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Salted Egg Chips of Yummies by M

March 20, 2017
I have my own salted egg potato chips recipe so I have not really jumped into the quest for finding the best salted egg chips in Manila. Yet, I could say that I have tried quite a handful of salted egg chips brands available in the Philippine market since the trend started. Some were good, while others sadly fell short.

The recent one I have tried was the Salted Egg Chips of Yummies by M. And no beating around the bush here - it's amazing. Hands down, it was the best store-bought salted egg chips I have tasted to date.

Salted Egg Chips Yummies by M. Where To Buy The Best Salted Egg Chips in Manila Blog Review Price, Salted Egg Potato Chips Recipe, YedyLicious Manila Food Blog Yedy Calaguas
So what makes this salted egg chips special? Glad you asked.

Chelcie's Homemade Spreads: An All Natural, No Preservative Spreads

April 09, 2016
I was recently introduced to Chelcie's Homemade Spreads, an artisan all natural, no-preservative spreads perfect not just for breads bur for chips as well as for cooking. It also carries a line of tea infuse fruit jams that boasts of interesting flavors that set it apart from the usual.

While spreads in the market are already aplenty, entrepreneur and legit food enthusiast Eunice Uy believes that her recipes for her artisanal spread and fruit jams are something well worth to be put out there for people to enjoy.

Chelsie's Homemade Spreads No Preservative Artisanal Spread and Jams Blog Review Price Contact Delivery Supplier Distributor Contact No Facebook Website Instagram Twitter YedyLicious Manila Food Blog Yedy Calaguas
I have met Eunice, which second name is Chelcie hence the name of her new business, during the time when I wrote about her restaurant Solace in Makati. I respect Eunice's take on food's flavor profile so I must say that I am confident with these products from the get-go.

Salad in a Jar by Healthy Monsters PH

November 08, 2015
Healthy Monsters PH is a healthy meal delivery service in Manila that specializes in salad in a jar and cold-pressed healthy juices. I was thought this technique of putting your salad veggies in a jar if you want it to last longer than usual by some vegan friends way back and little did I know, there is already a business that offers it. 

Healthy Monsters PH uses locally sourced organic ingredients for their salads and the thing that I find most noteworthy is the fact that they made they own salad dressings.

Salad in a Jar by Healthy Monsters PH
Despite my undying love for meat, dealing with veggies has never been a problem for me. I grew up in the mountain, we plant our own veggies back home, I grew up loving salads. So this one, I am happy to share with you since it's right up my alley.

Bhe'st Lasagna, It's Nice to Finally Meet You.

November 22, 2014
Lately I have been talking about Bhe'st Lasagna, one of the best lasagnas I have tried here in Manila. One reason is that with the Christmas season unfolding before us, I deem it can be the best option for an edible gift and potluck share during parties. 

Another reason is that Bhe'st Lasagna and I, we kinda have a history together. Well, sort of.

Before diving ahead on the story telling, let me just give credit where it is due. I was not in Manila when the awesome package from Bhe'st Lasagna arrived home, so I had my sister took these photos for me. Merci beaucoup!

Bhest Lasagana, The Best Lasagna in Manila. Bhest Lasagna Contact No for Delivery and Pick up. Facebook, Instagram, Address, Location, Premium Beef Lasagna, Chunky Chicken Lasagna, Heart Veggies Lasagna

Going back to the story, to the day I almost met Bhe'st Lasagna for the first time. Almost, being the operative word, we never crossed path the day we intended to. But as with all things in life, if it is destiny, ways will unfold itself no matter what. 

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