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Megawatt Restaurant, Gilmore Quezon City

September 10, 2016
I have been blogging about food and restaurants in Manila for good eight years now and it is not everyday that I get to see a restaurant which advocacy piqued my interest. In the case of Megawatt Restaurant located in Gilmore area of Quezon City near San Juan, it's their advocacy to use renewable energy by using solar panel

Just like its sister restaurant Red Baron Ribs and Steaks, Megawatt Restaurant is located right beside a car wash business. So, you can dine at Megawatt while having your car washed and you may check out the solar panel as well while you're at it.

Megawatt Restaurant Gilmore San Juan Quezon City, Megawatt Blog Review Menu, Red Baron Ribs and Steaks, LG2 Autostation Carwash San Juan Solar Panel Renewable Energy
I was invite to check out Megawatt couple of times already but it I always have to decline because I rarely attend food tasting event invite these days. When I finally had the time to be in the area however, I made it sure to finally check out Megawatt Restaurant

A Revisit to Lola Cafe and Bar, Quezon City

March 01, 2016
I have blogged about Lola Cafe and Bar in Quezon City way back and have paid them a visit several more times after that. Some with old time friends, others with family, and the recent one which I am writing about right now was with some of my favorite Manila bloggers

Despite several competitors rapidly sprouting, it is still one of my favorite restaurants in Tomas Morato Quezon City area. Hence, a bloggers' lunch to check out new additions to Lola Cafe and Bar Menu highlights an excitement one weekend which would have been ordinary otherwise.

Lola Cafe and Bar Quezon City New Menu Blog Review, Best Restaurants in Tomas Morato QC Area, Lola Cafe and Bar Address Contact Operation Hours Facebook Website Instagram Twitter YedyLicious Manila Food Blog Yedy Calaguas
Since Lola's opening several years back, its residential-turned-into-restaurant charm is still palpable. There are several changes that transpired in terms of its appearance, menu, and the likes, but its vision to serve good food thankfully is still ever the same. 

Seoul Barbecue Korean Restaurant, Libis: Gettin' Jiggy with Budae Jjigae

September 22, 2015
I was not aware of the existence of Seoul Barbecue Korean Restaurant along Libis in Quezon City until recently when my cousin suggested to have a dinner there one night. Being managed by Korean, it is said that Seoul Barbecue offers authentic Korean dishes. I can't really say no to Korean food these days so I thought why not.

It was a cold rainy Friday night and we were starving - a hot and hearty stew needed to happen.

Located just right in front of Eastwood, an area where restaurants are aplenty, Seoul Barbecue wasn't really something I usually notice when visiting Libis for some dining engagements. But that night, we were a bunch of hungry kids with a delicious mission - Korean food.

Qubiertos Grill and Restaurant

September 17, 2015
Qubiertos Grill and Restaurant with branches at Kapitolyo Pasig, D. Tuazon Quezon City, and Kalayaan Quezon City is a foodie place specializing in Filipino Cuisine. From its success spawned a spin off which is the Kuya Tom’s Boneless Cebu Lechon by Qubiertos. Now, let me say it from the get-go, this is one of the Best Filipino Restaurants in Manila that I have ever been to.

Although they are known for their Boneless Cebu Lechon and Spicy Lechon Ribs, Qubiertos also offers other impressive Filipino dishes.
Qubiertos Filipino Grill and Restaurant, Kuya Tom's Boneless Cebu Lechon
It may be easy to consider Qubiertos as a watering hole where people can gather for an after work beer session considering its line of dishes that goes well with beer. I for one was under that impression for a while. Yet, recent visit at Qubiertos opened my eyes that it could also be a great restaurant to go to when dining with family.

Go-En Japanese Ramen, Quezon City: Ramen, Kendama, and Manga

September 03, 2015
Go-En Japanese Ramen Shoppe Plus is a little ramen shop in Sgt. Esguerra Ave. Quezon City that offers its diner more than just traditionally made ramen. Go-En also offers the fun of playing Kendama toys and the pleasure of reading Japanese comics, Manga

Tucked within Jardin de Zenaida compound, Go-En Ramen shouldn't be hard to locate, all you have to remember is that they are located in the same area as the famous Livestock Restaurant.

Go-En Ramen in Quezon City
Owned by lovely couple John and Marilyn who are both staying in Japanese for 20 years now, Go-En was named after Japanese five yen coin which is known to bring good luck. There is also another phonetically similar word Goen which means good luck in relationship often exchange by friends. With this, Go-En Ramen aims to establish a lucky relationship between them and their diners.

Eighteen Bistro at Sct. Rallos, Quezon City

June 24, 2015
Recent restaurant adventure led me to Eighteen Bistro located at Sct. Rallos in Quezon City - one of the newest restaurants to hit Tomas Morato area restaurant landscape. A food business clothed with passion that a family running it has needle and thread for, Eighteen Bistro specializes in well-loved homemade dishes which recipes that span from generation to generation.

Fighting its way in our local food scene peppered with businesses boasting of their own family recipes, Eighteen Bistro which opened just this year harbors no illusion of indispensability. Yet, their firm grasp on what they offer best and their flair for offering enticing promo such as the 18-peso cocktails serve as one of their strongest suits.

Eighteen Bistro Restaurant at Sct. Rallos Quezon City
Finding myself along Tomas Morato area is a rarity these days ever since I moved to the mountainous East. But there are some gut feel I trust with unequivocal certainty. That day, my gut threw a nod of approval and hinted that the travel will be worth it. As I expected - it was.

Livestock Restaurant and Bar, Quezon City: Crispy Pata, Crackling Pork Belly, and More!

August 07, 2014
Livestock Restaurant and Bar is this foodie place located at Sgt. Esguerra in Quezon City that specializes in no non-sense pork dishes that any pork-lover could go crazy about. Their best sellers are the Melts-In-Your-Mouth Crispy Pata (tagged as one of the Best Crispy Pata in Manila by some foodies) which has a mid-blowing crisp tenderness it can be cut with a popsicle stick, and the Crackling Pork Belly with succulence that could slap you in the face and get away with it.

The owner of Livestock Restaurant and Bar is a family which other business concerns raising hogs. Hence, venturing into restaurant scene with pork as the specialty is expected. Since they breed their own livestock and even grow some of the herbs and vegetables from their farm, the dishes they offer at Livestock are guaranteed to be fresh and of high quality.

Livestock PH, Livestock Restaurant and Bar in Quezon City, Best Crispy Pata in Manila, Crackling Pork Belly

Pork offerings at Livestock can be easily seen as sinful, an indulging treat not for the faint of heart. Yet, these dishes are not something you would have on a daily basis ~ that is if you love your life, otherwise, it's your call.  So, occasional visit to Livestock Restaurant and Bar to feast your hearts out is forgivable, encourage even, especially if you are celebrating the bountiful blessings of porcini bliss given to mankind.

Mrs. Graham's Macaron Café at Sct. Rallos in Quezon City

February 04, 2014
First time I have encountered Mrs. Graham’s Macaron was during the Best Food Forward last year. I could still remember how their Pancake with Maple Buttercream left a pleasant impression on me. Fast forward to 2014, Mrs. Graham's finally opened a café at Sct. Rallos in Quezon City.

There are plenty of restaurants and desserts places around Tomas Morato area, but Mrs. Graham's Macaron Café is definitely a welcome addition as it offers not just your ordinary macarons, but those which you cannot find else where. That is alongside many other delectable sweets and pastries they are offering.

Mrs Graham's Macaron Cafe is now open at Sct. Rallos in Quezon City
This newest and most innovative macaron place I have encountered by far brings standard and not-so-standard macarons in the metro. It offers a handful of creative spin to the ordinary macaron, some more appealing than others, but all are worth trying out.

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