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Friday, May 02, 2014
I still have loads of restaurant blog posts to write about but I figured the best way to start the month is to show gratitude. The weekend staycation we had at B Hotel Alabang and Bellevue Manila was by far one of the best weekends I had with some of my blogger friends. All thanks to the generous and kindly people of Bellevue Hotels and Resorts and of course, to Jane Go and Family.

Now if you've read my staycation series (first day, second day, third day), you would know that it was also made all the more sweet with the generous people behind different brands that shared with us their products. And with that, I am truly grateful.

Staycation Sponsors: Sample Room PH, Belo Sun Expert, My MADiL Flipflops PH, Pink Wasabi, Chorizo de Cebu, Angus Tapa by Jam Foods, Kat's Cafe, Supersized Me, Enchanted Kingdom, Carmen's Best,  Chairman Wang's Prime Beef Noodles, Caviar Restaurant and Champagne Bar, Jane Go
These sponsors kindly showed us their generosities and provided some of their products while we were having our Alabang staycation. Some of them I am already familiar with, while the others I was just introduced to during that time. Please mind however that this is not a blog post for product reviews, rather, this is a gratitude blog post.

Bellevue Hotels and Resorts
Sample Room and Belo Sun Expert
Facebook: /sampleroomph
Twitter: @SampleRoomPh
Instagram: @sampleroomph

Kind people behind Sample Room provided us mini bags filled with different products including Belo Sun Expert. I have to admit that it's my first time to use Belo Sun Expert products. I may have mentioned before that I got a really sensitive skin and a medical condition that hinders me from using skin products unless recommended by my dermatologist. I remember being hospitalized for several incidents just because I stayed directly under the sun for a few minutes and used sunscreen not fit for my skin.

Extremely sensitive skin is a curse. My derma once told me that I was born on the wrong side of the planet as I am not cut out to stay long in a tropical weather, good thing I am still alive.

There's only one mainstream sunscreen product that my skin can tolerate and I tell you it always burns a hole in my pocket every freaking time! So, even if I was hesitant to use Belo Suns Expert at first,I took the risk because I figured I need to find an affordable alternative to my usual brand. Belo Sun Expert Transparent Mist with SPF 50 looks harmless, so I tried it. Boy was I surprised that no irritation occurred! I love that since it's in a liquid form, it really is light on the skin and it smells really good too. And while I still have my trusted brand with me, it is nice to know that I found another one that is easy on my skin and budget.

I  am really grateful that through Sample Room, I was able to try Belo Sun Expert, especially the Mist variant. ( Right after confirming that indeed Belo Sun Expert Mist is fit for my skin, I bought 4 more bottles! I swear, I couldn't even explain how happy I am with it.)

Sample Room PH with Belo Sun Expert
Email :
Instagram: @mymadilph
Facebook: mymadilph

I know there's a lot of cute flip-flops in the market right now, but MADiL is a whole new level of cuteness! This customizable flip-flops features interchangeable bands and charms! They are also available in different color that may suit everyone's personality and style.

I'm really happy that although I was only asked for my size, I was given a MADiL flip-flops in my favorite color! I am not sure if they were able to figure it out through our blog designs, but then I am just super stoked that I got it in my color.

My MADiL Flip-Flops

Kashi Maki by Pink Wasabi
Facebook Page: /MyPinkWasabi.pastries
Instagram: @kashimaki
E-mail :

I have written about Pink Wasabi way back 2011 when I was first introduced to it at Mercato Centrale. It's weird, but let me quote myself because I'm too lazy to reiterate.

"They say it's  cute, for me that adjective is an understatement. The intricate details that were carefully crafted by Chef Anna Marin Chua echoes a labor of love; therfore, it's not just cute in my opinion. Pink Wasabi's Kashi Maki creations are aesthetically pleasing to the eyes and palates, yes, they are beautiful."

Kashi Maki
After all, my perception about Pink Wasabi is still the same. It still is beautiful, a labor of love that does not just aims to produce profit but to introduce people to the beauty of art through food.

Pink Wasabi
Chorizo de Cebu
Facebook Page: /chorizodecebuph
Twitter: @chorizodecebuph
Instagram:  @chorizodecebuph ; @justynreyes ; @sirkevinmartin
Contact Nos.:  0906-3342404 (QC),  0915-8978882 (Makati)

If you have been reading my blog, you would know by now that I am not really a big fan of longganisa. I am a tocino-kind-of-girl. Although I eat it, I am not the type who would go ga-ga nor rave for it. But Chorizo de Cebu is a different story.

Chorizo de Cebu has different flavors and the one we got to try was the Hamonado. It blew me away, really. And I deem that I will not be able to give justice on how I love this product through a limited blurb here, so I will definitely share it with you through a separate blog post.

Chorizo De Cebu and Jam Foods
Jam Foods & Co.
Facebook Page: /jamfoods.angustapa
Instagram: @jamfoods
Contact Nos.:  (02) 6229740 & 09175331371

Just like Pink Wasabi, I was first introduced to the awesomeness that is the Angus Tapa of Jam Foods & Co. during the time that I frequent to Mercato Centrale. And up to this day, I still am a fan!

Again, blurbs aren't enough so, please wait for a separate blog post about my love for Angus Tapa of Jam Foods.

Chorizo de Cebu and Angus Tapa
Kat's Cafe
Address: DJMA Commercial Abel Nosce St.
BF Resort Village,
1747 Las Pinas
Contact Nos.: (02) 8720263, 0915-3627582
Facebook: /KatsPoppysmicCafe
Instagram: @katscafeph

If only Kat's Cafe isn't that far from where I live, I would probably pay them a visit and check out some of their cupcake offerings. I am picky when it comes to cupcake because someone in the family can whip up mean cupcakes that suited to my liking (frosting not too sweet, cake should be dense and moist, flavor should speak of quality ingredients). So far, I have found a few that is okay with me, but only one really impressed me to the core, and that is Sonja's Cupcakes.

When I was introduced to Kat's Cafe's cupcakes, I thought it was also good, but I can't really judge yet if it is the kind that I would buy a box and eat it all myself considering I only got to try few of their flavors. But nonetheless, it was good.

Kat's Cafe Molten Soufle

My favorite among the six was the Cookie Dough Cheesecake simply because I love cheesecake and cookie dough. And Kat's Cafe executed this combination really well.

Kat's Cafe Cupcakes

We also got to try the molten which was described on the box as chocolate-almond souffle base with a dark molten center, topped with cream cheese frosting, toasted almonds, fresh strawberry and strawberry drizzle. It was also good especially if you're big on molten chocolate and sweet treats because some find it too sweet for their liking.

The cream puffs came in three flavors; caramel, nutella, and red velvet. My favorite was undoubtedly the nutella.

Cream Puffs at Kat's Cafe
Aside from these brands, there were also others who participated but I wasn't able to experience for some reasons, but they all deserve to be given gratitude as well; Supersized Me, Carmen's Best, and Enchanted Kingdom. Jane wrote a blog post about these generous sponsors so, I suggest you visit her post and check it out as well.

I have also yet to write about Chairman Wang's and Caviar Restaurant, some of the foodie nooks who invited us over during our Alabang staycation. Please wait for that as well.

Again, I am really really thankful to these brands because they made our staycation all the more fun and exciting. Gratitude also to the people behind Bellevue Hotels and Resorts for our accommodation and to Jane Go and Family for the sweet weekend getaway.

YedyLicious Gratitude

Maraming Salamat!

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  1. Awwwww thank you so much for this my dearest Yedy!! <3 I miss you & I hope we get to see each other really soon! :-*


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