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What's Your Favorite at Marugame Udon?

August 11, 2023

Lately, whenever asked where would I like to eat, I have this autopilot response; Marugame Udon. When thinking about fast, customizable, and affordable Japanese food that comforts a hungry tummy, it's always Marugame Udon.  When I don't want to complicate my life and overwhelm myself with lots of restaurant choices, It's always Marugame Udon for me these days. 

I know it is just a phase and it will pass. I know I will go back to my old self who, in a blink of an eye, can whip up a comparative analysis between two restaurant whenever faced with an important decision about where should we eat next. But for now, I am enjoying and will continue to enjoy Marugame Udon

Marugame Udon Philippines Review by YedyLicious Manila Food Blog Philippines by Yedy Calaguas, Marugame Udon Robinsons Antipolo Menu

My father who is a fan of affordable restaurants and my nephew who recently developed an appreciation for Japanese food, undoubtedly enjoy this phase in my life. Ever since my mother and my sister - my nephew Cai's mother, passed away, I would often have these two men in tow whenever I'm eating out. It's part of our ways to cope with grief. 

Fuwa Fuwa Bread: Your Delicious Fluffy Snacks On-The-Go

January 27, 2020
First time I learned about Fuwa Fuwa bread was from my nephews - one is 5 and the other one is 9. Their affinity for bread, I believe they got from me. But kids these days are amazing that most of the time, they beat me into having first dibs on new break products available in the market. Such is the case with Fuwa Fuwa Bread.

You see, I woke up one day and both of them were both making lambing to me to buy them this Fuwa Fuwa loaf bread they had the other day. I don't even what Fuwa Fuwa was until they talked me into bringing them at nearest 711 and there I found what was one of the cutest bread packagings I laid my eyes on. I as sold.

Fuwa Fuwa Bread Philippines New Deli Series Bread Blog Review by YedyLicious Manila Food Blog of Yedy Calaguas, Fuwa Fuwa Bread by Nippon Premium Bakery Inc., Fuwa Fuwa Loaf Mini Loaf RollsBuns Deli Sandwiches Series, Where To Buy Fuwa Fuwa Philippines Website Facebook Instagram, Best Japanese Bread in The Philippines, Fuwa Fuwa Cheese Mayo Bread, Bacon and Cheese BRead, Sweet Cream Cheese Bread, Strawberru Spreaad and Margarine Filled White Bread, Top Best Food Blog In Manila Philippines YedyLicious Manila Food Blog Yedy Calaguas Food Stylist Photographer

Aside from the packaging, I was drawn into how soft and fluffy the bread was. Fuwa Fuwa by the way means fluffy - how apt. So from then on, we always have Fuwa Fuwa bread at home. The kids love the loaf series which they would smother with their choice of spread and they also love the milk and caramel mini loaf which they would eat with a glass of their favorite chocolate drinks. While I myself is particularly fond of their Whole Wheat Loaf. 

豚丼 Butadon Recipe [How To Cook Japanese Pork Rice Bowl] + Buta Fried Rice

August 02, 2018
BUTADON RECIPE 豚丼 Butadon Japanese Pork Rice Bowl Recipe, How To Cook Butadon Japanese Pork Rice Bowl, Japanese Donburi Recipes, Easy Homecooked Recipe Blog,  Butadon Philippines Blog, Easy Butadon Recipe, Easy Japanese Recipes, Rice Bowls Recipe, Easy Rice Recipes, Best Top Recipe Food Blog in Manila Philippines and Asia YedyLicious Manila Food Blog Yedy Calaguas Buta Fried Rice Recipe 豚丼 Easy Asian Recipes

One time, I found my kid nephew browsing through my food blog. We love to laugh seeing old photos of ourselves here at YedyLicious so I thought it was just one of those days. Then I realized, he was intently looking at the food photos and reading description of food I blogged before. I knew then what was coming next. 

Minutes after, his effort to work his charm into making me cook something for him was so palpable I can’t help but laugh so hard at the cuteness of the situation. It was the same charm he uses to me or his mom right after realizing that he wants to have what Youtuber Ben Deen was having in one of his mukbangs. 

The effect of social media, right there. But I don’t mind. My nephew’s fervent love for food, he got from me, you see.  

Watami Japanese Casual Restaurant: New and Old Favorites

August 22, 2017
We recently had lunch at Watami Japanese Restaurant’s Shangri-La branch to check out some of their new menu offerings and to enjoy some old favorites. I have a lot of favorite Japanese restaurants in Manila and one of them is Watami. Not only the food selections are always good at Watami, the price tags are also affordable – a feat so rare in Japanese restaurants that serves good quality food.

Currently, there are four Watami Japanese Restaurant branches here in the Philippines; SM Mall of Asia, Shangri-La Plaza Mall, Uptown Mall BGC, and Greenbelt 2

Watami Japanese Casual Restaurant Philippines New Menu Blog Review, Watami Branch Shangri-La Plaza, SM Mall of Asia Uptown Mall BGC Greenbelt 2, Watami Top Food And BEverage Brand in Japan, Best Japanese Restaurants in Manila Asia Watami Address Contact No Menu Price Branches Website Facebook Instagram Twitter YedyLicious Manila Food Blog
It is not very often that I get to join my fellow food bloggers from our little group we fondly call The KTG, so this trip to Watami was a bit special. We all love Watami. Personally, you wouldn’t believe what mountains I had to move for this lunch, and it was worth it. 

Marufuku Japanese Restaurant in Ortigas

October 20, 2015
I have always wanted to try Marufuku Japanese Restaurant in Ortigas which is said to be one of the Best Japanese Restaurants in Manila by some food enthusiasts I know. Despite the itch to take the road less traveled - at least by me - I was not able to do so until a friend invited me for a quick lunch and a little catching up. 

Aptly tagged as a "hidden gem" or a "secret" Japanese restaurant, Marufuku is tucked in a nondescript place that can be easily missed if you are not familiar with the area. Yet if you know that it is located at The Crescent Building facing San Miguel Ave. and the entrance is located in Amethyst St. at the back side of the building, it shouldn't be hard to locate. It's near UA&P.

Marufuku Japanese Restaurant Ortigas Pasig, Best Japanese Restaurant in Manila
Parking area is decent enough to hold several cars but during busy days, finding a spot can be quite a challenge. Nonetheless, the challenge will be worth it if you get to try the amazing Japanese that Marufuku serve.

Rosanjin Japanese Restaurant

October 13, 2015
I went to Rosanjin Japanese Restaurant located at the Mega Fashion Hall of SM Megamall recently to check out their Kaminabe and Tobanyaki offerings. While it was my first time to dine at Rosanjin, it was not really my first encounter with Tobanyaki and Kaminabe as I was previously introduced to these way of cooking and serving food by a Japanese friend.

Tobanyaki and Kaminabe is both an Art and Science in itself. Art in a sense that it involves aesthetic presentation and process. It is also considered as Science by the virtue of the foundation the process is executed. No, you do not call a paper holding liquid over fire and don't get burn just pure Art. Obviously, there is Science behind that.

Rosanjin Japanese Restaurant at Mega Fashion Hall in SM Megamall, Tobanyaki and Kaminabe Dishes
Located near Osaka Ohsho, Alqueria, and Linguini Fini, Rosanjin Japanese Restaurant's menu holds an impressive number of Japanese dishes. From sushi to ramen to rice toppings - the whole nine yards. But that day of my visit, I was a woman on a mission - to try the Tobanyaki and Kaminabe dishes.

Eri Curry in SM Megamall

August 21, 2014
Eri Curry is a new restaurant that opened recently at Atrium of SM Megamall which specializes in Japanese curry. There are plenty of Japanese restaurants in Manila but only few carries, if not specializes in this particular dish. This fact makes Eri Curry a welcome addition to Manila restaurant landscape.

History dictates that curry originated in India. They are the culture who popularized this dish using the impressive spices that they are known for. Japan however was introduced to curry during the time when British colonized India. Since its introduction, Japan adapted curry and made their own variation that suits their palates hence, the Japanese curry was born.

Eri Curry SM Megamall, Eri Curry Japanese Curry Restaurant SM Megamall, Eri Curry Menu, Prices, Contact No., Address, Facebook, Instagram, Operating Hours
Eri Curry, SM Megamall
Japanese adaptation of Indian curry includes reinvention of the sauce by adding fruit stock that lends sweeter taste to it in contrast to the usual spicy and spunky flair of Indian curry. Eri Curry's chef Erica, the mind behind the menu and the face behind the logo, stayed for good many years in the Land of The Rising Sun where she learned to loved Japanese curry. Equipped with her love for the said dish and the passion to create good food, she developed Japanese curry recipe fit for Filipinos, in which is now being used at Eri Curry.

Kimukatsu at East Wing of Shangri-La Mall

May 06, 2014
My visit at KIMUKATSU Japanese Restaurant located at the East Wing of Shangri-La Mall was a long time coming. Their famous take on tonkatsu which is a 25-layered Mille-feuille-style pork cutlets was something new to me. Having read good write ups about Kimukatsu from fellow food bloggers in Manila, I figured I should really make a time to visit.

There are a lot of katsu restaurants here in Manila ever since the katsu craze hit us, but Kimukatsu, a Japanese franchise takes pride being unique from the rest because of their unusual rendition of a katsu dish. Add to that, a list of other Japanese dishes on the menu that's equally impressive.

KIMUKATSU Restaurant at East Wing of Edsa Shangri-La Mall. Japanese Tonkatsu Restaurant that specializes in 25-layered Mille-feuille-style Tonkatsu.
When I finally had the time to visit Kimukatsu, my mother and I visited their branch at the East Wing of Shangri-La Mall. It was lunchtime during our visit and the store is still near empty. But a minute or so, people started coming in until there's already a waiting list.

New Dishes on the Menu of Yomenya Goemon Japanese Spaghetti House, Greenbelt 3 Makati

March 30, 2014
Yomenya Goemon Japanese Spaghetti House is a Japanese restaurant here in Manila that specializes in Japanese-style spaghetti. Located at Greenbelt 3, Yomenya Goemon opened its door last 2012 and still making a lot of food enthusiasts happy. There are other restaurants and foodie places that serve Japanese-style pasta as part of the menu but I think none of them offers wide variety and extensive selections the way Yomenya Goemon does (If you know of any other restaurants, the comment section is open for you to share your thoughts.)

New Dishes on the Menu of Yomenya Goemon Japanese Spaghetti House at Greenbelt 3 Makati City
Not a lot of us are well acquainted with this rather unique rendition of what most of us know as an Italian specialty. For some, it might be weird. I myself was a little adamant about Japanese-style spaghetti at first, I guess that is why upon hearing of the opening of Yomenya Goemon, it doesn't really enticed me. Until I had my first taste of Mentaiko pasta at Diamond Hotel's The Cake Club and Lobby Lounge. Boy did I fell head over heels! This year I thought it is high time to explore other options and expose myself to other delicious possibilities with regard to Japanese spaghetti. Good thing we have Yomenya Goemon here in the Philippines.

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