Bhe'st Lasagna, It's Nice to Finally Meet You.

November 22, 2014
Lately I have been talking about Bhe'st Lasagna, one of the best lasagnas I have tried here in Manila. One reason is that with the Christmas season unfolding before us, I deem it can be the best option for an edible gift and potluck share during parties. 

Another reason is that Bhe'st Lasagna and I, we kinda have a history together. Well, sort of.

Before diving ahead on the story telling, let me just give credit where it is due. I was not in Manila when the awesome package from Bhe'st Lasagna arrived home, so I had my sister took these photos for me. Merci beaucoup!

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Going back to the story, to the day I almost met Bhe'st Lasagna for the first time. Almost, being the operative word, we never crossed path the day we intended to. But as with all things in life, if it is destiny, ways will unfold itself no matter what. 

It all started way back May of 2013. I got a message on my YedyLicious Facebook Page from Rossini after I posted a blog about Yummy Eats food fair.

Her message was a sort of what appreciative readers usually send to the bloggers they are following.  Since I am always thankful to people who take some of their precious time reading my blog, I accommodate meet up requests if schedule permits.

During the day itself, we exchanged some text messages and I was so positive that I will get to meet Rossini. Unfortunately, I came later than expected because I came from an out of town trip that day. She had to leave early so, we were not able to meet.

Fast forward to this year's Ultimate Taste Test at Rockwell, I was lazily walking my way through the number of purveyors participating the event. When I reached Bhe'st Lasagna food stall, somehow, Rossini was able to recognized me. (Legit reader! She's familiar with my big fat face although I rarely post photos of myself! hey ho!)

Bhest Lasagna at The Ultimate Taste Test

Rossini reminded me of the time when we were supposed to meet at Yummy Eats. She told me that she had her lasagna with her that time which she wanted me to try. Now, she has opened up a business which specializes in what she does best - lasagna.

Immediately, she gave me a sample of her Bhe'st Premium Beef Lasagna and boy did I regret not having a taste of it way back when we were supposed to meet. Because truth be told, I was blown away.

Bhest Lasagna, The Best Lasagna in Manila

Rossini goes by the name Bhe, hence the name of her business. Her lasagna used to be exclusively enjoyed by family and closed friends whenever they have occasion to celebrate. Good thing that this exclusivity was put into rest because I will weep for humanity if food lovers in Manila wouldn't be able to taste good food such as Bhe'st Lasagna.

Bhest Lasagna in Manila

Made with finest ingredients coupled with solid knowledge and passion, Bhe'st Lasagna features all the good things a homemade food is. They do not scrimp on anything which is why every spoonful made me feel that I was eating something meant to be enjoyed with your loved ones at the comfort of your home, a feeling I rarely get when eating commercialized lasagnas.

Bhest Lasagna

Further chitchat and inquiry about Rossini's Bhe'st Lasagna led me to the fact that their lasagna is made to order. They only bake them at the day of pick up and/or delivery. Yes they do deliver but charges apply based on your location. They encourage placing your orders 2 to 3 days in advance for scheduling purposes.

Currently, they have three lasagna variants; Premium Beef, Chunky Chicken, and Hearty Veggie

Bhest Lasagna Delivery and Pick Up

The one which I have tried on two different occasions was the beef variant and in terms of taste, I could really vouch for it. And if you are going to ask me the best food I could recommend this coming holiday season, Bhe'st Lasagna Premium Beef is definitely on top of my list.

Bhest Lasagna Food Blog by YedyLicious

Bhe'st Lasagna
#39 Masbate St.
West Ave. Quezon City
Contact Nos.: 0915-6126891 / 0925-5160729
Facebook: /bhestlasagna
Instagram: @bhestlasagna

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  1. I have tried their 3 variants of Lasagna at the same time their garlic bread and for me the best is Hearty Veggie! Mind you I don't eat veggies, but this variant is a WOW! I use to order Beef Lasagna and now my fave is Hearty Veggie! But all the 3 variants are really delicious! Even the owner of a fast food chain (who specializes Lasagna, Starts with G) would say "Mas masarap talaga ang Bhest lasgna!"


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