Pomodoro Pizza in Kapitolyo, Pasig City

November 14, 2014
A guy, barely in his mid twenties, dishing out book recommendations with emphasis on Robert Kiyosaki’s craft was not something that I expected.  A taste of pizza and pasta at Pomodoro Pizza located in Kapitolyo, Pasig City was what I signed up for.

A glimpse of a humble side street osteria that aims to serve simple Italian fares without breaking the bank is on top of my itinerary. Yet, interesting conversation is a pleasant addition to the feast, more so, when it involves food and book authors that I also read. 

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To be honest, I am not usually the type who would engage in a conversation while eating. I prefer exchange of words at the end of a feast.  I want to be in communion with my food, to savor it without interruption. To let the intricacies of flavor ingrain in my mind as it play in my palate – I am not the silent type, this is just how I remember food that I need to write.

But that afternoon was a different story.

Ram, the guy behind this new pizza and pasta place, was beaming with enthusiasm while talking about his food at Pomodoro. In my book, such vehemence rarely goes unnoticed. Although not without a streak of shyness that usually comes with outright acknowledgement of youthful naivety, Ram is gutsy.  

Pomodoro Pizza Pasig

Challenge did not present itself in terms of remembering everything I feasted on although every bite and every forkful were sandwiched in between conversation.  I am not sure what sorcery transpired but instead of feeling cut in, I associated every stories unfolded right in front of me to the simple parade of dishes. Surprisingly, I never longed for the quiet moment I usually need when mentally dissecting my food.

Equally youthful but full of courageous intent to do well in the field they have chosen, Mandy, Ram’s partner in business and in life came a moment later just in time when the feast was about to start. A lady with slender figure but armed with affluence knowledge in food, I never doubted that Mandy is of Capampangan descent. 

Pomodoro Pizza Kapitolyo

This young couple’s vocabulary consists mostly of food and all the good things associated with it. My kind of people – I knew I was in good hands.

Pomodoro’s ambiance mirrors their early and humble venture into food business. Osteria with a humble Pinoy twist, it can be liken to a slightly upscale carinderia more than anything when it first opened. After some renovation however, Pomodoro now exudes an aura of a little restaurant but still not devoid of charm.  

kapitolyo Food Trip, Pomodoro Pizza

Peppered with endearing cliché of a little food nook, Pomodoro sports monoblock chairs, proverbial wooden table covered with checkered cloth, and the band of condiments readily available on the table. Parking can be a tad challenge during busy hours, especially on diner service up to its closing. But on regular days, you may just choose your spot.  

Food at Pomodoro are freshly made upon order. Diners can expect a little waiting time decent enough not to make a dent on one’s patience. If you are up for some freshly made pizza and al dente pasta dish, things like this should not matter.  

Pomodoro Pizza in Kapitolyo, Pasig City

Pomodoro prided itself with their signature Pomodoro sauce which recipe originates from Milan but tweaked to suit Filipino palate. The couple told me that developing their signature sauce was not a walk in the park. Several adjustments were made after several food tasting and exchanged of opinions among them and their helpful friends transpired.

When I got a taste of their Bolognese Pasta (Php119) I deemed that such hard work and perseverance greatly translated on the plate. I am not a big fan of tomato based sauce pasta save for lasagna, but the way I finished the plateful of Bolognese pasta in front me in no time says something a lot. The ground meat that was simmered with the sauce features a push and pull of savory and sweet flavors. The meat added to the filling factor as well as the texture.

Bolognese Pasta / Pomodoro Pizza Kapitolyo Pasig

Aligue dish is not something I take lightly as I no longer welcome daunting mental combat with a physician when dining. Good thing, Pomodoro's Aligue Pasta (Php132) which was said to be hailed from Guagua Pampanga is not the typical variety that aims to assaults one's health.  It was the lightest Aligue Pasta I ever had, but that is not to say that it lacks flavor. 

Aside from the distinct taste of aligue, a citrusy flavor would ever so lightly presents itself to cut through the richness of the other components. Two rings of squid siting atop the dish contributes little to the taste, but more on aesthetics. 

Aligue Pasta  / Pomodoro Pizza Kapitolyo Pasig

Pomodoro's Pesto Pasta with Italian Chicken (php119) was a welcome break to the vibrant hue of red dishes on the table. Raised in a kitchen that favors cream-based pesto dish (pardon to the purists), it was not a love at first bite experience for me. Rather, this oil-based pesto pasta I deem, is the kind of variant that grows on you. And when you fall for it, it was a great experience nonetheless. 

The chicken strips are thoughtful addition that adds flavor and texture to the dish. With a little tweaking it could even stand as a separate item on the menu.

Pesto with Italian Chicken  / Pomodoro Pizza Kapitolyo Pasig

First thing that I love about Pomodoro's pizza is the fact that it is thin crust. I am not a big fan of thick dough as it usually overshadows, if not masks the flavor of the toppings. At Pomodoro, the thin crust strikes a perfect balance that will give you the flavor of the dough, sturdy enough to support the generous toppings.

Pomodoro Pizza Kapitolyo Pasig

Pomodoro's Marinara Pizza (Php149/10", Php189/12") is everything I hope my marinara pizza to be. Thin crust generously slathered with their signature Pomodoro sauce, peppered with tinapa fillet, garlic, strips of basil leaves, mozzarella, cheddar, and a secret cheese.  The tinapa they used was so good I picked those which are scattered on other part of the pizza and placed it on my slice. 

The crispness of the dough that surprisingly does not turned out hard as a card board when it cools down was a clear indication of good quality ingredients. Honestly, I did not expect that I could have this kind of pizza from a very unassuming pizza place. They earned my respect for that.

Marinara Pizza  / Pomodoro Pizza Kapitolyo Pasig

Rice flour balls foiled with crushed nuts and stuffed with chocolate inside reminded me of a Chinese dessert at a glance. But as I bit into these balls called Cani-late (Php99), I got a little taste of Italy in my mouth.  Other variant has yema custard inside instead of the chocolate. Apparently, it is only available during Fridays and Saturdays.

Cani-late  / Pomodoro Pizza Kapitolyo Pasig

Pomodoro's House Blend Ice Tea (Php40/glass, Php99/pitcher)is not your run of the mill iced tea. Basting of strong tea flavor tempered with sweetness that one expects in a refreshing drinks such as this. They do have other beverages on the menu but what excites me the most is the fact that soon, they will also be serving wine. A bottle of wine with your pasta and pizza on a little side street osteria, what could be cooler than that?

House Blend Iced Tea and Wines  / Pomodoro Pizza Kapitolyo Pasig

Prior to my visit at Pomodoro Pizza in Kapitolyo, I was void with expectation. Truth be told, a heads up that it is just a humble little restaurant that serves pasta and pizza clouded my mind with less than stellar enthusiasm. But instead, I was greeted with an inspiring young couple that opened their heart and mind to all the knowledge about food business they could muster to carry. And it was charming, inspiring even.

The food served to me only steeled my resolve that these young warriors with their ardent favor to do well in their business will go places.

 YedyLicious at Pomodoro Pizza Kapitolyo Pasig

Pomodoro Pizza
6G San Rafael corner Sta. Rosa Street,
West Kapitolyo, Pasig City
Contact No.: 0927.589.4426
Facebook: /pomodoropizzaph
Instagram: @pomodoropizzaph
E-mail: pomodoropizzaph@gmail.com

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  1. I've been at Pomodoro and I like their Pizza. The Pasta could be better medyo maasim yung sauce for me.

    I always read your blog Yedi, keep on posting please!

    1. Hi John Michael, I was told that that was the initial reaction of the customers when they first tried the signature sauce. I am not sure when was the last time you visited them, but during my visit that happened early November, I was informed that they made adjustment to the sauce. Hence, it's a little sweeter now and fits Filipino palate :)

      Thanks for reading my blog and I try my best to post more often :)

  2. Hi yedylicious,

    You don't need to publish this comment if you don't want to. I just want to give feedback. There are some bloggers who thought that readers giving feedback which do not side or praise them on their blogs, immediately tag us as trolls. The way you reply to your blog commenters and you writing style made me think that you are open minded to things. I hope I am right. If not, feel free to disregard this feedback.

    First of all, I used to hate you. You are one of those bloggers who blogs about the same restaurants at the same time. The reason why I still keep coming back to your blog is that you write really well, you take good photos, and your dry humor.

    Now that I am reading more of your personal stories here on your blog, as your long time reader I am happy. I am sure that some of your readers share the same thoughts.

    I hope you have finally stopped joining the bandwagon Yedy. You have a good writing style. We want to read more of your stories not just restaurant advertisement everybody is writing about.

    Your blog post about rub ribs and pomodoro are my recent favorites.

    I used to hate you. Now, not anymore.

    1. Hi Alex,

      I remember the last time you left a comment on my blog, I called you out thru Twitter I believe, because that was the time when comment system here on my blog wouldn't allow me to publish. Please know that I acknowledged your comment.

      I am sorry that you feel that way towards other bloggers, but I cannot really speak for them. The thing is, there are a lot of trolls in the world wide web, and I hope you understand bloggers if they react in certain ways. I myself encounter a lot of bashful comments which are totally uncalled for, from people who are too scared to reveal their true identity. Such waste of time so, I don't really mind them.

      Also, while I am glad that you do not hate me now, I am not sorry that you used to hate me. For all we know, a lot of people share the same feeling. But I have nothing but respect to everyone's opinion. At the end of the day, to each his own. But I admire you for being so honest.

      It is nice to know that you are enjoying the personal stories I am sharing here nowadays. I admit that since I started blogging, somewhere along the way I got lost, I even wrote a blog post about it January of this year. This is not an easy task, but my love for written words and photography fueled my desire to continue.

      I understand what you said about bloggers writing about the same thing, sometimes at the same time. Please understand however that from time to time, we make collaboration with businesses. If you notice that bloggers are writing about the same thing at the same time, chances are, we are aiming for a road block - especially when we are introducing a new restaurants, menu, chefs, promos, etc. etc. That's part of this world, whether we like it or not. Some bloggers choose not to get involve, some are not given the opportunities to get involve, but whatever the reason, again, at the end of the day, to each his own.

      And although some of us sometimes failed to indicate, there are disclaimers for that. That is why I never consider my blog posts as restaurant "reviews" as what I have stated from various posts time and time again. I am into sharing stories, not making reviews.

      I am glad that you appreciate my writing style, that is something I am continuously working on. Don't worry, you will be reading more of my personal stories here in the coming days, but I am not saying that I will be stopping from entertaining invites from restaurants. Part of my duty as a blogger is to also help out some restaurants disseminate information on their promos, new menus, etc. Just keep in mind that YedyLicious is NOT a restaurant review blog nor an advertisement portal. Never was and never will be.

      Thanks Alex, I appreciate your input. Blessings!

  3. Wow, that food looks amazing for such cheap prices!

    1. Hi Leng, I agree! Affordable prices and good food, that is why I like Pomodoro :) Let us know if you're in Manila, let's have food trip in Kapitolyo :)

  4. You're a good writer yedylicious, without trying so hard and without promoting yourself too much. I admire you for that.

    1. Hi Bea, thank you for your kind words and thanks for dropping by my blog!

  5. This is the first time I have read your blog and all I can say is that you have good writing skills. Tama ang sinabi ng lahat ng nag komento sa blog post na ito! I used to join giveaways but now I am a reader na. Thumbs up for this blog post Yedy! Hope I can try Pomodoro but masyadong malayo sa amin! Hehe!

    1. Hi Eddielli, thank you so much, I appreciate that. If you have free time, you can probably visit Kapitolyo area, worth the long travel :)


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