Longganisa Sorpresa

October 31, 2012
I have always been a fan of the comfort that food delivery services can provide to someone like me who does not have all the time in the world to prepare a decent meal.  While I appreciate restaurants which offer delivery service, I am more appreciative of those food delivery companies which handle several restaurants under their umbrellas.  I love the fact that I would only have to dial one number and choose from wide variety of restaurants in which I want to order from.  One of them is Quick Delivery.

I have made used of their service number of times before especially during those days when there would be an impromptu get together with friends or when I am just plain tired to cook food.  I am happy to say that I have not encountered any problem with Quick Delivery, and if there was any minor issue, they are very quick in addressing those concerns.
Weeks ago, I decided to have some food from Longganisa Sorpresa delivered in my home through Quick Delivery. I am not a big fan of longganisa but I have heard some feedback that they serve great varieties of longganisa it could make me a convert, so I give it a go.
I logged on to my Quick Delivery online account to check if there’s any Longganisa Sorpresa branch near our place.  Upon checking, I learned that my place is not covered on the restaurant’s delivery location as indicated on the website.  True to their tagged line “Deliver twoanyone”, I learned that I just have to call them through their number 2121212 to place my order and pay an additional Php 100 since my area isn’t covered on the restaurant’s locations list.

The QD call center agent who I have spoken to was Michelle. After providing my information, I immediately placed my orders and waited for the order confirmation. I was told that there would be 50 to 60 minutes waiting time which is perfectly fine with me since the restaurant is a tad far from my place. I love the fact that the agent was very pleasant to talk to. Not only she is very accommodating, but she sounded very friendly as well.

Five minutes after the placing of orders was done, Michelle gave me a call back to inform me that there are some changes on the published price of the items hence, a new grand total for me. I have no problem with that so I asked her to proceed placing my orders. Apparently, after a couple of minutes more, I received another call from her to inform her that aside from the changes in price, I would have to pay an additional 5% on top of the previously stated amount.

While she was very apologetic about it, she failed to explain to me what was the additional 5% more that she’s asking me to pay for. She told me to wait for a call back because she needs to verify it first with the restaurant.  At that time I already feel a bit upset because things are getting sketchy for me.  After five minutes, another QD agent named Marion gave me a call back to explain further the issue.

What happened was Longganisa Sorpresa changed their prices over the weekend and they were not able to update Quick Delivery about it.  I told Marion my sentiment and I appreciate that he was able to explain everything to me.  I understand that it was not Quick Delivery’s fault since they weren’t informed of the changes ahead of time.  I told Marion to continue placing my order because I was already starving.
The Longganisa Platter which comprise of five different longganisa is a good start for someone like me who’s not a fan of the dish because it provides choices in the event that one would fail to impress.  Customers are provided with choices among the many variants that Longganisa Sorpresa offers.  My platter includes Cabanatuan Longganisa, Pampangga, Batutay, Tuguegarao, and Sili Longga.  Among the five, it was the Cabanatuan Longganisa that pleased my palate with its savory sweet taste. The Sili Longga was too spicy for me on the other hand.

Although the platter is known as the resto’s front liner, I find their Mangga Vigan Ensalada surprisingly impressive.  I have tasted Vigan longganisa before and I used to shy away from its excessive garlicky taste. Yet, when I tasted the salad with its exciting flavor and texture, I realized that it can also be a pleasant dish I could enjoy.  I could say that this salad is a sure win.

At the end of the day, I am happy that Quick Delivery was able to provide impressive customer service.  Although, there was a little confusion within the process of ordering, I am glad that they are able to address my concern in a very pleasant way.

Quick Delivery

Hotline: 2121212
(0918)2121212 – Text them for a return call
Website: www.quickdelivery.ph
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/quickdelivery

Longganisa Sorpresa
SM North
F and B 15
Sky Garden, SM North Edsa, Quezon City
UNIT 16 United Street, Brgy. Kapitolyo, Pasig City
696 .75.14
Contact No.: SM North Edsa 332.97.36 / Kapitolyo Pasig 696 .75.14
Website: http://longganisasorpresa.com/

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