Larcy's Cupcakery Cafe at Estancia Mall, Capitol Commons Pasig City

I've been hearing about Larcy's Cupcakes for a while now, more often when talking with friends about their bet for Best Cupcakes in Manila. It was only recently that I had a chance to try it when we visited Larcy's branch at Estancia Mall Capitol Commons which is way accessible for me compared to their flagship store at BF Homes in Paranaque

Right then I understand why this cupcake shop has been receiving love from impressive numbers of cupcake lovers I know. 

Larcy's Cupcake Cafe at Estancia Mall Capitol Commons Pasig City
I admit that I only have limited knowledge about the history of Larcy's. All I know is that it started in Davao, it moved to the Southern part of the Metro, and then eventually branched out in Pasig City. Another thing that I know, I dig their flavor profile considering I am not really big on cupcakes for reason I have mentioned on my previous cupcake post.

Larcy's Cupcakery at Estancia
Looking a its facade, one may have the impression that the place isn't that big and can only accommodate few numbers of diners. But step inside then you will be welcomed with possibility of more seats on its second floor which look more like a mezzanine to me. 

Impressive Design at Larcy's Estancia
Display of different cupcakes is of course the main attraction at Larcy's. Not your run-of-the-mill kind, Larcy's boasts of gourmet cupcakes made with high quality ingredients. Different flavors are available - from downright simple and classic to grandiose ones.

Cupcakes Display at Larcy's
Although smaller as compared to the other branch (as I was told), Larcy's at Estancia Mall posses the same charm the other one has. I personally think that the place is really cute and very apt for a business that sells cupcakes.

Beautiful Interior Design at Larcy's Cupcake
I specifically like the color palette they used which are deep pink and brown as it is suggestive of daintiness and sophistication. The hanging lights as well as the pretty frames on the wall also add charm to the place without making it nauseatingly overboard.

Stairs at Larcy's leading to its the second floor
The room upstairs can be a perfect place to dine in if you want a bit of privacy since the dining tables at Larcy's are situated in a rather open area which can be easily seen by passerby. But if you are cool with people-watching, then seats at the first floor can be comfortable as well.

Second Floor at Larcy's
Main goal of our visit at Larcy's was to try their well-loved cupcakes and then some. We just had our lunch at the nearby I Am Kim Restaurant and Larcy's is the perfect venue for dessert. Wanting to hit two birds in one stone, we started with Larcy's Ice Cream Cupcakes.

Ice Cream Cupcakes and Coffee at Larcy's
Available in three variants (at least during the time of our visit), Ice Cream Cupcakes at Larcy's includes Original Queso Tres Leches Ice Cream Cupcake, Original Oreo Ice Cream Cupcake, and Original Pink Velvet Ice Cream Cupcake.

All three I deem impressive but it was the Queso Tres Leches ended up as my favorite. It was not overly sweet and it perfectly captures the flavor of Tres Leches which I love.

Larcy's Ice Cream Cupcake
We also got to try six flavors of Larcy's Cupcakes namely Pink velvet Surprise, Tres Leches, Choco Salted Caramel, Bananutella, Quezo de Bola, and Old Fashiones Chocolate. 

Different Flavors of Larcy's Cupcakes
Just like the Ice Cream Cupcake variants, all flavors were impressive. The cake was moist while every flavor gives justice to the name it carries. My favorite however was the Queso de Bola Cupcake.

Larcy's Cupcakes
There are plenty of drinks choices at Larcy's menu but as a first timer, I immediately settled for their best selling drinks, the Frozen Hot Choco Velvet. It was hailed as the best choco drink by some food mobile app and I would have to agree with them because it was really good. 

Larcy's Frozen Hot Choco Velvet Drinks
Again, I rarely write about cupcakes because I am very picky when it comes to it but I believe Larcy's deserve a space here. I love their take on gourmet cupcakes especially the variety of flavors available. The Frozen Hot Choco Velvet was also impressive I wouldn't mind visiting Larcy's again for it. 

If you fancy a really nice cupcakes, I suggest that you visit Larcy's Cupcakery Cafe at Estancia Mall in Capitol Commons. They also serve lunch, snacks, and dinner so it could be a good option for your dining destination.

Larcy's Cupcakery Cafe at Estancia Mall
Larcy's Cupcakery Cafe

Basement 1, Estancia Mall
Capitol Commons
Oranbo, Pasig City

178 Aguirre St.
BF Homes,
Paranaque City

Contact No.: 4782849
Facebook: /LarcysCupcakeryCafe
Twitter: @larcyscupcakery

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