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Friday, May 02, 2014
I still have loads of restaurant blog posts to write about but I figured the best way to start the month is to show gratitude. The weekend staycation we had at B Hotel Alabang and Bellevue Manila was by far one of the best weekends I had with some of my blogger friends. All thanks to the generous and kindly people of Bellevue Hotels and Resorts and of course, to Jane Go and Family.

Now if you've read my staycation series (first day, second day, third day), you would know that it was also made all the more sweet with the generous people behind different brands that shared with us their products. And with that, I am truly grateful.

Staycation Sponsors: Sample Room PH, Belo Sun Expert, My MADiL Flipflops PH, Pink Wasabi, Chorizo de Cebu, Angus Tapa by Jam Foods, Kat's Cafe, Supersized Me, Enchanted Kingdom, Carmen's Best,  Chairman Wang's Prime Beef Noodles, Caviar Restaurant and Champagne Bar, Jane Go
These sponsors kindly showed us their generosities and provided some of their products while we were having our Alabang staycation. Some of them I am already familiar with, while the others I was just introduced to during that time. Please mind however that this is not a blog post for product reviews, rather, this is a gratitude blog post.

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