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The Spice Lab PH: Seafood Chili Garlic with Sausage and Mushroom

Thursday, July 02, 2015
This Seafood Chili Garlic with Sausage and Mushroom of The Spice Lab PH and I, are in some kind of a happy relationship. Surprising to say since there are countless of times that I mentioned here at YedyLicious that I never fancy spicy food that much. Until recently.

I guess the timing is just perfect. I am finally outgrowing my aversion to spicy food. Some say it has something to do with maturity of the palate, others considered the usually cold weather to where I am residing right now. While I am not sure of the reason for the change in preference, what I am sure of is that I am having a grand time with my bottle of Seafood Chili Garlic from The Spice Lab PH.

The Spice Lab PH Seafood Chili Garlic Sauce
The Spice Lab PH is newly established local food brand which specializes in hand crafted sauces. Their current product list includes Premium XO Sauce, Original Seafood Chili Garlic, Seafood Chili Garlic w/ Lemongrass, and Seafood Chili Garlic w/ Sausage & Mushroom

I was first introduced to The Spice Lab PH through Instagram where they are mostly active as online seller. Since I have always been all for supporting local products, with an open mind and adventurous flair, I gave them a green light when I was asked to try their product and share my thoughts on it.

The Spice Lab PH Seafood Chili Garlic Sauce with Sausage and Mushroom
I must say that keeping an open mind to try new things totally way out of your league pays off after all. The Spice Lab PH made a fan out of me through their bottle of Seafood Chili Garlic with Sausage and Mushroom (Php200). 

Upon opening the bottle, a vibrant red orange oil will greet you alongside a delicious aroma that smells more like meat and seafood instead of just plain pungent smell of chili. Just by looking at it, its chunky texture is a dead giveaway that there are bits of sausage and mushroom thrown in the mix. The meaty flavor on the other hand steeled that fact.
Seafood Chili Garlic Sauce Recipe
What I love most about The Spice Lab PH Seafood Chili Garlic with Sausage and Mushroom aside from the fact that it does not have preservatives is that its level of spiciness is something I can tolerate. That is not to say that it leans heavily on the weaker scale of the spice level - trust me, I braved some sweaty moments while indulging on it. 

Instead of it being just straight up spicy, the combination of meat lends an apparent savory flavor to it. It is spicy yes, but it's not the kind that aims to violently assault your senses.

Seafood Chili Garlic with Sausage and Mushroom
Given its palatable flavor, for days now, I have been putting it on any food I fancy to be spicy. It also comes handy since I have been on a roll practicing the dim sum recipe I got from relatives. I also use it for cooking just like the recent one served my friends, Sauteed Prawns in Seafood Chili Garlic Sauce. The recipe is fairly easy, perhaps I could share it here at YedyLicious one of these days.

Meanwhile, if you are into spicy food or if you have an affinity for adding an extra palatable kick to your dishes, I suggest that you try out The Spice Lab PH line of sauces particularly the one with Sausage and Mushroom. It can be a great ally when you're cooking or whenever you got a hankering for some feisty feast.

Prawns with Spice Lab PH Seafood Chili Garlic Sauce
Premium XO Sauce (P350)
Original Seafood Chili Garlic (P180)
Seafood Chili Garlic w/ Lemongrass (P200)
Seafood Chili Garlic w/ Sausage & Mushroom (P200)

The Spice Lab PH
Contact No.: 0915-5250168
Facebook: /thespicelabph
Instagram: @thespicelabph

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