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Eri Curry in SM Megamall

Thursday, August 21, 2014
Eri Curry is a new restaurant that opened recently at Atrium of SM Megamall which specializes in Japanese curry. There are plenty of Japanese restaurants in Manila but only few carries, if not specializes in this particular dish. This fact makes Eri Curry a welcome addition to Manila restaurant landscape.

History dictates that curry originated in India. They are the culture who popularized this dish using the impressive spices that they are known for. Japan however was introduced to curry during the time when British colonized India. Since its introduction, Japan adapted curry and made their own variation that suits their palates hence, the Japanese curry was born.

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Eri Curry, SM Megamall
Japanese adaptation of Indian curry includes reinvention of the sauce by adding fruit stock that lends sweeter taste to it in contrast to the usual spicy and spunky flair of Indian curry. Eri Curry's chef Erica, the mind behind the menu and the face behind the logo, stayed for good many years in the Land of The Rising Sun where she learned to loved Japanese curry. Equipped with her love for the said dish and the passion to create good food, she developed Japanese curry recipe fit for Filipinos, in which is now being used at Eri Curry.

Eri Curry, Home of Japanese Curry in Manila

Eri Curry's menu features different variants of curry dish made all the more interesting with other ingredients/toppings incorporated on it. I was told that Eri Curry is still in the process of developing more dishes to be included on the menu. That is not to say that options are rather limited because trust me, it's not. The curry choices are already impressive, add to that, other variants such as side dishes and desserts are already being rolled out.

Eri Curry Restaurant Sm Megamall Interior
One of the many things I love about Eri Curry is the freedom that diners can have in customizing their preferred meals. Choosing your preferred dish at Eri Curry involves 4 steps but it is pretty much simple. Food attendants are very helpful and accommodating so, do not hesitate to ask for assistance when you get lost in the process. But trust me, it's really easy and fun, as a matter of fact. I included the steps below which you may use as a guide.

The photos are just some of the sample combinations you may enjoy when dining at Eri Curry.

Eri Curry Megamall, YedyLicious Manila Food Blog

4 Simple Steps in Choosing Your Eri Curry Meal

Eri Curry Megamall Fried Shrimp Curry with Spinach, Bacon, and Corn
Fried Shrimp Curry (Php250) with Spinach, Bacon, and Corn (Php80)

STEP 1 ~ Choose Your Curry Plate.

This step is pretty much like choosing your base dish, provided that you will opt for the customized meal which means that you will have additional toppings other than what is already on your curry plate. If you are happy and good with the curry plate, you may then skip the additional toppings.

There are 15 kinds of curry plates to choose from such as Katsu Curry, Fried Fish Curry, Burger Curry, Sausage Curry, Thin Sliced Beef Curry, and many more. Prices range from Php155 to Php350.

Eri Curry Megamall Thin Sliced Beef Curry with Mushroom
Thin Sliced Beef Curry (Php290) with Mushroom (Php90)

Aside from the curry plates choices, you may also opt for Omelette Curry if you love egg on your meal. There are only five Omelette Curry choices to choose from and prices range from Php300 to Php350. If you are already happy with your Omelette Curry plate, then you may also skip the additional toppings. Yet, I highly recommend to enjoy the add on toppings because it will make your Eri Curry experience more enjoyable and filling.

Eri Curry Megamall Beef Curry with Chicken Karaage
Beef Curry (Php290) with Chicken Karaage (Php110)

Step 2 ~ Choose Your Rice Quantity

Despite Eri Curry specializing in Japanese Food, they still take into consideration that they are serving Filipino palate. Hence, the taste adjustment that suits Filipino taste and wait for it ~ the RICE serving!

Eri Curry's regular rice portion is 300 grams which is about 2 cups of rice. Now, there are three rice portions available on the menu in which you may choose in customizing your curry plate; Small (100 grams/one cup), Regular (300 grams/2 cups), and Large (400 grams/three cups).

Eri Curry Megamall Katsu Omelette Curry with Burger
Katsu Omelette Curry (Php350) with Burger (Php130)

Rice servings differ in prices. Since their fixed rice serving is the Regular size (300grams/2cups), no additional price will be charge on top of your curry plate price. If you opt for the Large rice serving, there will be an additional Php30 to be added on your bill. If however, you opt for the Small rice serving, Php30 will be deducted on your curry plate bill.

Say for instance you opt for Katsu Curry plate which is priced at Php320. If you opt for small rice, your bill will only be Php290 since Php30 will be deducted on it. That is if you do not opt for additional toppings which has respective prices on its own. It's a pretty great deal if I do say so myself.

Note however, that this option is not available when you opt for Omellete Curry plate. Standard regular rice serving applies.

Eri Curry Megamall Katsu Omellete Curry
Katsu Omellete Curry (Php350)

Step 3 ~ Choose Your Level of Spiciness

Since Eri Curry is very particular in serving curry that Filipinos may enjoy, the level of spiciness can also be customized. Curry dish is inherently spicy, but not all Pinoys enjoy such flavor so there are three level of spiciness you may choose from; Just Right, Spicy, and Fiery. 

Eri Curry Megamall Beef Omelette Curry
Beef Omelette Curry (Php325)

Step 4 ~ Customize Your Curry (Go Crazy on Toppings!)

So, for me this is the most enjoyable part. Aside from the ingredients already present on your chosen Curry plate, you may still go crazy by adding other toppings you want to enjoy. 

Choices are pretty much the same ingredients you may find on other curry plate options such as Katsu, Mushroom, Sausage, Quail Eggs, and may more. Prices range from Php65 to Php130. Really, there is no limit on how much toppings you would like to have on your curry plate. You can opt for the most simplest of choices to the most extravagant one.

Eri Curry Megamall Burger Curry with Spinach, Bacon, and Corn
Burger Curry (Php280) with Spinach, Bacon, and Corn (Php80)

YedyLicious Feast!

Like what I have mentioned, you may go crazy over the toppings which you would like to enjoy on your curry plate. Choices are aplenty and it ranges from beef to chicken to pork to seafood to vegetables. For those who wants to strike a balance, they may opt for meat and veggie combination. Seafood lovers may feast on seafood and veggies combination or enjoy a surf and turf treat by having seafood and meat combination.

But for those like me, we may just go for our gut feel. Just like what I did during my first visit at Eri Curry. Photo below shows a hard core combination of Katsu Curry with Chicken Karaage, Fried Shrimp (Tempura), and Spinach with Bacon and Corn. It was a great combination which I enjoyed immensely. Add to that enjoyment is the fact that Eri Curry's curry dishes has a surprise underneath the impressive curry sauce ~ Mozzarella cheese! What's not to love?

Eri Curry Megamall Katsu Curry with Chicken Karaage, Fried Shrimp (Tempura), and Spinach with Bacon and Corn.
Katsu Curry (Php320) with Chicken Karaage (Php110), Fried Shrimp (Php115), and Spinach with Bacon and Corn (Php80).

After feasting on curry, diners may also enjoy a great Japanese dessert at Eri Curry just like this Rainbow Kakigori. This dessert can be easily pass off as your usual shaved ice dessert, especially for those who are not familiar with it. Yet, despite its simplicity, it features an interesting layer of sweetness that does not overwhelms. It also has a creamy center underneath which is composed of ice cream and red beans. It is a delightful way to cleanse the palate after eating curry.

Eri Curry Megamall Rainbow Kakigori

Prior to my visit, I already have high hopes at Eri Curry because some of my foodie friends raved about it and I am a fan of curry dish in general. Eri Curry in my opinion did not disappoint. I love that diners can customize their preferred dish and I love that there are a lot of options. Certainly I will be back at Eri Curry since there are plenty of other variants to try on the menu. I am also excited that they will be adding more in the future.

Eri Curry Japanese Curry Atrium SM Megamall

Eri Curry
3/F Atrium, SM Megamall
Mandaluyong City, Philippines
Contact No.: (63917)821-2305
Facebook Page: /EriCurry2014

Twitter: @Eri_Curry
Instagram: @Eri_Curry

2 comments on "Eri Curry in SM Megamall"
  1. We ordered 2 Katsu Curry and a mushroom curry. They weren't good at all. The katsudon was overly sweet and the mushrooms were bland. The curry sauce was just average, nothing to rave about. This resto will not be open for long. Sorry, but this is my opinion.

    1. Hi Java Jane, It's unfortunate that you did not enjoy your visit at Eri Curry, but there is no need to apologize for your opinion, we are all entitled to one.

      I feel lucky that the five times I visited Eri Cury, it's always a happy experience for me. Perhaps it wasn't a good day when you tried them out? But then again, taste is very subjective.


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