Dishanel's Heavenly Homebaked Cakes and Pastries

June 22, 2014
First time I have tried a product of Dishanel's Heavenly Homebaked Cakes and Pastries was way back my high school days. Dishanel was not yet a business that time, rather, homebaker Dianne Ronelle Reyes-Bona was just celebrating her love for creating magic in her kitchen. It was a homemade baked rice cake, the first creation of Dianne which I have tried. To say that it was indeed heavenly would be an understatement. I remember ditching the dinuguan that came with it, and savor the goodness of the puto as it is.

Certainly, I was not into food blogging yet at that time. However, right at that moment, aside from the pleasure-induced explicit that may have came out of my mouth (at high school, yes, sorry!) I wished that I could put into words the goodness of that immaculate homemade rice cake with the eloquence of a food writer to give it justice.

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Needless to say, Dianne's creations made repeat performances in most of our family gatherings. Her arsenal of baked goodies ranges from that rice cake that made me a believer, to cookies, to cupcakes, and to cakes with impressive art decorations to boot. Fast forward to 2013, Dianne took the leap of faith and transformed her love for baking into a home business.

Recent visit from Dianne surprised me with boxes of goodies which contains chocolate chip cookies, oatmeal cookies, and some cupcakes in two variants. She never asked me to write about her products, a shy as she is. But good food products which I believe in has always a spot here at YedyLicious, hence, this write up.

Dishanel's Chocolate Chip Cookies and Oatmeal Cookies

One of the many things I love about Dishanel's baked creations is how the quality of ingredients shine through. Nothing on her products, as familiar as it seem as one may find any home baker here in Manila selling the same thing, is run of the mill. Every bite speaks that every morsel is a labor of love. It primarily aims to please the palate making one feels that making a profit out of it is just secondary.

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Dishanel's Chocolate Chip Cookie is the kind that is slightly crisp outside while soft and slightly moist inside. Tooth-breaking crispness in cookies does not impress me at all as I am all for those warm, soft, and homey goodness I can pair with milk. Hence, Dishanel's rendition of this classic comfort goodness sits well with me. The fact that it is generously studded with chocolate chips

The Oatmeal Cookie possess the same texture as the chocolate variant. While I usually find oatmeal cookies unappealing for its rather bland taste, Dishanel's take on it is thankfully way better than all the other oatmeal cookies I have had in the past. It has a flavor hinting of nuts although its devoid of that ingredients. Its moist texture helps in making it all the more pleasant to the palate. I had it warm with a glass of milk or sometimes coffee and I am always, always a happy camper.

Oatmeal Cookies

Dishanel's also creates gorgeous looking cupcakes in varying flavors. I tried their Chocolate Chip Cookie Mint and the proverbial Red Velvet Cupcakes, one of the best sellers. What I love about these pretty babies is its moist texture and of course, the undeniably good flavor.

Dishanel Cupcakes

The Red Velvet Cupcake has a moist chocolatey base that in my opinion can be enjoyed even without the cream toppings. But then again, it wouldn't be a red velvet if there' an absence of cream cheese. Beautifully crowning the chocolate cakes, Dishanel's take on cream cheese frosting does not kill with excessive sweetness. Rather, it has the right tartness and creaminess to it. The red heart-shaped candy that serves as a decoration is a thoughtful addition.

The Chocolate Chip Mint Cupcakes on the other hand was delightful enough for someone like me who is not really into chocolate-mint combination. No, it does not reminds me of toothpaste with its minty flavor, it only let the chocolate shines through the depth of flavor it has. 

Red Velvet Cupcakes and Chocolate Chip Mint Cupcakes

Dishanel's Heavenly Homebaked Cakes and Pastries creations, even before it carries its name has always been close to my heart. I had it way before I was introduced to the wonderful world of food blogging, and it made me happy that it has turned into a business. There are a lot of home bakers businesses in Manila and I am glad that Dianne braved the industry because honestly, this market always has a spot for someone who has great passion for their products and respect for the craft of creating good food for the people.

Dishanel Homebaked Goodies

Dishanel's Heavenly Homebaked Cakes and Pastries
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