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Larcy's Cupcakery Cafe at Estancia Mall, Capitol Commons Pasig City

August 11, 2015
I've been hearing about Larcy's Cupcakes for a while now, more often when talking with friends about their bet for Best Cupcakes in Manila. It was only recently that I had a chance to try it when we visited Larcy's branch at Estancia Mall Capitol Commons which is way accessible for me compared to their flagship store at BF Homes in Paranaque

Right then I understand why this cupcake shop has been receiving love from impressive numbers of cupcake lovers I know. 

Larcy's Cupcake Cafe at Estancia Mall Capitol Commons Pasig City
I admit that I only have limited knowledge about the history of Larcy's. All I know is that it started in Davao, it moved to the Southern part of the Metro, and then eventually branched out in Pasig City. Another thing that I know, I dig their flavor profile considering I am not really big on cupcakes for reason I have mentioned on my previous cupcake post.

I AM KIM Korean Restaurant, Estancia Mall at Capitol Commons Pasig City

July 20, 2015
Playful, bold, and genius - if I could sum up I AM KIM at Estancia Mall in Capitol Commons Pasig City in three words, that would be it. Specializing in Korean Stone Bowl Rice or popularly known as Bibimbap, I Am Kim is a brainchild of who in my opinion is one of the best chefs in Manila, Chef Him Uy de Baron of Nomama Ramen fame.

While the recent discontinuation of the ramen place threw a sense of despondency up in the air inhaled by Nomama Ramen aficionados, myself included - Chef Him's flair for translating his genius into palatable creations remains unabated. Case in point, I AM KIM

I Am Kim Korean Restaurant Estancia Mall Capitol Commons Pasig City
If it isn't your first brush with Chef Him's creations, the same enticing charm can be well expected with his offerings at I Am Kim. As for me, we will go back to the firsts three words of this write up - playful, bold, and genius. Now let me prove my point. 

Black Olive Cerveceria at Capitol Commons, Pasig City

January 28, 2014

Black Olive Cerveceria is a new restaurant by Chef Carlos Miguel which is located at the Capitol Commons, a new foodie hub along Shaw Blvd. in Pasig City. It offers Mediterranean cuisine coupled with impressive line of beers, wines, and spirits in a relaxing ambiance conducive to having a great time over good food. 

Capitol Commons is slowly but surely becoming the favorite of foodies in Manila, with several food trucks and new restaurants up on its sleeve. Black Olive Cerveceria is one of those which should not be missed when visiting the area.

Black Olive Cerveceria, a new restaurant at Capitol Commons in Pasig City
Some weeks ago, I along with some foodie friends visited Black Olive to meet Chef Carlos Miguel, the genius mind behind Draft Gastropub, Opus, Beso and Publiko and try his offerings served at Black Olive Cerveceria. It was a holiday season and there could not be more apt way to relax amidst the busy season than to feast on good food and great beers.

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