Bulgogi Brothers Korean BBQ Restaurant at Harbor Point Subic

October 30, 2012

Ever since The Bistro Group brought Bulgogi Brothers here in Manila, I have been wanting to pay a visit and experience what most of my friends have been raving about. With three Metro Manila branches located at Alabang Town Center, Greenbelt 5, and Mall of Asia, I know I have quite an option location-wise.

Then one day I found myself together with other foodie friends braving a long drive to Riverwalk Harbor Point Mall in Subic where the fourth branch of Bulgogi Brothers is located.  It was already expected that I'll be having a great time downing Korean dishes at Bulgogi Brothers, so, I thought why not intensify the package by enjoying the road trip, eh?
I admit with a slight blush that it was only a year ago when I get to appreciate Korean food. I am a tad picky when it comes to spicy dishes as I am not really big when it comes to bold flavor such as that.  But surprisingly, I was able to finished everything that was served on my plate.

While there are already numbers of Korean restaurants on this side of Subic, Bulgogi Brothers held its head high in confidence with a promise of great Korean dishes, comfortable ambiance, and quality service. After all, Bulgogi Brothers have been creating a buzz at Manila food landscape, it is now time for Subic locals to have a taste of this wonderful Korean gastronomical experience as well.

Dining experience at Bulgogi Brothers always starts with servings of unlimited complimentary house tea and appetizers or what is known in Korea as "banchan".  A small plate of steamed sweet corn and edamame.  Do not be tricked with the small servings, these comes unlimited so go ask for more if you must.

Banchan consists of Gaji Namul (spicy eggplant), Baek Kimchi (spicy pickled cabbage), Spicy Kangkong, and my favorite, Spinach Salad. Of these choices, it was the Spinach Salad that I enjoyed the most since it wasn't too spicy.

The word "Bulgogi" in Korea means "fire meat." Having that as its namesake, it is only expected that Bulgogi brothers specializes in meat cooked in a convection cooker imbedded on the table.  Since Bulgogi Brothers aims to provide quality service to their diners, food attendants are assigned to do the cooking on the table while the diners may continue savoring the food they are served.

Premium Boneless Shortribs (Php 695) in my opinion was the star of our lunch. I love how tender and moist the meat were with a clear indication that it has been marinated with Bulgogi's special sauce and Korean spices.

Three kinds of dipping condiments that complements meat and vegetables are also serve for a more fulfilling meal. While the soft steamed rice in a small bowl is perfect combination to the meat, with all the savory flavor oozing out of the boneless short ribs, it can be good to consume on its own.

A beautiful platter aptly called Bulgogi Brothers' Special (Php850) is one thing that one should not missed especially if one is up to meat feast. A combination of Unyang-style Bulgogi and Gwangyang-style Bulgogi coupled with equally enticing vegetables comprise this platter.
Unyang Style are heart-shaped homemade patties resembling to that of the usual burger patty only better taste-wise. Gwangyang Style on the other hand are thin slices of beef, almost bacon-like in its succulence and thinness. It's marinated in a special sweet savory sauce that only intensify the meatiness of the whole deal.

Between these two, it's the Gwangyang-Style Bulgogi I like more. I love how it reminds me of bacon or beef gyudon for that matter. I like that it is combined with bean sprout, onions, and sesame leaf as it balance out the flavor, not to mention it somehow lessen the guilt. This one I highly recommend.

Another dish I recommend is Bulgogi Bibimbap (Php285).  This downright Korean dish boasts of mixture of gwangyang and vegetables on a bed of fluffy steamed rice served with raw egg on top. Mix it up and you'll have one of the grandest time of your Korean food experience. Just like the socarrat on your favorite paella dish, the bottom part is equally satisfying.

Bulgogi Brothers Dubu Steak (Php195 ~ 5pcs / Php295 ~ 7pcs) can be easily pass off as your usual tofu steak. But when you get to bite into that crunchy on the outside but pleasingly firm on the inside tofu mixed with the bean sprout and thin slices of beef smothered with Bulgogi's special sauce, you would know that it is something different. This is one of the reason why I would want to go back at Bulgogi Brothers again.

Haemul Gungjung Mandu (Php350 ~ 5pcs / Php495 ~ 8pcs) are crisp, fried pork dumpling served with spicy shrimp, squid, and mussels.  The contrasting texture of each component coupled with the exciting flavor hinting of spiciness and sweetness made this dish really interesting to the palate. I am not big on spicy food like what I have said, but this one just hit the right button for me.

I had second thought before trying out a bowl of Kimchi Jjigae (Php260) because I fear that the bold flavor of kimshi would overwhelm my palate. Good thing that I am equipped with courage to try it out because I ended up consuming two small bowl of this really impressive dish.  Yes it does tasted like kimchi only grander, but the spiciness is not assaulting, hence I enjoyed it immensely.

There are several options for drinks but all throughout our meal, I was able to down two tall glass of their Raspberry Mint Tea (Php95) as the sweetness compliments well with the playful flavors enveloping my palate. It was rather a humid day so, the refreshing touch of mint really helped.

For the dessert, we were served with different Korean Ice Cream. While these goodies can now be bought at some leading supermarkets and Korean grocery stores, it is still different indulging on these treats after a hearty Korean meal at Bulgogi. I also find it impressive that despite specializing on Korean dishes, bulgogi Brothers serves really good coffee variants for those who wants to cap off their meal with caffeine kick.

Bulgogi Brothers Subic Branch dishes out really affordable prices for their meal since it's tax free and goodies are of provincial rate. I was really amazed at how affordable the dishes are considering everything is of high quality.  Food attendants are all very welcoming and knowledgeable about the food they are serving  one thing that is common for restaurants handled by the Bistro Group.
Bulgogi Brothers is creating quite a pleasant stir here in Metro Manila and it is good to know that they are branching out to other parts of the Philippines.  Their Subic branch is just a start because I learned that in the coming months, there will be another branches opening up in other provinces. 

Bulgogi Brothers - Subic
Level 1, Harbor Point Mall,
Rizal Highway, CBD Subic Bay
Freeport Zone
(0905) 365-4826

Other Branches:
3/F Greenbelt 5, Legaspi St
Ayala Center, Makati
(02) 621-6216

Alabang Town Center
LG/F Alabang Town Center, New Wing, Alabang Zapote Rd
Alabang, Muntinlupa
(02) 919-6840

SM Mall of Asia
SM Mall of Asia, Entertainment Mall, Southwing, Seaside Blvd
Manila Bay Reclamation Area, Pasay
(02) 823-2778

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