be staging their two-day food fair event at The Rockwell Tent in Makati, City. Since there have been a lot of flood victims in the past year up to now, Best Food Forward beneficiaries will be the flood victims and survivors.

Best Food Forward 2014. Much-awaited benefit food fair Best Food Forward marks it’s 4th year.

I remember the very first time I attended Best Food Forward way back in 2011 with some of my friends. It was one of those days when I have met the most talented home bakers and food business owners which up to now I still look up to. I also remember enjoying every minute of it since I was exposed to a lot of new food finds which ended up as my favorites up to this day. Now that Best Food Forward is on its fourth year, I know that there are a lot of great things to expect.

Dulcelin Gourmet at U.P. Town Center, Katipunan Ave.

May 04, 2014
When talking about Dulcelin Gourmet the very first thing that comes to my mind is their famous and downright impressive Mango Torte. Now that they have opened their very first restaurant which is located at U.P. Town Center in Katipunan, Dulcelin Gourmet proved that they are more than just that famous dessert. Their take on different dishes could also be mind blowingly good, and I agree.
DULCELIN GOURMET UP TOWN CENTER Dulcelin Gourmet Restaurant at U.P. Town Center in Katipunan Ave. Quezon City

While I have tried some of their savory dishes offerings during food fairs and events such as The Ultimate Taste Test, Dessert Comes First Anniversary Party, and some occasions, it was still their Mango Torte which was almost always present in our family gatherings that left a strong impression on me. With the opening of their new restaurant, I am glad that other dishes at Dulcelin Gourmet are now more accessible than ever.

Of Great Food, Good Company, and Gratitude: The KTG Christmas Party 2014

December 18, 2014
Truth be told, given the reserved personality that I have, you can rarely find me associated with big groups. Quality over quantity, that has always been a mantra of sort that I always live by. Sounds like a pesky little unfriendly snob? Nah, it's just that only few people can dig my unconventional approach to life and my f*cker may-care-kind-of-attitude. So, choosing to just peacefully co-exist with the rest of the humanity is just the best bet.

That is why it came as a surprise, even for me that five years into food blogging, I am suddenly surrounded with people that renders my hand fingers not enough to count. Yet, given that these people are some of the nicest I have come across with, I feel grateful. We call our group the KTG Family.

K.T.G. stands for Kain Tulog Gang. People sometimes cringe for what the name of our group stands for whenever I am asked about it. And I understand such reaction. Not to offend anyone but I, myself wasn't a big fan of the name at first - it sounds too pedestrian. Until it grew on me. To this day, I am loving the beautiful irony.

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